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Was gefällt Dir am besten?

Cost effective compared to other shop. The best thing is that you can create a marketplace that can sell anything. Good server speed if you are selling in more than 3 countries.The backend is super easy to use. You can easily incentivise new vendors to join shop with vendor specific commission rates. Also easy to offer high commission rates for promotion purposes.

Was gefällt Dir nicht?

I would prefer shopware if User experience is also taken into account as they have more payment options. Sometimes gives a lot of errors while making changes by a different user. The Payment platform can be improved as sometimes there are problems with remittances, This can cause sometimes a lot of frustration.

Welche Probleme löst Du mit dem Produkt?

Easy payment options and vendor communication is really effective. Categorisation of vendors according to the commission rates you have set. You can also sell your own products along with the vendor products. You can also delay the commission so that if the products are returned you can adjust the payment accordingly.