The 7 Best Applicant Management Softwares Compared

Katharina Iken 7/10/2024

With these 7 applicant management software, you can make your personnel search as efficient as never before and find suitable candidates in a flash.

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Table of contents
  1. What is applicant management?
  2. What is applicant management software?
  3. What does a candidate management system cost?
  4. Advantages of applicant management software
  5. These are the top 7 applicant management software on OMR Reviews
  6. 1. Personio
  7. 2. JobShop by talentsconnect
  8. 3. talentstorm
  9. 4. Greenhouse
  10. 5. Zoho Recruit
  11. 6. softgarden
  12. 7. staffitpro
  13. Other applicant management systems on OMR Reviews

You often lose track in the application chaos and are looking for software that brings more structure and order to your recruitment and HR team? We introduce you to the 7 best applicant management softwareand tell you what the tools can do.


What is applicant management?

Applicant management, also called Applicant Tracking, covers the process from the advertisement of a vacant position in a company to hiring a new employee. In applicant management, it is about managing the documents of the respective applicants and structuring the applicant process as well as slimming down internal coordination. In applicant management, especially in large companies, the following phases are usually gone through:

  • Creating job advertisements
  • Review and evaluation of application documents
  • Applicant communication
  • Hiring new employees
  • Possibly. Building a talent pool

What is applicant management software?

An applicant management software is a tool that supports you in HR processes in E-Recruiting. In addition, an applicant management system ensures that your entire application process and your applicant management are digitized. So no more paper madness and piles of application folders on your desks. With an applicant management software, you will finally bring order to your personnel search.

Recommended HR Tools & Software Solutions

You can find other recommended HR software providers on our comparison platform OMR Reviews. There we have listed over 500 HR software solutions for small and medium-sized companies, start-ups and large corporations that support you in all areas of human resource management. So take a look and compare the software with the help of authentic and verified user reviews:

What does a candidate management system cost?

The prices of applicant management tools can vary greatly. The cheapest software starts at about 20 € per month. However, it is usually also decisive how many employees your company has, how many job advertisements you want to post in parallel and how many profiles you need for the tool. For many tools there are free trial versions or demos, with which you can convince yourself of the respective tool. A demo can give you a good overview of the tool without you having to make any commitments.

Advantages of applicant management software

Tools that support you in your applicant management bring many advantages. The most important advantages of applicant management software are:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Transparency in recruiting processes
  • Centralized management and storage of application documents
  • Simplification of the online application process
  • Optimization and automation of workflows
  • Reporting of recruiting performance
  • Access to digital talent pools

These are the top 7 applicant management software on OMR Reviews

What the applicant management tools can do and where their strengths lie, we will now explain to you. More information on the applicant management systems and reviews from real users can also be found on OMR Reviews.

1. Personio

Personio is an all-in-one software for personnel administration, payroll and recruiting. In the area of ​​recruiting, the tool covers job postings and applicant management. Personio supports users in the creation and posting of job advertisements and helps to invest recruiting resources wisely. In addition, the software automatically stores applications and helps to automate the application process, prioritize applications, and make offers. In addition to the recruiting functions, the tool also offers other HR features such as digital personnel files and payroll accounting.

Personio Recruiting Features

These are the most important features of the HR software Personio in the area of ​​recruiting:

  • Job posting: Job advertisements can be created, published and controlled via Personio. Furthermore, responsibilities can be assigned so that the right people can always be involved. Positions can be published at the push of a button on almost 500 job portals and a flexibly designed career website and thus reach more suitable candidates. In addition, the tool provides a dashboard on the basis of which it can be evaluated which channels work best.
  • Applicant management: All applications that come in automatically land in the tool, and the entire communication with applicants and candidates can be handled via Personio. In addition, confirmations of receipt, rejections and invitations to the interview can be sent automatically. Applicant information can be accessed at any time, offers can be created from different templates and signed with an electronic signature. If the right candidate has been found, the new employee can be transferred directly to the employee bank. Here, too, Personio offers a dashboard based on which data-supported decisions can be made.

Personio costs

Personio is available in three different versions: Essential, Professional and Enterprise. In the Essential version, the recruiting features candidate management, career page as well as job postings and multi posting are included. Professional and Enterprise offer further evaluation forms for applicants, a recruiting XML feed and a recruiting API.

All models can be tested for free, the prices are calculated individually and are based on the number of employees and the billing period. If you want to get to know the solution in more detail, you can arrange a web demo.

More information about Personio's prices and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

Personio alternatives

If you are looking for a Personio alternative take a look at OMR Reviews. There you will find experiences and reviews from other users who can support you in choosing the tool for an applicant management system.


2. JobShop by talentsconnect

The JobShop von talentsconnect supports companies in achieving their recruiting goals faster. The HR tech company from Cologne offers a cloud solution with which recruiters can create target group-specific job advertisements. These can contain interactive content such as videos, chats or testimonials and be posted online. The tool also supports you in creating career pages and implementing smartphone-optimized application processes in a short time. By integrating interfaces to HR systems such as Personio or SAP Success Factors, recruiting can be automated further.

JobShop by talentsconnect Features

These are the most important functions of JobShop by talentsconnect:

  • Effective job offers: With JobShop, you design effective job offers with interactive content: Images, videos or testimonials immediately result in a significantly higher number of applicants.
  • Appealing career pages: With JobShop, you realize appealing career pages for individual professional groups or your entire company in no time and without an agency. Of course, in the look of your employer brand.
  • Conversion-optimized user management: The design and all functions of JobShop are optimized and tested to generate more suitable applications and increase your application rate.
  • Automatic optimization for Google for Jobs: All job offers in JobShop are automatically optimized for Google for Jobs and other search engines.
  • Fast application:With JobShop you enable talents to apply quickly online from any device (incl. smartphone).
  • Data dashboard: The data dashboard gives you insight into the most important performance data of your personnel marketing.

JobShop by talentsconnect costs

An individual offer for JobShop by talentsconnect can be requested via the provider's website. Further information about JobShop prices of talentsconnect and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

JobShop by talentsconnect Alternatives

If you are looking for a JobShop by talentsconnect alternative take a look at OMR Reviews. There you will find experiences and reviews from other users who can support you in choosing the tool for an applicant management system.


3. talentstorm

talentstorm is an applicant management system that is primarily aimed at medium-sized companies. The software is hosted in Germany in compliance with GDPR and is designed to help keep track of the entire application process. Automated feedback to applicants such as confirmations of receipt, invitations and approvals or rejections can save time and costs. Further features of the tool lie in a company-owned talent pool, multiposting of job advertisements and a user-friendly interface.

talentstorm features

These are the most important features of talentstorm:

  • Automated feedback to applicants: Confirmations of receipt, invitations, approvals and rejections can be sent automatically. This can save time and costs.
  • Company-owned talent pool: A company-owned talent pool can be used to stay in touch with talent. The tool can already ask for data release for the talent pool during the application.
  • Multiposting: Job advertisements only need to be created once and can then be conveniently and easily published on all desired channels.

talenstorm costs

The cost of talentstorm is based on the number of employees. The cheapest price package, for 1-4 employees, is already available for 39 € per month. If you have more than 1,000 employees, the tool costs 449 € per month. The various price packages all include a flat rate for job offers, so the company can control as many job offers as it likes via talentstorm. There is a contract term of 12 months, no setup fee is charged. To get to know talentstorm without obligation, a live demo can be requested via the website.

More information about talentstorm prices and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

talentstorm alternatives

If you are looking for a talentstorm alternative take a look at OMR Reviews. There you will find experiences and reviews from other users who can support you in choosing the tool for an applicant management system.


4. Greenhouse

The Greenhouse applicant management system is designed to optimize the hiring process for companies. The tool caters to companies of all sizes. The product Greenhouse Recruiting provides features in Applicant Management, Structured Hiring, Team Collaboration, Automated Task Management, Multichannel Recruitment, Core Reporting, and a mobile app. In addition to Greenhouse Recruiting, there is also Greenhouse Onboarding, a product that helps to successfully hire new employees.

Greenhouse Features

These are the most important features of Greenhouse:

  • Applicant Management: The applicant management software offers a CRM Essential talent database in which applicants can be filtered and searched.
  • Recruiting process: With the tool, unconscious bias in every step of the hiring process can be reduced through instant alerts and measuring instruments.
  • Applicant Experience: Through targeted, meaningful interviews, career pages and customizable email templates, the company's brand and employer brand can be highlighted and a unique brand experience can be created for applicants. Surveys can also be used automatically.
  • Core Reports: In order to be able to make data-based decisions, the tool offers 30 different reports. Based on the reports, it can be determined which measures work best.

Greenhouse costs

The price for the Greenhouse applicant management tool is based on the respective hiring requirements. There are three different price models: Essential, Advanced and Expert. A demo can also be requested for Greenhouse via the website.

Greenhouse Alternatives

If you are looking for a Greenhouse alternative, take a look at OMR Reviews. There you will find experiences and reviews from other users who can support you in choosing the tool for an applicant management system.


5. Zoho Recruit

With Zoho Recruit, a cloud-based software for applicant management has been developed that is suitable for employee recruitment in any company. From creating job advertisements and applicant portals to providing assessment forms to automated communication, Zoho Recruit offers a comprehensive range of features and integration options for digital employee recruitment. In addition, Zoho products can easily be integrated with other Zoho applications as well as with external third-party providers.

Zoho Recruit Features

These are the most important features of Zoho Recruit:

  • Job offers and applicant portals: With Zoho Recruit, you can create job offers and publish them on various job portals. In addition, the software offers the possibility to create personalized applicant portals that are tailored to your individual requirements.
  • Automated e-mail communication: Zoho Recruit enables you to automatically create and send e-mails to inform applicants about the status of their application or to give feedback.
  • Evaluation forms: With the software, you can create and manage custom evaluation forms to assess the suitability of applicants for specific positions.
  • Calendar integration: Zoho Recruit is integrable with various calendar applications to schedule appointments for interviews, calls and other activities.
  • Reports and analysis: The software offers reporting features to analyze data on applicants, job offers and other aspects of the recruiting process.

Zoho Recruit costs

The Zoho Recruit prices are divided into two tariffs: Standard and Enterprise and start from 25 € per month and per user. Users can test the tariffs non-bindingly for 15 days free of charge or use Zoho Recruit permanently in the free version.

Zoho Recruit Alternatives

If you are looking for a Zoho Recruit alternative take a look at OMR Reviews. There you will find experiences and reviews from other users who can support you in choosing the tool for an applicant management system.


6. softgarden

softgarden is a Talent Acquisition Suite that caters to all company sizes - from start-ups to corporations. In addition to recruiting, softgarden also covers the pillars of employer branding and sourcing. The tool offers support in advertisement and publication of jobs, in a quick pre-selection as well as in the decision for the best candidates. Also Softgarden is hosted on ISO-certified German servers and offers GDPR-compliant storage of applicant data.

softgarden functions

These are the most important functions of Softgarden:

  • Advertising and publication of jobs: With softgarden jobs can be posted on over 300 premium job boards, with users enjoying preferential conditions through self-service shop booking. Also, the job ads can be published on seven free channels, including the Softgarden Talent Network, and on their own job or career page. All job advertisements are optimized for Google Jobs and the quality of applicants as well as the performance of incoming channels can be tracked.
  • Fast pre-selection in the team: With this function, recruiting teams can be created to involve all decision-makers in the process from the start. With a thumbs-up or thumbs-down button, applicants can be automatically invited to an interview. In addition, the tool can send reminders for application receipts and team tasks. For the entire process, individual rights and roles can be assigned.
  • Decision for the best candidate: Further features of the software lie in the calendar synchronization for appointment coordination, location-independent video interviews as well as individual workflows and AGG-conform, customizable message templates. Softgarden also offers scorecard reviews that can be individually weighted. There is also a chat and comment function that can be used with each individual application.

Softgarden costs

The price for softgarden can be requested non-bindingly via the website. The number of users is unlimited, the price is determined by the parallel job advertisements. Softgarden also offers a free demo, which can be requested online.

More information about softgarden prices and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

Softgarden Alternatives

If you are looking for a Softgarden alternative take a look at OMR Reviews. There you will find experiences and reviews from other users who can support you in choosing the tool for an applicant management system.


7. staffitpro

staffitpro is an innovative, AI-based software that serves as a productivity booster - the next generation of applicant tracking, recruiting CRM and back office. Thus, staffitpro is an all-in-one recruiting software that digitally maps the entire recruiting process. Intuitive-to-use features, automated processes, and permanently learning bots quickly and efficiently perform routine tasks, maintain databases as well as contacts. In addition, automated recruiting pipelines, AI candidate search and automated contract processing are available in the software. The company is fully GDPR compliant.

staffitpro features

These are the most important functions of staffitpro:

  • Applicant search: Thanks to a precise search function and AI support, the applicant search is maximally effective and includes automatic data transfer as well as real-time updating.
  • Automations: The software takes over standard to-dos and offers learning HR bots as virtual assistants. In addition, individual process automations can be created and own pipelines can be mapped.
  • Applicant management:Comprehensive candidate profiles can be created and the process can be automated individually, whereby the software is absolutely data protection compliant according to current standards.

staffitpro costs

Prices can be requested on the company's website. For more information about staffitpro prices and user reviews with price reference, see OMR Reviews.

staffitpro Alternatives

If you are looking for a staffitpro alternative take a look at OMR Reviews. There you will find experiences and reviews from other users who can support you in choosing the tool for an applicant management system.


Other applicant management systems on OMR Reviews

Of course, there are also quite a few other E-Recruiting tools, application tracking systems, applicant management tools - or whatever else you want to call them. On OMR Reviews you will find a large selection of applicant management software. The reviews by real users are supposed to support you in choosing the most suitable applicant management software and create transparency in the software market. Here is a small preview of more applicant management software:

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