8 Shopify Apps for Your Successful Shop Launch

Berend Heins 6/6/2024

With these Shopify Apps, you can get your online store superbly prepared for launch

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  1. 8 app tips for an online store according to your preferences
  2. Overview of the Shopify Apps

If you are considering starting an online store or already have your own, you may have heard of Shopify. With this cloud-based omnichannel store system, you can host, manage, expand and customize webshops. Shopify handles both the hosting and the store software.

The operation of Shopify is super intuitive and simple, so almost everyone can find their way around the platform. Thanks to the three different plans that Shopify offers, the platform is suitable for all types of businesses - from small start-ups to large corporations.

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8 app tips for an online store according to your preferences

With Shopify you have the opportunity to set up your online shop according to your own wishes and needs. There are various Shopify Apps that you can link to your webshop. This allows you to integrate various functions or requirements into your shop in no time.

You can find the entire variety of apps in the Shopify App Store. From apps that set up a loyalty program for your shop, to those that automate order processing and increase sales, everything is really there.

For your successful shop launch, we recommend the following eight Shopify Apps:

1. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform for e-mail and SMS marketing. With integration, you can easily create emails by drag-and-drop, create 360° customer profiles and segmentations. A special feature of Klaviyo is the automation of e-mail autoresponders: this automatically initiates e-mail flows, such as back-in-stock notifications or order confirmations.

For the evaluation of e-mail campaigns, Klaviyo offers a meaningful dashboard, which analyzes based on various metrics. Moreover, Klaviyo can also make predictions about future customer behavior: By combining existing data and artificial intelligence, Klaviyo calculates probabilities for values such as the next purchase date of your customers or the churn risk.

All in all, Klaviyo is one of the top Shopify Apps, offering a comprehensive, easy-to-integrate e-mail marketing solution for store operators.

This is what Klaviyo costs:

Klaviyo pricing is tiered and based on the size of the e-mail list and the number of e-mails sent.

If your e-mail list has 0-250 contacts, the app is initially free for you. The next larger package includes 251-500 contacts and costs $20 per month. You have more recipients? Then you should take a close look at the Klaviyo pricing on OMR Reviews in detail.


2. Reviews.io

The next Shopify App that you definitely need for a successful shop launch is Reviews.io. With Reviews.io, online stores give their customers the opportunity to share reviews for their purchases and to embellish them with text, pictures, or videos. In addition, the tool offers functions to manage user-generated content. This includes product tagging in images or Instagram mentions.

Reviews.io combines both shop and product reviews. With the Reputation Manager, users can control and monitor their reviews on multiple portals. The connection via the Shopify plugin is child's play and Reviews.io can also be linked with other tools - such as Klaviyo.

This is what Reviews.io costs:

At Reviews.io, you first have 14 days to test the app for free to see if it meets your expectations. After the free trial period, Reviews.io's Growth package starts at $99 per month. This package includes the most important features for your start - and 500 monthly review invitations to your customers. If you need more, you can find all the important price information about Reviews.io on OMR Reviews.

3. Lifetimely LTV & Profit

With Lifetimely you can calculate your profit, make forecasts about the lifetime value of your customers and view marketing reports and analyses. The Shopify plugin thus helps you to identify patterns in your customers' purchasing data in order to draw the right conclusions from it. You can customize the Lifetimely dashboard according to your individual demands to see the relevant KPIs at a glance.

The app is therefore a real game changer and supports you in anticipating the next steps of your customers.

This is what Lifetimely costs:

The Basic features of Lifetimely are already included in the free version, which includes the KPI and profit dashboard and the integration with the major ad platforms. If you want to view the full history of your customers and want to integrate multi-store tracking in a consolidated dashboard, then the Basic package at $19 per month is the right choice for you. An overview of all packages can be found directly at Lifetimely.

4. Billbee

Billbee is a multi-channel software solution that supports you in all processes after the purchase. This includes order processing, accounting, and inventory management. Billbee is particularly suitable for online shop operators with a monthly order volume in the lower three-digit range.

Billbee offers some helpful functions for multi-channel dealers such as the management or automation of stock levels and the consolidation of after-sales processes. Billbee can easily be connected to various shop systems, payment service providers and of course various marketplaces.

So Billbee is your "central" that is linked to all your different channels. This allows you to retrieve all important information from order processing, article management and automations at a glance from a central location.

What does Billbee cost:

The costs for Billbee are individually based on your order volume. The price per order decreases with an increasing number of total orders. You can therefore best calculate the costs for your individual order volume directly at Billbee.

5. PageFly Landing Page Builder

If you want to design your landing pages, product pages or complete home pages individually, then PageFly is the ideal Shopify Plugin for you. With the drag-and-drop system you can intuitively and user-friendly build various pages for your online shop - without any coding skills. With the various templates that PageFly offers, you can easily adapt the pages to your needs.

With PageFly, you can not only distinguish your online shop from the competition, but also increase the conversion rate with various functions such as the Countdown Timer. On OMR Reviews you can also find more tips for conversion optimization of your online shops.

All adjustments that you make with PageFly are also optimized for mobile devices and you can switch to the mobile view at any time to preview.

This is what PageFly costs:

PageFly's pricing is based on the number of pages you want to create for your online shop. One page is free - this can be any type of page. For ten pages, PageFly charges $24 per month, or $2.40 per page. In PageFly's largest package, the number of pages is not limited and you get extensive support that can support you in case of problems also via video call. The price for this Enterprise Package is $199 per month. For all packages in between, you can find directly at PageFly a practical price calculator.


6. GDPR/DSGVO + Cookie Bar

The best online store is of course useless if it is not GDPR and legally compliant. Therefore, we recommend you to use the Shopify App GDPR/DSGVO + Cookie Bar. This tool not only provides you with ready-made compliance pages, but also with various cookie bar layouts that you can adapt to the corporate design of your brand. Moreover, the Cookie-Banner are individual configurable, so you can precisely determine which cookies are used in your shop. Visitors can then choose afterwards which Cookie usage they want to allow.

This is what GDPR/DSGVO + Cookie Bar costs:

For the Shopify App GDPR/DSGVO + Cookie Bar there is a free plan, which includes basic features. This plan is aimed at shops with up to 10,000 monthly page views. The next larger plan is $7.99 per month and includes further features such as automatic language detection or an e-mail builder. This plan is suitable for shops with up to 30,000 page visits per month. Further information about the prices for the app can be found in the Shopify App Store.

7. IT-Law AGB Interface

Another Shopify plugin that should not be missing at your shop launch is the Terms and Conditions interface of IT-Law firm. With this tool you can integrate legal texts for your imprint, revocation instructions, terms and conditions or even the data protection declaration with one mouse click. A big advantage is the individual configurability of the legal texts. In addition, legal changes in the texts can be integrated automatically via a direct interface without you having to take any action.

With the Terms and Conditions interface of the IT-Law firm, you do not have to worry about whether your legal texts are still up to date in the future. You only have to insert them once and set up the interface – from then on it automatically does any updating for you.

What does the AGB interface cost:

The online shop protection packages of IT-Law firm already start at €9.90 per month. This package includes legal texts for a sales presence and the automatic update service. An overview of the larger protection packages can be found directly at the IT-Law firm.

8. Lucky Orange

The last Shopify App we would like to recommend is Lucky Orange. This Shopify plugin is one of the top Shopify marketing apps. Because with Lucky Orange you have the opportunity to increase the conversion rate of your online store even more, thanks to helpful features, dynamic heatmaps, session recordings and a live chat. This powerful tool simplifies your website analysis and allows you to communicate directly with your visitors or customers through surveys and live chat.

This is what Lucky Orange costs:

Lucky Orange offers various plans for online shop operators. The free plan is aimed at online shops with up to 500 page views per month. For up to 10,000 monthly page views, you should consider the next larger plan, which starts at $14 per month. On OMR Reviews you will also find the complete price overview for Lucky Orange.

Overview of the Shopify Apps

Whatever you have in mind: A handy set of helpful tools will definitely make launching your online store easier. You should take a closer look at the presented Shopify Apps. Here is an overview again:

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