The 7 Best Digital Marketing Tools

Carmen Cichon 1/12/2024

We show you what makes up digital marketing and which tools are the best for it.

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Table of contents
  1. What is Digital Marketing?
  2. What is the difference between Digital and Online Marketing?
  3. These are the top 7 digital marketing tools on OMR Reviews
  4. 1. Seobility for SEO
  5. 2. Neuroflash for Content Marketing
  6. 3. for Social Media
  7. 4. Adspert for Amazon PPC
  8. 5. ADCELL for Affiliate Marketing
  9. 6. Brevo for Marketing Automation
  10. 7. rapidmail for Email Marketing

Successful marketing is no longer defined solely by billboard advertising or funny TV commercials. In the fast-paced digital world, it's now about building your own brand online and maintaining constant contact with customers.

How you can achieve this in Digital Marketing, we'll show you in this article. We also address the difference to online marketing, as both terms are often used synonymously. Useful tools are a must for successful digital marketing! That's why we're also providing you here with an overview of the best tools to get you off to a flying start. The more you embrace the possibilities of digital marketing, the more you can tap into the growth potential of your business.

What is Digital Marketing?

With digital marketing, you promote your brands exclusively in the online world and connect with your customers through digital channels. These include not only email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.

In addition to building brand awareness, lead generation , conversion, customer loyalty, and upselling, digital marketing also aims to increase engagement between the target group and the brand. Since it is based on data sets and pursues the optimization of communication strategies based on the analysis of customer data, digital marketing is also referred to as data-driven marketing.

What is the difference between Digital and Online Marketing?

Both online marketing and digital marketing support you through digital tools and are decisive factors that significantly influence the performance of your company. Even though both terms are often used synonymously, there are a few differences that we would like to explain to you.

Strictly speaking, online marketing is subordinated to digital marketing and is thus understood as a sub-discipline. While digital marketing refers to any type of marketing that takes place on a digital platform, online marketing is about content that is provided via the internet.

The term digital marketing encompasses many different channels, such as TV advertising, digital billboards and SEO, SEA, affiliate, social media, and email marketing. Online marketing, on the other hand, deals more specifically with the areas of SEO, SEA, social media, and email marketing.

These are the top 7 digital marketing tools on OMR Reviews

Based on user reviews on our OMR Reviews platform, we have compiled the 7 best tools for you in the categories of SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Email Marketing:

Caution: This ranking is based on the status as of 12.01.2024.


1. Seobility for SEO

seobility is a cloud-based SEO software that allows you to analyze, optimize and monitor your website. The tool offers functions such as crawling and on-page analysis of your entire website, insights into Google rankings including competitive comparison, a backlink analysis and link-building tools, and continuous monitoring and reporting. With Seobility, you're well-equipped for Search Engine Optimization.

Seobility Functions

  • Onpage Optimization
    • Analysis and evaluation of your entire website including linked pages
    • Determination of errors and problems as well as duplicate content
    • Continuous crawling for continuous optimizations
    • Monitoring function with direct e-mail notifications if serious errors or server problems occur
  • Rank Tracking
    • Dashboard for quick overview of your keyword rankings
    • Onpage-crawling data are included in the keyword analysis
    • Check local search results for local businesses and shops
    • Conduct competitive analysis and comparisons
    • E-mail reporting and PDF exports
    • etc.
  • Backlink Analysis
    • Dashboard for monitoring of backlinks
    • Explore backlinks using link building tools
    • Analyze competitors' backlinks
    • etc.

Seobility Prices

Besides a free version (up to 1,000 crawled pages/project), the premium package can be used for 49.90 euros per month and the agency package for 179.90 euros per month. You can also find more information about the prices of seobility on OMR Reviews.

Seobility Alternatives

If you are looking for a Seobility alternative, just visit OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for an SEO tool with the help of relevant and verified reviews.


2. Neuroflash for Content Marketing

neuroflash is an AI-supported software for automatic text and image generation for marketing teams, freelancers, copywriters, authors, and other AI-interested people. With a focus on idea finding, variability, and optimization of texts, neuroflash complements the human being behind the computer and puts this person at the center.

Neuroflash Functions

  • ChatFlash: For creating long texts and personalization of content.
  • ContentFlash: This function offers over 100 text types that can write texts in a few seconds in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Polish.
  • ImageFlash: For creating AI-generated images.

Neuroflash Costs

The tool offers a free version for smaller projects, the standard model with more options costs 30.00 € monthly and the Pro model is available from 80.00 € monthly. With the code OMRfriends you can also get a 20 % discount on a plan of your choice.

More information about the prices of Neuroflash and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

Neuroflash Alternatives

If you are looking for a Neuroflash alternative, just visit OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for a Content Marketing tool with the help of relevant and verified reviews.


3. for Social Media is a social media management tool for managing different channels. The tool is suitable for everyone who wants to simplify their social media management and manage all channels in one place. The software offers social media management solutions for different industries, target groups, and use cases. Functions

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Planning with Editorial Calendar
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Monitoring and Listening
  • Customer Service
  • Audience CRM
  • AI Assistant Costs

The functions of can be used from 35 euros per month. If larger teams want to use the tool with more features, there is a more extensive version that can be used from 70 euros per month.

More information about the prices of and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews. Alternatives

If you are looking for a Alternative, just visit OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for a Social Media tool with the help of relevant and verified reviews.


4. Adspert for Amazon PPC


Adspert helps e-commerce companies maximize profits on Amazon, eBay, Google, and Bing through PPC optimization. Adspert's AI automatically analyzes data and their correlation to place optimal bids. In addition, online advertising campaigns for e-commerce platforms can be automated using proprietary mathematical-statistical software. This allows Adspert customers to appear with their ads to the right target group on different platforms.

Adspert Functions and Features


  • Performance & Reliability
  • Customization
  • Enterprise Scalability
  • Custom Reports
  • User & Rights Management
  • Notifications

Campaign Management

  • Campaign Dashboard
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Bulk Editing
  • Budget Planning

Channel Function

  • Display Functionality

Campaign Management & Optimization

  • Optimization of paid keywords
  • Portfolio Bid Optimization
  • Budget implementation and monitoring

Analytics & Administration

  • Reporting
  • Attribution

Adspert Costs

Adspert offers a 30-day free trial. A lite version is available for 99.00 euros per month. If you want to use Adspert more extensively, you can get in direct contact with the provider.

More info about the prices of Adspert and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

Adspert Alternatives

If you are looking for an Adspert Alternative, just visit OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for an Amazon PPC Tool with the help of relevant and verified reviews.


5. ADCELL for Affiliate Marketing

ADCELL is based in the German SME sector and describes itself as the “market-leading affiliate marketing network in this segment”. The owner-managed company offers a.a. secure tracking, personal contacts (already before program start), an intuitive user interface, and a clear handling. ADCELL pays purely performance-oriented, without set-up costs or monthly fees.

ADCELL Functions

  • Optimization of partner programs: Advertisers and agencies can use ADCELL to optimize their partner programs with simple means. The program management displays suitable possibilities to increase your turnover.
  • 3rd Party Tracking: With ADCELL's 3rd party tracking you can work as a publisher with your own tracking pixel and thus use all necessary data in real-time in your own system.
  • Mobile management via ADCELL app: In addition to the statistics via your own account, the ADCELL app offers the involved publishers, advertisers and agencies a tool so that you can keep an eye on your account on the go and get an easy entry into affiliate marketing.
  • Publisher Arena: With the help of a large selection of search filters you can find suitable publishers in the ADCELL publisher arena. You can filter by the partner status or the rank in the network, for example. For an optimal partnership you can also filter by partner program categories, these show you successful publishers in corresponding categories.


ADCELL offers individual accounts for publishers and advertisers as well as an agency account for extended management. These accounts are free of charge. As an advertiser, convenient “starter packages” can be booked for the start, which support the start (creation of advertising banners, banner hosting etc.).

More info about the prices of ADCELL and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

ADCELL Alternatives

If you are looking for an Adcell Alternative, just visit OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for an affiliate tool with the help of relevant and verified reviews.


6. Brevo for Marketing Automation

Brevo is an All-On-Marketing-Solution, which has emerged from a marketing agency and is aimed at small and medium sized businesses. Email marketing is one of Brevo's features. With the tool, you can write, design, personalize and intelligently send email and newsletter marketing campaigns. Brevo offers integrations to Shopware, Prestashop, Shopify, Wordpress, Adobe Commerce Cloud, WooCommerce, Zoho, Stripe, and pipedrive.

Brevo Functions

  • Creating and designing newsletters: With Brevo you can implement professional emails and newsletters. To do this, you have access to lots of pre-made templates which you can design and customize as you please with the drag-and-drop editor. Alternatively, you can also implement and use your own designs in the company's branding. Continuous crawling of the web page allows for continuous optimizations.
  • Personalizing the content of your newsletter: With the Email Marketing Tool Brevo you can easily personalize the content of your newsletters. This way, you can dynamically add texts from your database such as the names of the contacts in the address of each email.
  • Automation workflows with lead scoring: Brevo not only focuses on customer retention. You can track your customers' purchasing process using lead scoring and implement it fully automatically and tailored to your needs.
  • Smart sending of emails and newsletters: With the newsletter software you can also perform A/B tests to find the best version of your newsletter and send it. Brevo also helps you to find the best sending time of your newsletter: The software offers a tool for intelligent shipping optimization, with which you can ensure that the emails reach the subscribers at the right time.

Brevo Prices

Use Brevo for free

If you are taking the first steps in email or newsletter marketing or want to test the newsletter tool, the free version of Brevo might be the right choice for you. Here you can already add and manage an unlimited number of contacts and send up to 300 emails per day.

Paid versions of Brevo

The supplier Brevo also offers paid versions of the email marketing software, which have fewer or no limitations and have more features. The costs of the Lite version of Brevo start from 19 euros per month for up to 10,000 emails. In addition, you have no daily shipping limits with Lite, receive email support and can add the Lite+ option to book additional options such as A/B tests and advanced statistics, and remove the Brevo logo. The package can be upgraded to up to 100,000 emails per month for 69 euros per month.

The Premium version adds additional marketing features such as marketing automations, Facebook ads, landing pages, multi-user management, and phone support. The monthly costs of Brevo's Premium version start at 49 euros with up to 20,000 emails sent per month and can be upgraded to one million emails per month for 499 euros.

More info about the prices of Brevo and user reviews about prices can be found on OMR Reviews.

Brevo Alternatives

On OMR Reviews you can find an overview of Brevo Alternatives and make a suitable choice for a Marketing Automation tool based on verified reviews and experience reports.


7. rapidmail for Email Marketing

The newsletter tool rapidmail is due to its easy usability especially suitable for beginners. In a drag-and-drop editor you have access to over 250 free newsletter templates for personalization and 800,000 images, which you can use for decoration. You can also design and adapt the registration forms for your newsletter in the editor in a very individual way. In addition, rapidmail offers the possibility to conduct representation tests on different devices as well as deliverability tests. The tool can be connected to all important shop systems.

rapidmail Functions

  • Designing Newsletter: With the help of the intuitive drag-&-drop editor and over 250 design templates as well as over 880,000 free images, you can create responsive and personalised DSGVO-conform newsletters with just a few clicks. With the 1-click product take-over, you can incorporate your own products in your newsletter. Of course, you can also upload HTML codes to use your own designs. With presentation tests you can ensure before sending that your newsletter is optimally displayed on all end devices.
  • Sending Newsletter: Through whitelisting, rapidmail ensures that your newsletters are delivered without spam check to many large providers. The tool also supports follow-up mailings, if the recipients have not opened your newsletter at the first attempt. With the help of marketing-automation you can send automated emails like welcome mailings, birthday greetings or customer reactivations or simply set at what time your emails should be sent. With the help of bounce management, you can also save manual work and analyze the weaknesses in sending your newsletter with the help of spam scoring.
  • Managing Recipients: Through the practical file import and export, you can easily upload or download your recipient lists from CSV or Excel files. Rapidmail also offers legally compliant registration forms, shop and CRM connections and a GDPR-compliant management of recipients. With recipient segmentation you can easily form segments and individually address different target groups.
  • Evaluate Newsletter: With the clear dashboard of rapidmail, you always have the most important key figures like openings, clicks, unsubscriptions and bounces at hand. With real-time tracking, you can monitor the newsletter in real-time immediately after sending.

rapidmail Prices

Using rapidmail for free

The first dispatch to up to 2000 recipients with rapidmail is free. You can also send emails to up to 10 recipients for free with the rapidmail non-binding plan.

rapidmail Paid Versions

rapidmail is available in three different price packages, namely non-binding, flat rate and email subscription. If you only occasionally send newsletters and don't want to make a monthly commitment, the non-binding package is just right for you. This starts from €16 for the one-time dispatch of 250 emails.

If you often send to the same recipients, the flat rate package is suitable for you. This costs from €9 per month for up to 250 recipients and an unlimited number of mailings. If you send a lot of emails to different recipients, you should opt for the email subscription. For this, €46.55 per month for the dispatch of up to 2,500 emails to an unlimited number of recipients.

More info about the prices of rapidmail and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

rapidmail Alternatives

On OMR Reviews you will find an overview of rapidmail alternatives and can choose the right newsletter tool for you with the help of verified ratings and testimonials.

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