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“Not optimized for WhatsApp marketing, though they are developing a new platform”
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Was gefällt Dir am besten?

It is easy to build WhatsApp templates, the flow builder also work quite nicely, and the cost overview is showing the charges correctly. The onboarding went nicely and we also managed to connect Messagebird with our CRM tool with webhooks within Messagebird flows.

Was gefällt Dir nicht?

They use google sheet scripts to send out WA campaigns, and they have no contact storing function, meaning we also need to store our subscribers in a google sheet. You cannot schedule campaigns and ou are charges per invocations in flows, meaning you have to have one "master flow" in order to not be charged multiple times per incoming message. However, they are working on currently a new platform that hopefully would solve these issues.

Welche Probleme löst Du mit dem Produkt?

We started our WhatsApp communication journey with them and managed to gain many subscribers already. The onboarding sessions were very helpful and they helped us with verifying our WA account. We haven't had an issue with our subscription flow yet, though we do need to build everything into one flow so that one message is not charges multiple times.

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