The 7 best HR management software

Nils Martens 12/21/2023

Why HR management software makes your life easier and which tools are the best

An employee means a lot of work for an HR manager and a lot of things that need to be thought about. This includes organizing the application journey, onboarding, keeping all important information in one central location, planning vacations and processing monthly payroll. HR management is complex and becomes more of a challenge the more employees need to be "managed". But in the digital era we live in, there are also software solutions for HR management.

In this article, we have summarized the best HR management tools and the benefits and features they offer. You can find the top 7 and many other software providers on OMR Reviews, where you can find user reviews and testimonials from other users for each software.

What functions do HR management software offer?

When it comes to the number of functions, HR management software is one of the most comprehensive tools on the market. However, not all HR management software supports all the features that are theoretically available. For the most part, the functions come from the following areas:

  • Recruiting
  • onboarding
  • payroll accounting
  • Performance evaluation
  • Digital personnel file
  • Employee training
  • Talent management
  • Time recording

Some HR management software focuses on one topic, such as Talent2Go on recruiting in training companies. Other software covers several areas at once in order to make HR management in your company as effective as possible and enable you to focus more on your employees than on paperwork and time wasters.

This also includes the integration of employees within the HR management software. This means, for example, that employees have access to their digital personnel file, can submit leave via app or view minutes of feedback meetings.

Due to the different attributes of each HR management software, it is best to take a close look so that you can find the ideal tool for you. As a little help, you will find a list of features that characterize each of the top 7 HR management software.

Recommended HR Tools & Software Solutions

You can find other recommended HR software providers on our comparison platform OMR Reviews. There we have listed over 500 HR software solutions for small and medium-sized companies, start-ups and large corporations that support you in all areas of human resource management. So take a look and compare the software with the help of authentic and verified user reviews:

What are the benefits of using HR management software?

The functions section has almost answered this question. Nevertheless, we won't miss the opportunity to tell you all the benefits of HR management software:

  • Automating and standardizing workflows and processes in HR management.
  • A good overview of all employees thanks to digitized personnel files.
  • Saves a lot of paper and costs.
  • Payroll accounting is faster every month because it can be automated.
  • Vacation requests, expense reports and business trips can be submitted by employees directly via the app.
  • When recruiting staff, the right candidates can be selected more efficiently by using the HR management tool to match applicants with job advertisements, for example.
  • A complete digital solution for HR enables HR managers to work from home.
  • Staff turnover can be reduced by providing employees with more feedback opportunities. In addition, thanks to the time saved by the software, HR managers have more time available for employees.
  • Onboarding is more efficient and can begin before new employees join the company.
  • Performance evaluations promote more sensible personnel decisions in order to utilize the potential of each employee.
  • Multimedia access via desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Last but not least, HR software can also guarantee that all legal regulations such as notice periods and data protection (GDPR) are complied with.
  • As many things are handled digitally, there are fewer knocks on your HR door.

The top 7 HR management software on OMR Reviews

Let's start with the seven best pieces of HR management software you can find on OMR Reviews. Beyond that, you'll find much more on OMR Reviews. In total, you can compare over 571 HR tools based on reviews and testimonials from other users.

Here are the seven HR tools that have impressed users the most so far:

Please note: This ranking is based on the status as of 21.12.2023.


1. Sage payroll accounting

With Sage Lohnabrechnung you can complete your payroll accounting automatically and error-free, even without prior knowledge. All your necessary documents for statutory reports are created at the touch of a button and sent to the tax office and health insurance companies. You do not need any additional installations or fee-based updates to use Sage Payroll Accounting. You can use Sage Payroll Accounting free of charge for 30 days. If you are a new customer at Sage, you can also use the free new customer service with support for product setup and reporting procedures.

That wasn't enough? Then take a look at the other tools from Sage at Sage-Overview.

Sage payroll accounting features

  • Time recording, absences & paid time off or leaves of absence
  • Additional benefits management
  • Self-service functionalities for employees (web portal + mobile)
  • Management of billable time records
  • Absence & vacation management
  • User, role and access management
  • Compensation history
  • Mobile user support

Sage Payroll Costs

There are two price packages available from Sage Payroll Accounting. The Basic package is perfect for small teams with up to 5 employees. It includes free email support, tax consultant access, DATEV interface and is compatible with Apple, Windows and Android. The costs start at €6 per month and employee. If you want the full range of functions for a larger team, you can use Sage Payroll Plus. This includes additional functions such as telephone support, a digital personnel file, a vacation and absence planner and the option to record working hours. The package starts at €7.80 per month and employee.

You can find more information on the prices of Sage payroll accounting and user reviews with price reference on OMR Reviews.

Sage payroll accounting alternatives

On OMR Reviews you will find an overview of Sage payroll alternatives and can decide on the HR software that best suits your company with the help of user experiences and ratings.


2. Personio

One of the market leaders among personal software is aptly named Personio. The software comes from Germany, Munich to be precise, and is a real all-rounder in HR. Its core tasks include recruiting, onboarding, personnel administration and payroll accounting. Personio takes a particularly close look at legal matters from the perspective of HR managers. For this reason, Personio can tell you, for example, exactly when notice periods begin and how to comply with them.

Personio functions

  • On- and offboarding
  • Time recording
  • Payroll accounting with DATEV
  • Development of employees
  • Employee self-service
  • Digital personnel file

Personio costs

Personio's pricing is individually tailored to your preferences and wishes. So get in touch with the tool provider and discuss a package that suits you, your company and your expectations.

You can find more information about Personio's prices and user reviews with price references on OMR Reviews.

Personio alternatives

On OMR Reviews you can find an overview of Personio alternatives and decide which HR management software is best for you based on verified user experiences and ratings.


3. clockin

With clockin you can record working times via smartphone, tablet terminal & PC. You can also use clockin to manage absences such as vacation or illness. The tool offers you these functions, such as project and travel time recording, as an app. It also includes photo, sketch and note functions for team projects. For quality assurance, you can use functions such as digital project files, checklists and digital signatures in clockin. You can create corresponding invoices for orders via relevant interfaces.

clockin key features

  • Free support and consultations
  • Clocking in, out & breaks via app
  • Time recording of projects (incl. sub-projects)
  • lexoffice interface
  • Digital project file (incl. customer export)
  • Photo, sketches & note function as well as digital signatures

clockin costs

clockin offers you a free trial period of 14 days. After that, you can choose from three different packages. The costs start at €3.99 per month and user. For this, you have access to functions such as time tracking via app, various calendar functions or setting up an individual look. More extensive packages include a lexoffice interface, time tracking for projects (including sub-projects) and the option of digital signatures. The costs here start from €6.99. The full range of clockin functions is available from €9.99 per month and user.

You can find more information about clockin's prices and user reviews with price reference on OMR Reviews.

clockin alternatives

On OMR Reviews you will find an overview of clockin alternatives and can choose the HR software that best suits your company with the help of user experiences and ratings.


4. Crewmeister

With Crewmeister, you can record your employees' working hours and vacation days and manage and view shift schedules digitally. Crewmeister is a highly customized tool that you can configure with different modules according to your needs. You can also transfer all your collected data to Excel or DATEV via an interface. Crewmeister is aimed at companies with 2 to 50 employees from all industries. Personal support is also available at all times.

Crewmeister key features

  • User, role and access management.
  • Time recording & attendance control.
  • Absence & vacation management and self-service functionalities.
  • Easy completion of timesheets, task and project time recording or management of billable time records.
  • User & rights management, internationalization, reporting & dashboards, mobile user support or customization.

Crewmeister costs

You can use Crewmeister free of charge for 14 days. This includes the full version with all functions and modules. After that, you can put together the individual modules individually and use them as required. The time recording module costs €1.40 per month and user. You can add the shift planner for €0.92 and the vacation planner for €0.55 per month and user. Crewmeister is a highly customized tool for you and your company.

You can find more information about Crewmeister's prices and user reviews with price references on OMR Reviews.

Crewmeister alternatives

On OMR Reviews you will find an overview of Crewmeister alternatives and can choose the HR software that best suits your company with the help of user experiences and ratings.


5. Haufe HR Services

Haufe HR Services offers you integrated solutions that help you and your company to digitize administrative HR work. Haufe HR Services has a modular structure so that you can determine the exact area in which you need support. Haufe HR Services is 100% legally compliant, paperless and you can use the software without any IT knowledge. Haufe also offers you various online seminars on the software. You can simply request these via the Haufe HR Services website.

Haufe HR Services key features

  • With the digital personnel file, you can quickly and easily create a digital personnel file for your employees. All necessary documents are stored here in one central location.
  • The certificate manager includes tested templates and various features. All functions are single sign-on connection, IP filter and include REST interfaces for the integration of master data and job descriptions.
  • With the Haufe HR Assistant, HR employee queries can be answered quickly, legally compliant and easily. It contains more than just pre-formulated answers.
  • Haufe Personal Office, which includes functions such as termination checklists, a certificate and warning letter generator, wage and salary calculator as well as online seminars and e-training.
  • With Haufe Onboarding, web-based solutions can be used to digitally map and structure the onboarding process and develop a comprehensive onboarding experience for new employees.

Haufe HR Services costs

Haufe HR Services does not communicate prices publicly. You can make a non-binding inquiry via the Haufe HR Services website. A demo version is available for this purpose.

You can find more information about the prices of Haufe HR Services as well as user reviews with price reference on OMR Reviews.

Haufe HR Services alternatives

On OMR Reviews you will find an overview of Haufe HR Services and can choose the HR software that best suits your company with the help of user experiences and ratings.


6. fiverr

fiverr is on a mission to revolutionize the way the world works together. Freelancers have access to a wide range of digital service opportunities on this platform, while entrepreneurs get the chance to work with freelance talent to grow and expand their business, brand and projects. The experts come from more than 160 countries, including over 110,000 German-speaking professionals. Fiverr's talent cloud enables companies to make their staffing structures flexible, adaptable and agile. fiverr offers services in over 600 categories, from AI and programming to 3D design, digital marketing, content creation, video animation and architecture.

fiverr features

  • Easy search, selection and payment of freelancers
  • Efficient and reliable quality work
  • Security with every job: transactions are only released after a delivery has been approved
  • Local or global: Depending on your requirements, you can work with German-speaking or international experts
  • 24/7 support from the fiverr support team

fiverr costs

fiverr does not communicate prices publicly. However, you can request them directly from the software provider.

You can find more information about fiverr's prices and user reviews with price references on OMR Reviews.

fiverr alternatives

On OMR Reviews you will find an overview of fiverr alternatives and can choose the HR software that best suits your company with the help of user experiences and ratings.


7. kiwiHR

kiwiHR is an all-in-one HR tool that automates and simplifies daily HR tasks. The company itself says it wants to digitize the HR management of small and medium-sized companies in a cost-effective way. The focus is on usability and simplifying HR administration. kiwiHR has an ideas board where customers can enter their wishes.

kiwiHR functions

  • Digital personnel file with self-service, personnel documents and employee directory.
  • Record attendances, absences and working hours.
  • Central document and information management of company-relevant information, such as upcoming events and organization chart.
  • Onboarding with checklists and automated processes.
  • Reports on employees, project working hours and more.
  • Transparent overview of personnel expenses with self-service.
  • OMR reviewers particularly like the intuitive use, even for HR newcomers, and the clear structure.

kiwiHR costs

After a 14-day free trial period, kiwiHR is available from just €3.50 per employee per month in the starter tariff. Those who prefer more extensive functions can use the Plus plan for €6 per user per month.

You can find more information on kiwiHR prices and user reviews with price references on OMR Reviews.

kiwi HR alternatives

You can find an overview of kiwiHR alternatives on OMR Reviews. There you can decide which HR software with time tracking is best for you with the help of verified user experiences and ratings.

If you still haven't had enough, you can find more HR management tools on OMR Reviews

On OMR Reviews, you can compare software such as HR management programs in a relaxed manner. Reviews and experiences of verified users serve as a guide so that you know exactly what software to get for your company - and what not to get. We have a small selection of other HR management software for you here:

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