Digital Customer Service - These are the Best Tools for Your Company

Carolin Puls 4/30/2024

We explain why digital customer service is so important and introduce you to the best tools.

You scroll through social media, read posts, and see offers for products and services. You might think, "Have I seen all this before?" This feeling can quickly set in as products and services become more and more interchangeable. Many of them have the same USP, even if they are packaged differently in advertising. A painting company paints your walls and you need a mobile phone contract to make calls and surf the internet. What really counts besides good products for your customers to choose your company is outstanding customer service.

Why your customer service is so important

Such a thing is more important today than ever, as many concerns are handled online and the personal way to a shop is no longer necessary. Thus, the expectations that your customers have of you also change. On many different communication channels, such as email, social media, phone hotline or live chat, a response should be made as quickly as possible and the respective concern should be addressed. It is also desirable that you act proactively, that is, respond to the needs of your customers before they express them.

To make it easier for you to implement digital customer service, you will learn in this text what digital customer service is, how it differs from traditional customer service and why it is so important.

In addition, you will learn about the advantages and the channels where your digital customer service takes place. We have then compiled the best tools for your digital customer service and some tips for the best possible digital service.



What is digital customer service?

Digital customer care refers to the care on the online channels that your company and your customers use. There, your customers can easily and quickly get in touch with your employees. The most popular digital customer service channels include live chats, emails, social media, and messaging apps.


What is the difference between traditional and digital customer service?

We already see traditional customer service as almost outdated. This term includes contacting by letter, fax, phone or on site in the store or office.

The standard support channel in the traditional area is and remains the call center, with which many customers associate negative experiences due to long waiting times, annoying music and changing processors. In addition, telephone support incurs high service costs at your company, as you have to employ many employees and equip them with the appropriate equipment. Your customer service should also be accessible as long as possible in order to prevent unnecessary difficulties in contacting users.

Digital customer care is easier and more intuitive for your customers, as they use it privately and therefore have no problem integrating contact with your company into their daily routine.


That's why digital customer service is so important

The Customers Journey describes the experiences your customers make at different times on different channels with your company. From the first collection of information on their concern, to the actual product purchase and aftercare - there are always different touchpoints on the customer journey.

Since this is usually completely digital nowadays, you have to optimize your digital communication processes accordingly. At any time, your prospects may have questions about your products or services, want to make an appointment or solve a problem. Many people are always accessible, both privately and professionally, and also transfer this to their expectations of companies.

With your digital customer service, you thus manage the satisfaction of your customers. The experiences they make at different times through digital customer care can decide whether they remain loyal to your brand or look for other providers.

Also, a first-class digital customer service can promote recommendations by your satisfied customers, as they feel well cared for.


These are the advantages of a digital customer service

With the digital care you generate, in addition to increased satisfaction, other advantages for your customers and your company. On the one hand, it offers your employees comfort, as it can be done from any place and at any time. The only requirement is an existing internet connection. Not only the customers can sit relaxed on the sofa or in the beer garden when they contact you - you can determine for yourself from where and how you work.

On the other hand, there are no classic wait times in the digital area, as the answering of requests usually takes place in a slightly delayed manner. Both parties do not have to be ready for a conversation on hold, but can also get other things done in between without getting under time pressure.

Another advantage is the reduction of costs in your company. Your employees can often take care of several customers at the same time without the contact quality suffering.

In addition, frequently occurring requests can be processed automatically, so that the interaction time decreases and you can take care of other tasks in the remaining time.

If you sell digital products or only mediate your products and services online, the addition through your digital customer service creates a coherent overall picture. You can effectively guide your customers through solution processes without them being frustrated because they cannot find certain buttons right away and feel under pressure from the staff waiting on the phone.

Disadvantages of digital customer service do not actually exist. Most customers prefer convenient and time-independent contact with companies. Of course, it can always happen that there are old-school customers who prefer to pick up the phone or visit you personally and therefore feel the digital offer is more impersonal.

However, this will make up the minority of service requests. For this case, you can simply offer a callback service where your customers can choose their desired time.


These are the channels where your digital customer service can take place

You should select the channels you want to use for your digital customer service based on your insights about your target group. Where is it on the move? How does it prefer to contact you? Then you can put together your channel portfolio specifically.

The most common channels for this are:

  • Email: Contact via email should be firmly anchored in every customer service, as it forms the boundary between traditional and digital customer service. Emails are cheap and give the inquirers enough space to present their concerns. However, email inquiries rarely deliver quick answers and may need to be forwarded to the right person in your company.
  • Website chat: In this, website visitors can interact directly and in real time on your site with you. The corresponding window is usually located in the lower right corner of the browser window, so it is intuitively found. The purchase of a chat tool is cheap and your employees can work productively as they can serve several customers at the same time. By using a chatbot, you can also automate recurring requests.
  • Contact forms: These are also integrated on your website and, after submitting the request, arrive at you as an email. This saves your customers from looking for and copying the correct email address into their personal mailbox. Due to their similarity to email, contact forms bring the same waiting times for your customers.
  • Knowledge Database: A well-structured and planned knowledge database is like a self-service station for your customers. They can view various articles, videos and instructions to inform themselves about the products, services and problem solutions. The advantage of such a database is that it is significantly more detailed than the FAQs on your website and can be used by both your customers and your employees. For individual questions, they will then have to contact your customer service in a different way.
  • Mobile Messaging: This channel name covers all possible messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger or Threema. With these, you can have real-time conversations with your customers if both parties are online at the same time. Communication can also be asynchronous, without your customers having to accept long waiting times.
  • Social Media: The increasing number of users on social media also makes the importance of customer service via social media grow strongly. Customers like to use these channels to make individual inquiries, give feedback and express wishes, as they usually use them privately anyway and can therefore handle contact conveniently. This can happen both via Direct Messages or in the form of comments under your posts. Here you can also respond in real time or alternatively, so both sides gain flexibility and avoid long waiting times.


These are the best tools you can use for your digital customer service

Depending on which communication channels you want to use for your digital customer service, various software is available to support you. On OMR Reviewswe present detailed user reports and software reviews that make it easier for you to select the suitable tools.


Customer Service Software:

Customer service software allows you to build and manage customer relationships and support services. With them you can, for example, set up contact centers, live chats or ticket systems to answer your customers' questions. The best tools for this are:

An overview of software and their ratings can be found on OMR Reviews in the Customer Service Category.

Community Management Software:

With a community management tool you can take your community management on social media to the next level, as you can respond more quickly to wishes, feedback, and criticism and interact with your customers. The best tools for this are:



Social Media Suites:

You can use social media tools to bundle and manage information from different social networks. They offer you numerous automations that make it easier to achieve your goals. The best tools for your social media management are:



Chatbot software refers to virtual assistants who do defined tasks for you. This usually takes place in written or spoken form. They often provide the first point of contact for your customers when they have a question about products or services. The best chatbot tools include:


Instant Messaging Software:

You should use an instant messaging service if you want to receive instant messages from your customers and colleagues and want to send real-time messages to them. Some tools also offer you video functions, sending voice messages or voice chats. You can find an overview in the Instant Messaging Software category on OMR Reviews. These are the best Instant Messaging Softwares:


Knowledge Management Software:

Knowledge Management Tools support you in recording central knowledge and answering customer questions. In them, you can set up text, video or audio files that can be viewed by your customers and employees in the self-service model. These are the best knowledge management software:


Our tips for your great digital customer service

What does great customer support look like that you can allow your customers by using the appropriate tools? We have put together the best tips for you:


Digitaler Kundenservice – Erwartungen

Customers have expectations of your customer service


  • Answer the inquiries quickly and technically correct so that the customers can dedicate themselves to other things again.
  • Ideally, be available around the clock to answer your customers' questions. In the times when you cannot offer personal service, you should provide them with self-service solutions. Point to individual contact during your business hours if the questions may not have been answered.
  • Customers perceive your customer service as great when your employees are friendly and courteous. Show empathy and understanding, apologize for any inconvenience the customers had and enjoy the interaction. Your conversation partners will sense this.
  • Support your customers on the channels where they are most active. This point should be self-explanatory as you have already taken it into account in the selection of your communication touchpoints.
  • Put the customers in the center of your actions. The customer-centered company management always looks at your own customers with their wishes, challenges and requirements. This allows them to better meet their needs and run a more profitable business. Each piece of information you get from your customers contributes to a better understanding of their needs.
  • Personalize the customer experience by using the data you already have from your customers. This shows them that for you they are not just a number, but that it is important to you and they get the best possible service. Always pay attention to the protection of personal customer data and do not pass this on without their permission.

Customers are kings

With your digital customer service, you can impress your customers and bind them to your company in the long term. Put them and their needs first and show them that they are important to you. Then answering their inquiries will almost do itself.

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