The new briefing is all about the best and most popular digital analytics tools.

Katharina Iken 1/14/2022

We present to you the best and most popular digital analytics tools and provide you with a decision-making aid so that you can find the most suitable software for you.

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  1. These Digital Analytics tools we have examined for this
  2. In addition, there is the OMR Reviews Grid, a decision tree and expert interviews for you

Without data and its analysis, modern digital marketing is unthinkable. As marketers, we want to use our budget as effectively as possible, optimize our performance marketing and naturally reach our target group as best as possible. After all, we all try to convert our users with the right communication at the right time into profitable customers. But easier said than done. It is certain that we need data on how users interact with our brand, marketing measures and digital products. Where do they come from, how do they behave? From this, it can then be deduced what is particularly well-received – and what is not.

Digital Analytics is a now quite broad, sometimes unclear field, that should provide the answers to these and other questions. Despite complex legal or technical conditions, Digital Analytics lays the foundation for data-driven marketing. What usually starts with campaign and conversion tracking can, however, do so much more. With our Digital Analytics Briefing, we want to shed some light into the darkness so that you can find your way around the Digital Analytics environment and your marketing can benefit from it.

In the tool jungle, there is no clear delineation and tools overlap significantly with their features. Hardly any other briefing can be classified so difficultly. We dared it nevertheless and give you with this briefing an overview, in which the different Digital Analytics tools differ and which tool is best suited for your requirements.

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These Digital Analytics tools we have examined for this

In addition, there is the OMR Reviews Grid, a decision tree and expert interviews for you

In addition to the known OMR Reviews-Grid and the awarding of the Leader Badge (Who is leading in this category, you will find out exclusively in the briefing) we have developed further exciting content for you together with Analytics expert Christian Lubasch. Among other things, there is also a decision tree and two expert interviews.

The graphic in full sharpness can be found in the free briefing.

So if you are currently searching for a suitable Digital Analytics tool or simply want to get a good overview of the tool landscape again, the briefing is just right for you. Of course as always free. Here is the download - Enjoy the tool research.

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