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“Worst Pricy SEO Software”
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Was gefällt Dir am besten?

It looked nice and ok in the beginning. Now I do not like anything about it anymore. Just read why further below and you will see what I mean.

Was gefällt Dir nicht?

I was just wondering, I have bought 7500 credits for the content AI. I was thinking this might be enough, but when I just research one page, for example the FAQ page, it takes directly 500 credits! WHY?!? And where does it say how much and why before I purchase? So, as I see I pay 56,98 $ for ca. 14 prompts for my pages! Is this right? ThHey charge 500 credits in order to check my pages with AI. It is way!!! to expensive to use this tool! The worst thing about it is that I have three languages on the sites, which means I have to check all three languages, which brings me in total to use 1500 credits for each page. In I can use it then only on 5 pages in total!! This results to pay 11,49$ for a single page in order to use content AI! Having many many pages results in a huge amount of money using this tool! Which is not client friendly at all! Also the problem is, that you get only a nice and positive result on the normal scale, if I use Content AI. When I show this to my clients, but they do not want AI to be used it shows a more negative result in the overall scores. This is very very bad, because they push the Scores and AI in order to manipulate costumers to get the credits in order tho get better numbers. I was using yoast before a lot and came here in order to get something better. But the more I use it, the more I do not like it. Especially the philosophy! The SEO course is way to weak for this price, the whole price and product structure not transparent about the credits and you alter the results, when not using the extra payed content AI tools! Which all together shows this is a greedy product and I should have never used it. But well, not I am stuck with it. At least for a while until I figure out what to do.

Welche Probleme löst Du mit dem Produkt?

Nothing so far! It is the wholy philosophy of the company I dislike. Just lok at the pricing and you will know that they hide numbers in order to sell more!