Maximize Your Sales Potential with the 7 Best Lead Management Software

Nils Martens 6/6/2024

With a lead management tool, you convert leads into real customers.

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Table of contents
  1. What does lead management mean and what should a lead management software be able to do?
  2. The Top7 lead management software on OMR Reviews
  3. 6. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
  4. Other recommendable lead management tools

What do companies want? Generating leads and developing actual customers from leads. What do the prospects behind the leads want to become customers? No bad advertising, bad approach, intrusive marketing, annoying perpetual emails, being forgotten, being addressed incorrectly. The list can be continued indefinitely.

People want solutions to their problems and their needs satisfied. If companies manage to deliver both, the path from prospects to buyers is quickly paved. Therefore, it is important for companies to establish a decent lead management in order to combine all channels for gaining and developing qualified buyers in an automated process as much as possible and ultimately make money out of it.

This is where lead management software such as Salesforce CRM, HubSpot CRM or Pipedrive can be a great help in creating an overview for marketing and sales, making results measurable, discovering sales potentials and ultimately optimizing sales processes.

At the core, our article is about the question of what the best lead management software is. We have selected seven tools from our comparison platform OMR Reviews. For each individual software, we explain what defines it, what it costs, and what alternatives are available.

In essence, all you have to do is make the best choice for you, then you can start optimizing your lead management.

Of course, we clarify in advance what lead management means exactly and what the task of a lead management tool is.

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What does lead management mean and what should a lead management software be able to do?

Modern lead management deals with all measures that serve to convert people interested in your products into customers. In most cases, marketing and sales are involved, but sometimes other departments are also involved. The focus is particularly on the strategic acquisition of leads (contacts) - preferably increasing progressively - and the automation of the processes behind it.

This generates a lot of data, which can largely be used for optimizing and getting a holistic picture of your customers. What results from this is clear: more opportunities to sell and generate even more sales.

A lead management software promotes the career of a lead or a prospect from being approached by marketing to being converted into a genuine customer by sales. It brings an overview to the story, so that no lead falls behind, the funnel is always well fed, and all resources can be used in a targeted manner.

In the process, all known data of a lead is recorded. The more detailed this is done, the more can be read from the data later on.

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Lead management tools thus accompany you in the following steps:

  1. Lead generation: Leads are generated through various marketing measures.
  2. Creating the leads: All leads that you gain through your marketing channels are automatically created by the lead management tool.
  3. Lead Nurturing: The leads are then enriched with more publicly available information so that automated marketing measures bear as much fruit as possible. More on this can be found in our articles on Lead Nurturing and Lead Nurturing Strategy.
  4. Qualification:The respective lead is then qualified based on the data (Lead Scoring), when they are ready, so that sales can address them appropriately.
  5. Routing: Ideally, the lead management tool assigns the lead to the right sales team on its own.
  6. Scoring & Controlling: After that, all leads and campaigns are evaluated in order to optimize the automation processes as well as find ways to reach more people.

In summary, a lead management system, supported by AI, provides a lot of automation, relief of personnel resources, and optimization of the sales process. This allows marketing and sales to focus on their core tasks and thus become a more effective tool for generating revenue.

No manual input of lead data, no cumbersome search for contacts, and no lost leads. In addition, the software collects so much data that you are well prepared for growth.

Little info on the side: Most lead management features can be found in good CRM software, less as standalone tools.

The Top7 lead management software on OMR Reviews

1. Salesforce CRM

The name Salesforce can take pride in certain popularity in the sales and marketing scene. The reason is the simply structured and efficient Salesforce tools for small and large company structures, which includes . As a customer relationship management software, it organizes your leads and customers and prepares them for every department.

The focus is on lead generation and processing. You see all relevant data about a potential customer, can execute automated or manual actions that encourage them to buy from you, and in the end you can measure how successful your marketing campaigns are.

The best part: All functions can also be used on the go in the Salesforce1 Mobile App.

Salesforce CRM costs

The prices for Salesforce CRM vary depending on the size of your company. For example, you pay 25 EUR per user if your team does not exceed ten members. If you expect a little more than just the basic equipment, it will be 75 EUR per user or 150 EUR if you want a custom CRM with all the bells and whistles. From 325 EUR per user, there is also the Lightning Unlimited version, which includes 24/7 support.

All prices are per month with annual payment.

Salesforce CRM alternatives

On OMR Reviews you can find an overview of the alternatives to Salesforce CRM and decide for the most suitable lead management software for you based on verified user experiences and ratings.


2. HubSpot CRM

With HubSpot CRM you can efficiently manage and fill your sales pipeline, as the company itself states. Included are the following features: saving email templates, email tracking, AI-assisted analysis of leads, direct invitation of customers to meetings and sales automation. A live chat function and the integration of external apps from the HubSpot Marketplace complete the CRM lead management software.

The advantage of is the ability to present leads in a clear manner, segment them and approach them in the most effective way as well as automate numerous sales processes. The whole thing is also graphically nicely prepared and available in an app.

HubSpot CRM costs

The prices of HubSpot CRM vary depending on the package offer. HubSpot CRM is available in the “Starter” package for 41 EUR per month for a maximum of two user licenses. This already includes many useful features for your lead management. If you need more support, personalized reports and other deep-reaching tools, the “Professional” package costs you 414 EUR per month for up to five user licenses. Each additional license costs 81 EUR. From 1,104 EUR, HubSpot also offers an enterprise solution if you are operating in other dimensions.

With all prices, you can choose whether you prefer to pay monthly or annually. If you choose the former, you must reckon with it being more expensive.

HubSpot CRM alternatives

On OMR Reviews you can find an overview of the HubSpot CRM alternatives and decide for the most suitable lead management tool for you based on verifiable user experiences and ratings.


3. CentralStationCRM

CentralStationCRM is a simple and effective solution for managing your leads. The software offers you a user-friendly interface and comprehensive functions with which you can optimize your lead generation and maximize your conversions.

With you can keep track of all your leads and follow them specifically. In addition, you have all the important functions in one place and can thus optimize your workflows and save time. For example, the lead management software includes an integrated contact management system where you can store important information about your prospects and retrieve it at any time. Thanks to the integrated analysis tools, you can monitor and improve the performance of your lead generation and management at any time.

CentralStationCRM costs

CentralStationCRM thanks you for more than 70 positive reviews on OMR Reviews, which is why every OMR user receives 50% off the first three months. All information about the exclusive OMR offer can be found on their website.

The regular prices of CentralStationCRM look like this: You can use the tool of the cloud CRM provider for free for a maximum of three users and 200 contacts. If you are underchallenged with that, simply resort to the offer packages “Team” for 18 EUR, “SmallOffice” for 49 EUR, “Business” for 99 EUR or “Enterprise” for 199 EUR.

The prices are monthly fees and since there is no annual payment at CentralStationCRM, you are always flexible and can change or cancel the package at any time.

CentralStationCRM alternatives

On OMR Reviews you can find an overview of the CentralStationCRM alternatives and decide for the most suitable lead management software for you based on verifiable user experiences and ratings.


4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a good way to approach lead management professionally and affordably - for startups and SMEs as well as large companies. The graphical presentation of the sales pipeline in Pipedrive is particularly outstanding. After all, we all secretly want software to be not only practical and user-friendly, but also visually appealing.

The pipeline of reminds a bit of the Kanban model from agile project management. Pipedrive can be wonderfully customized to fit your company. In addition, heaps of statistics help you keep an overview of your customers and improve your marketing and sales processes.

Pipedrive costs

As easy as the CRM system is to use, so is the price structure of Pipedrive. There are four packages: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. All four have lead management included. The prices differ mainly due to additional features, where you need to look if you need them.

Price-wise, it starts with Essential at 12.50 EUR per user and month if you pay annually.

Pipedrive alternatives

On OMR Reviews you can find an overview of the Pipedrive alternatives and decide for the most suitable lead management tool for you based on verifiable user experiences and ratings.


5. TecArt CRM

The German provider of lead management software TecArt has specialized in medium-sized companies. Their CRM software is scalable and can be adapted to your needs through different modules. One of them deals with the management and control of leads. offers all responsible persons within and outside your company an optimized view of the most important information, to turn leads into real orders. Additionally, workflows are professionalized, making your lead management more efficient.

TecArt CRM costs

For teams with up to three users you can use TecArt CRM for free, but you do without support. Other add-ons are available from 4 EUR and additional team members can be booked from 20 EUR per month.

The TecArt CRM Pro Cloud is available from 29 EUR per user and month, which has significantly more storage and cheaper add-ons. If you want to run TecArt CRM on your own servers, the prices for this start at one-off payments of 760 EUR.

You can find information and user reviews in relation to the prices of TecArt CRM at us on the platform.

TecArt CRM alternatives

On OMR Reviews you can find an overview of the TecArt CRM alternatives and decide for the most suitable lead management software for you based on verifiable user experiences and ratings.


6. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

An old acquaintance is also on board: Microsoft. With Dynamics 365 Sales, you can efficiently map and partially automate all sales processes. Ideally, it is connected with Office 365 and the . provides you with transparency to real-time data, a customizable AI, and allows you to evaluate leads as well as document them in detail.

The lead management module is not defined separately here, but is integrated into the software in the form of various areas. For this, the Microsoft application is applicable to many areas and industries.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales costs

There are numerous price models from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Choose the right option for you. The cheapest package is called “Sales Professional” and you get it for 55 EUR per month and user.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales alternatives

On OMR Reviews you can find an overview of the alternatives to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and decide for the most suitable lead management software for you based on verifiable user experiences and ratings.


7. SuperOffice CRM

SuperOffice CRM is an all-in-one software for marketing and sales. A lot of room is given to lead management in particular. This way, with the tool, you can create lead pages, develop and organize automated newsletters, as well as document all follow-up activities for sales and customer service. Additionally, includes reporting capabilities, a quotation management, forecasting and a ticket system for customer inquiries.

So, you manage every step your customers make with you without anything being lost or your employees not being informed. SuperOffice CRM is very clearly designed and an optimal solution for personalized target group marketing. The focus is on email marketing.

SuperOffice CRM costs

The prices of SuperOffice CRM depend on the offer package you choose. There are the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service editions. Each package starts at 58 EUR per user per month. If you need all functions, which is advisable for successful lead management, the costs start from 68 EUR - also per user and month.

SuperOffice CRM Alternatives

On OMR Reviews you can find an overview of the SuperOffice CRM alternatives and decide for the most suitable lead management software for you based on verified user experiences and ratings.


Other recommendable lead management tools

You can find and compare more tools for your lead management on OMR Reviews. In total, we have listed over 100 CRM systems there, some of which can manage your leads.

So feel free to stop by and compare the tools using the user ratings we have verified. These include, among others:

Recommended CRM tools & software

In total, we have listed over 250 CRM system providers on OMR Reviews that can support you in customer relationship management (CRM). So take a look at OMR Reviews and compare the CRM-Tools with the help of authentic and verified user reviews. Here are a few worth recommending:

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