Instagram Follower Analysis - These KPIs and Tools Provide You with Insight!

Céline Lütz 9/19/2021

In this article, you will learn what is important in an Instagram follower analysis and which KPIs and tools can support you.

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  1. What is Instagram follower analysis and how does it work?
  2. These KPIs you should keep an eye on!
  3. Instagram Insights: How to view your performance!
  4. You should check out these social media analysis tools!
  5. More tools on OMR Reviews!

Instagram is fun and there's a lot to try and discover on the popular social media platform. New features are regularly added and existing ones are expanded. But how do you know if what you're doing is really successful?

If you're using Instagram professionally, numbers should be a crucial part of your personal Social Media Strategy. Only if you keep an eye on the right key figures and know what they mean, can you generate growth and achieve your goals. This includes questions such as: Who are your followers? Which posts are particularly popular? And how successful are your ads?

In this article, we want to give you an overview of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI), what analysis possibilities the Instagram app offers and with which tools you can get even more insights.

What is Instagram follower analysis and how does it work?

We don't need to tell you how exciting and multifaceted online marketing is. But we would like to emphasize one clear advantage here again: Almost everything you do on the internet in terms of marketing activities is measurable! If you hang up a poster in your city advertising your product, you might eventually sell more. Maybe it's because people saw your poster. Maybe! You won't be able to find out exactly.

It's different on the net! Here you can see who has seen and clicked on your advertising, who then visited your website and even bought your product. In addition, you can find out a lot more about existing and potential customers: who they are, what they are interested in and whether they might even be just about to make a purchase. What sounded like hocus pocus 20 years ago is possible today thanks to tools and analyses.

If you don't just want to let Instagram run "on the side", but want to exhaust its full potential, you should therefore ask yourself some questions about your performance. The answers are given by the key figures from your analyses.

The first step towards Instagram follower analysis

Before you start with the analysis, you probably ask yourself how you can view key figures and clicks. In a private profile you can already see how many people watch your stories, how many likes and comments there are and of course how many followers you have. Unfortunately, this is not enough to gain insights into your performance.

The first step towards a more comprehensive analysis is a business account. Whether you actually have a company does not matter. A business account is basically available to everyone and can be set up with a few clicks. As soon as you have done this, you will get much more insights and functions with your account.

The Instagram Insights already give you a good overview of your performance. But before we look at Insights and other analysis tools, we should clarify which key figures are used to measure performance.

These KPIs you should keep an eye on!

KPIs are so-called Key Performance Indicators – i.e. performance metrics by which you can measure the progress and degree of achievement of your goals. Especially in social networks, a handful of certain KPIs play an important role.

Account growth

Account growth is about the number of your followers. Here it is useful to observe how many new subscribers have been added, how many unfollow you and how the growth develops over time. From the insights you can develop new strategies and adjust your activity.


Hashtags help you to increase your reach and to be discovered by new people. Here it could be interesting to find out which tags run particularly well and generate many clicks and interactions on your posts.


Impressions refer to your content. The number of impressions tells you how often your post or your story was viewed. This includes of course your followers, but also people who do not follow you yet. If a person has already seen a post, the number of impressions also increases if the person clicks on the post a second or third time.


In contrast to the impressions of a post, the reach counts the number of individual people or accounts that you have reached with your posting. Since nothing is counted twice here, the ratio between reach and number of followers is particularly interesting.

Engagement rate

The engagement rate measures the interaction of users with your content. This includes, for example, liking, commenting, sharing and saving posts. If your posts have a particularly high engagement rate, this is a sign of particularly interesting content, well-chosen hashtags and exciting image descriptions. With Stories, the focus is primarily on click behavior: How often is a story skipped, swiped away and even viewed again? The engagement rate is calculated with the number of likes, comments etc. divided by the number of followers.

Click rate

The click rate or click-through rate (CTR) is relevant when you place advertising and ads on your posts. If you, for example, promote a story and leave a link to your website, the CTR tells you how many users visited your website in relation to the total number of impressions.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate or conversion rate is also an important key figure when it comes to advertising. Here it shows who of the people who clicked on your ad actually became customers.

Recommended social media software

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Instagram Insights: How to view your performance!

Now that you ideally have a business account and know the most important KPIs, you can start the analysis. To get to the Insights on Instagram, you first go to your profile page. There you can now click on a button called "Insights" and you are already inside Instagram's analysis tool. Here Instagram already gives you a lot of insights into your profile activity and performance.

Instagram Insights fuer Analyse nutzen

Functions of Instagram Insights for follower analysis

  • Current Highlights: For a self-determined period of time within the last 90 days you can see significant performance increases in this area
  • Overview: This area shows you how many accounts you have reached in recent times as well as number of interactions, subscribers and approximate earnings. If you tap on a key figure, you can receive further details. Here again, you can determine the period of time within the last 90 days yourself.
  • Reached Accounts: The reached accounts are one of the key figures that give you a more detailed overview when you click on them. You get a visual breakdown of the reach among your subscribers compared to non-subscribers. Depending on the content type, your top posts, Stories, IGTVs, Reels and live videos are sorted according to their reach. You can also see impressions and insights from profile visits among the reached accounts. If you have, for example, integrated a button for your website in your profile, you can see at this point how often people have tapped on it.
  • Content Interactions: In this category you get all the information about interactions in your posts. These include, for example, likes, comments and shares. If you want to know which post has received the most interactions, you can sort the posts here in sequence.
  • Total number of subscribers: Here it gets exciting! Where are your followers from, how old are they and when are they particularly active? You can see this in this area if you have at least 100 subscribers.
  • Shared Content: There is a lot to discover here. On the one hand, you can admire all your posts for a period of time within the last 90 days. On the other hand, you can click on a specific content type and then see all posts (from the last 2 years) at a glance. You can now filter this overview by media type, reach, interactions and other criteria. Maybe you can already see which content is doing particularly well?

You should check out these social media analysis tools!

The Instagram Insights definitely already give you a great and above all quick overview of what works well with your followers and how they tick. But the tool universe offers so many more possibilities, which we don't want to withhold from you!

On OMR Reviews you will find Social Media Software & Tools with ratings and experience reports from real users. We want to give you a small overview of which tools are particularly suitable for analyzing your Instagram followers and performance.


The Social Media Suite Emplifi covers various functions and features. From Social Media Management to Influencer Marketing to Content Strategy, the tool helps you be successful on your channels with the help of AI-driven marketing. One feature that can benefit you particularly in Instagram follower analysis is Measurement and Reporting. Here you get an overview and AI learnings of your performance in a dashboard for example. The Insights also give you content trends as well as analyses of individual postings and comments. Your ads can also be measured and compared in Emplifi. The costs for the essential functions of the tool start at 170 Euros per month for 10 accounts. The access to the entire Emplifi platform can be tested in a demo version.


Facelift also has versatile functions and fields of application. In addition to the possibility of planning content in advance and providing customer service, the tool offers comprehensive insights with Facelift Analytics. At one central location, you can track not only Instagram but also other networks. You can design the dashboard individually after your preferences. The benchmarking function allows you to compare your own activities with those of your competitors and gain important insights for your strategies. Third-party tools can also be integrated into Facelift to, for example, allow you to track website visitors.

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is primarily a social media analysis tool. Whether your own profiles or those of competitors – you can analyze an unlimited number with more than 250 key figures. In addition, you get content and daily analyses as well as detailed content analyses by keywords. The dashboards are individually adaptable and freely combinable. You can also export all data as PowerPoint, Excel or CSV files. Alerts also provide an overview of trends or upcoming shitstorms as well as postings by competitors. Additional functions of Fanpage Karma include community management, a social publishing function as well as trend and influencer rankings. The tool can both be used free of charge (only Facebook), and in one of the paid packages Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum, which start at 49 Euros per month.


With the social media management tool from AgoraPulse you can keep an eye on all your activities, plan postings with a few clicks, manage your inbox, create reports and carry out monitoring. The reporting function in particular enables you to improve your social media strategy. This is achieved by analyzing which content works particularly well at what time and which trends and team performances exist. You also get recommendations for your next content steps based on behavior data. Agora Pulse is available in a free tariff as well as in three paid tariffs, which start at 79 Euros per month.

More tools on OMR Reviews!

Besides Instagram Insights and the tools we just introduced to you, there are of course many more tools that can assist you in Instagram follower analysis. So that you don't lose track of all the tools, you can find all Tools and software from the Social Media category. on OMR Reviews. There you will also receive ratings and experience reports from real users!

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