Website Builders for Small Businesses: It's Never Been Easier

We show you how to create your website using a modular software.

Table of contents
  1. Why is it important for a small business to have a website?
  2. What are the advantages of having your own business website
  3. What are the advantages of website builders for small businesses?
  4. How do I choose the right website builder for my small business?
  5. The 7 best website builders for small businesses 
  6. WordPress as a website builder for small businesses
  7. Squarespace as a website builder for small business owners
  8. GoDaddy as a website builder for self-employed
  9. Strato as a website builder for small businesses

You have founded a business that the world has long been waiting for? Now you are wondering whether you should bring your goods to market via Instagram or rather via your own website?

At first glance, one might well assume that a website of your own is not necessary to virtually tout your offer. That's why I'm giving you essential inputs for this consideration. Furthermore, I list the advantages of a website for small businesses and those that would like to grow larger.

Furthermore, I present to you seven website builders that are especially suitable for small businesses and small trades. This will help you quickly overcome the programming hurdle and set up your online business in no time. This way, you can save costs for external service providers or programmers and invest in other resources.

Why is it important for a small business to have a website?

How do you feel when you are looking for a product or a service provider? You use Google, Bing or another search engine to search for specific socks, the best Veggie-Dog-Bude or a Sugaring-Studio. It's logical that you can't find information or goods that are not offered on the net. And that's exactly what applies to your offer.

Whether you run a hair salon or produce barking doormats, if potential customers can't find you on the Internet, another service business will benefit - one with an online presence. A website is thus your showcase. Your sales area that you should use for your small business.

Recommended Website- & Homepage-Builders

You can find recommended website & homepage builders on our software comparison platform OMR Reviews. There we have listed over 70 website & homepage builders that you can use to create your website or homepage. So take a look and compare the software with the help of authentic and verified user reviews:

What are the advantages of having your own business website

Vorteile einer Website für Kleinunternehmen

Advantages of a website for small businesses

  • 24/7 and location independent

Your own website is flexible and accessible outside regular opening hours and presents your goods around the clock. Your customers can therefore look around and inform themselves on your website regardless of time and place.

  • Acquiring customers

A well-structured corporate website is an important foundation in the acquisition of new customers. When designing it, pay particular attention to what is important to your target group in order to serve them optimally. If you want to know more about this, we recommend the following articles:

  • Stand out professionally from the market

A modern website for your small business automatically gives you a head start in terms of professionalism and credibility. Wix and Jimdo software will help you with this. There are also many big players in the
market against which you can better compete with a professional website and at the same time showcase your expertise. 

  • Digital showroom

Do you have a lot of interesting information about your products and services? Online you can definitely accommodate these - even on minimalist and small websites. Be it in a blog, in video tutorials or on a FAQ page. The possibilities are endless.

  • Online sales and E-commerce

Shopping is not only searched on the web, but also bought, which is why a website with shop connection is an important sales channel. It is also no secret that e-commerce turnover is still on the rise - a train you should jump on.

  • Service please!

Before your customers buy from you, a few questions may arise. Via your website you can offer several contact options and convince your customers in terms of service at the same time. Important contact options - in addition to indicating your phone number and email address are:

  1. Sales chat
  2. Contact form
  3. Online support
  • Analyze and position

Using simple tracking and analysis tools, you know exactly how many customers are in which areas of your website. This and more information can easily be used to position your goods and offers accordingly and further develop your initially perhaps small internet page.

  • Cleverly calculated

It costs virtually nothing to invite interested parties via the search engine to your website. Even placing Google Ads (paid ads on Google) is a cheap way to advertise your website and your small business. You attract new customers to your website much more successfully than with traditional advertising methods such as poster advertising or print ads.

  • Stay independent

Having your own website for your small business makes you more independent than using social media platforms. Because Instagram, Facebook & Co like to change the rules of the game from one day to the next.

A website is indispensable for every company and contributes significantly to success. Especially with website builders, it is easy and simple for small businesses to create their own corporate website with low cost and little time required. This brings clear benefits to your customers and enables you to stand out noticeably from the competition.

Have you been convinced by the many benefits? Do you want to quickly and inexpensively create your own website to make your newly founded small business bloom? A builder system from Wix and Jimdo is the easiest way to present a great website to your future visitors.

What are the advantages of website builders for small businesses?

  • Website builders are an easy and comfortable form of content management systems. Users without programming skills or web design experience can thus create their desired website with no complications. This advantage is especially significant for small businesses, young entrepreneurs and small businesses as the available capacities only need to be reserved temporarily for the creation.
  • Many systems guide you through step by step and even support the registration process of the own domain. Hosting, mail server and support are generally included in the offer.
  • The systems themselves are available through a browser-based interface, saving you time-consuming pre-installations. By using free packages, you can also try things out in advance to find the right building block system. Modern systems also provide a variety of templates - creating a professional home base for your goods and services in no time.
  • The main effort in creating the website is done through an editor. Here, you can usually select elements (for example, text, image, forms, buttons) and place them via drag & drop in the desired location. Then the fine-tuning as well as the filling and completing with your contents takes place. And even for this, you often find text templates and image material.
  • A particular advantage is that website builders also offer the integration of online shops, or at a later point in time enable this and other features. Additional utilities and additional functions (usually in the form of plugins and add-ons) make it possible to further individualize your website according to your preferences. Tasks such as search engine optimization and visitor analysis can be covered with the construction kit as well as legal basics (data protection, terms and conditions, imprint obligation, etc.).
  • An important issue is also the optimized design for all devices. Responsive design is usually included with a builder software without any additional effort. This means, no matter whether your customers reach you via desktop, mobile or tablet, they automatically receive an optimized view of the website.
Website für Kleinunternehmen mit einem Baukastensystem

Website for small businesses with a building block system

How do I choose the right website builder for my small business?

There is no uniform solution for this, as every company has different priorities. However, here are some fundamental considerations to help you find the right website builder for your small business.

  • What budget do you have available?

Clearly, your small business does not (or not yet) have the financial resources of a large corporation. Therefore, a strict calculation is absolutely necessary. The pricing plans of the individual kit providers can therefore be a decisive criterion. However, do not make savings at the wrong end, as this can impact on poor performance, fewer customers and ultimately less cash.

  • What is the purpose of your website?

This is primarily about your services and products, as depending on the nature of your product one provider might be more appropriate than another to create your website.

To give you two examples:

  1. You are a photographer and want to present your portfolio online? In this case, some building block systems may be too complex and you can narrow down the choice of providers in advance.
  2. You want to integrate your own web shop from the start? Then definitely pay attention to whether your provider allows the integration of an external shop system or better yet, offers an own shop package.
  • Is there a trial version or freeware?

Most website builders either offer a free trial version or even a completely free version. Make use of these and test the handling. Even though you probably won't be able to avoid a fee-based variant, you can still try the look & feel in zero tariff. During the testing process, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the functions sufficient?
  • How flexible is the design?
  • Is the system easy to use?
  • How long does it take for you to create a sample page?
  • What works perfectly and where is there still room for improvement?
  • Is there a support?

Does your website builder offer a complete package also in terms of support and customer service? What if you don't know how to proceed with the creation or later encounter a smaller or larger problem? Clarify in advance what kind of support (and in what language) you will receive with the construction kit and whether it is sufficient for your current and future requirements.

  • Find the all-rounder

No matter what kind of trade you run. No matter what your website should be able to do. Other than your personal resources in terms of time and budget, you should not accept any limitations when depicting your virtual appearance - that should be your guiding principle when looking for a suitable provider.

The 7 best website builders for small businesses 

To make it even easier for you, we present the best homepage builders and give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the respective systems.

For more tools and user experiences, visit OMR Reviews in the categories Website Builder and Content Management Systems. If you need more input before making your decision, then be sure to visit.

Wix as a website builder for small businesses

is popular with clients because of its simplicity. As of 2019, Wix had about 150 million users worldwide and offers simple but professional solutions in the areas of website, hosting and online store. The visual editor creates your small business website quickly and easily via drag & drop function.

There are over 500 templates available, which can be changed and personalized to your taste. The build system covers hundreds of industries with its offering and is therefore considered an ideal provider for the design of websites for small businesses. Currently, Wix stands out especially because of its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). With a few questions and inputs, the system creates a beautiful website in no time.

Wix als Website-Baukasten-System für Kleinunternehmen

Wix as a website builder system for small businesses

⁠Source: Wix Support

Wix advantages:

  • Huge selection of design templates for almost every trade
  • Always at the top in terms of innovations and new developments
  • Intuitive solution and very user-friendly website editor
  • Very good support included from the cheapest package
  • Cost-effective solution and therefore ideal for small business owners
  • Easily adaptable and extendable with plugins

Wix disadvantages:

  • Design templates are easy to fill, but the templates themselves are hard to change
  • No support via live chat
  • Online shop on a small scale and therefore not comparable to real e-commerce superstars, like Shopify
  • Lots of Wix advertising in the free version

Wix prices:

  • Free version available
  • Fee-based packages from 4.50 €/month
  • Package optimized for entrepreneurs and freelancers: 14.50 €/month

More information about the prices of Wix can be found on OMR Reviews.

Weebly as a website builder for small business owners

Another excellent builder, with which already 50 million websites have been created and that is well received in website projects for small businesses, is . The reason for this are stylish and customizable design templates, which accelerate the entry. Equally, finished landing pages and portfolio sites, as well as the direct setup of an online shop support a fast live mode.

The switching of themes and the coding via HTML and CSS are possible with Weebly. Also advantageous is the help center, which among other things offers support in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). This way, nothing stands in the way of your small business website.

Weebly als Website-Baukasten-System für Kleinunternehmen

Weebly as a website builder system for small businesses

⁠Source: Weebly Mobile Editor - A new era of viewing (

Weebly advantages:

  • Optimal for small businesses, startups, online shops and freelancers
  • Easy and intuitive to use via WYSIWYG editor
  • Easy switch between the ⁠themes
  • Responsive designs and trendy style templates
  • SEO tips and support

Weebly disadvantages:

  • For absolute individual customization options you will not be able to avoid HTML and CSS editing
  • Few design templates in comparison to other providers
  • Basic functions for creating blog posts are missing
  • Mistakes and legal stumbling blocks also in the newsletter function (at least for the German-speaking area)
  • No German-speaking support

Weebly prices:

  • Free version available
  • Fee-based packages from 5 €/month
  • Pro versions from € 10/month

More information about the prices of Weebly can be found on OMR Reviews.

Jimdo as a website builder for self-employed

In the German-speaking world, is one of the most popular website builders ever. The editor works quickly and clearly, again here via Drag-and-Drop and will convince especially inexperienced tinkerers at small websites. Even a shop function can be integrated quickly without additional plugins.

A good thing for small businesses is especially the Jimdo Logo Creator, which creates a free logo in a few steps. All in all, the page builder offers everything needed to quickly create an attractive site. However, if you are already a design professional, you will probably soon come across certain functional limitations.

Jimdo als Website-Baukasten-System für Kleinunternehmen

Jimdo – The website builder for self-employed

⁠Source: Create a website with Jimdo - My critical verdict on the homepage & shop (

Jimdo advantages:

  • Fast and very easy handling
  • Trendy designs and image database with royalty-free photos
  • Very good support and quick tour for beginners
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Jimdo disadvantages:

Complex, hard to find package pricing

  • Limited number of sites for smaller packages
  • Limited layout and design options
  • No external app store for plugins and additional features
  • Jimdo prices:

Free version available

  • Package prices from 9 €/month
  • Specifically for self-employed and small businesses: GROW package 15 € / month
  • Free logo creator
  • More information on

Jimdo prices can be found on OMR Reviews.

WordPress as a website builder for small businesses

The original, when it comes to the design of websites, is still at the forefront. In 2021, was in use for 65% of all websites and blogs, distributed across the globe. For your small business website, however, you first need to decide whether you want to use or Here are the is a guided construction kit system that offers both a free and fee-based tariffs. manages the entire hosting for you and offers a selection of functional and design possibilities as well as access to plugins, depending on the package. The system behind the building tool is unsurprisingly a software called: as a website builder system for small businesses als Website-Baukasten-System für Kleinunternehmen

⁠Source: - The homepage construction kit in the test - Website Tutor (

At, you can download and install the open source software WordPress free of charge in order to operate it with a web server. You then have full flexibility which no other content management system in this segment currently matches.Installation, hosting, and maintenance are in your hands, but there are no limits. You have full access to everything the system has to offer: themes, plugins, blogging, online shop, SEO options, forums, tutorials... You just pick what you need and can choose from free as well as paid offers. as website builder system for small businesses als Website-Baukasten-System für Kleinunternehmen

Source: Blog tool, publishing platform and CMS | German

Whether or - For your corporate website, both options are a good choice, although they have different strengths. For, a free package is available and if you already own a domain, you can also try out for free. (construction kit) advantages:

Easy installation and setup

  • Get started in a few clicks
  • Automated maintenance and security
  • Support via email and live chat
  • Suitable for smaller websites and companies
  • (construction kit) disadvantages:

Limited flexibility and control

  • Expensive package prices and additional options
  • Less user-friendly compared to other construction kit systems
  • (construction kit) prices:

Free version available

  • Package prices from € 15/month
  • (open-source software) advantages:

Full flexibility and no restrictions in all areas

  • Use of all plugins (partly chargeable)
  • Full control over online shop or blogs
  • Extensive SEO options (partly chargeable)
  • On average cheaper than construction kit solutions
  • (open-source software) disadvantages:

More complex installation and maintenance

  • Very complex for beginners
  • Maintenance and security are your responsibility
  • Varied costs and no all-round packages“
  • (open-source software) prices:

Varied costs depending on use

  • More information about the

Prices of WordPress can be found on OMR Reviews.

Squarespace as a website builder for small business owners

The website and e-commerce builder principally outdoes others by offering outstanding design and templates, which make for a brilliant staging of your service. That is why

is particularly suitable for bloggers, artists, and photographers. Newsletter, social media posts, appointments, products and much more can be managed intuitively with Squarespace and ideally integrated into the website. Everything works via Drag-and-Drop and completely without programming knowledge.Unlike most construction kit systems, however, Squarespace does not offer a free version. But you can try it out for free to find out if the provider makes your trade website buildable according to your needs.

Squarespace as a website provider for small businesses

Squarespace als Website-Anbieter für Kleinunternehmen

Source: Make style changes – Squarespace Help Center

Squarespace advantages:

Large template selection with appealing designs

  • Responsive design for smartphones and tablets
  • Extensive customization options
  • Newsletter tool included or can be integrated via external providers
  • Well thought-out blogging and shopping functions
  • Additional features in the Squarespace Extensions marketplace
  • Squarespace disadvantages:

Usability in some areas still not fully developed (e.g. a constant saving dialog interferes with the workflow)

  • Navigating and limited scope for deep-lying pages - therefore less suitable for larger sites
  • No free package available.
  • No backup solution and version control
  • Squarespace websites deliver slower load times on average
  • Squarespace prices:

14-day trial subscription available.

  • Package prices from 11 €/month (when paid annually)
  • Business package from 17 €/month (when paid annually)
  • More information about the

prices of Squarespace can be found on OMR Reviews.

GoDaddy as a website builder for self-employed

GoDaddy is mainly known for its business with domains and web hosting. But it is also suitable for personal and small company web pages or small trade websites. For this, hundreds of industry-specific templates are provided, which create a modern and professional website without technical knowledge. As with most building tools, you can also add and remove various elements easily with an editor here.

Integrated tools for SEO, networks and email marketing, as well as a fully equipped shop system are also ready. Even free company websites for small businesses are possible, but with significant cuts in performance and flexibility.

GoDaddy as a website provider for small businessmen:

GoDaddy als Website-Anbieter für Kleinunternehmer:innen

⁠Source: GoDaddy - Drag-n-drop website builder - the CMS archive (

GoDaddy advantages:

User-friendly operation

  • Integrated marketing package for
  • social media content, email marketing and moreUseful business functions (appointment scheduling, pop-up messages, live chat)
  • Comprehensive shop construction and integration of external marketplaces like eBay or Amazon
  • Responsive layouts for mobile use
  • GoDaddy disadvantages:

No app store available

  • The business around domain and hosting is still very much in focus
  • Complex package pricing and package performance not easy to decipher
  • Shop system only available in the most expensive tariff
  • GoDaddy prices:

Free version available

  • Package prices starting from 10 €/month
  • More information about the

prices of GoDaddy can be found on OMR Reviews.

Strato as a website builder for small businesses

Strato has been in business for more than twenty years and offers a comprehensive foundation for a successful online presence. Which makes this software a good choice to create a website for small businesses. Next to website hosting, it offers you an all around package in terms of: website, mail, server, cloud storage and online marketing. The software company based in Berlin also offers support for users on weekends. Websites for small businesses or new, still smaller companies can be easily and quickly realized with this platform. Professionals and advanced users with higher demands will quickly reach the limits of what is possible with Strato. For example, no professional shop module is offered and the blogging function is also missing.

Strato as a website builder system for small businesses

Strato als Website-Baukasten-System für Kleinunternehmen

Quelle: How do I link Facebook with my own homepage? (

Strato advantages:

Easy operation and interactive help

  • Practical industry layouts
  • Excellent search engine optimization (SEO) for plus and pro customers
  • Good support and quick tour for beginners
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Strato disadvantages:

Complicated registration process, which also only works with bank details and mobile number

  • Basic functions (e.g. blogging) are missing
  • The online shop is not yet mature
  • Little individualizability and flexibility due to rigid elements
  • Complex package prices and package services
  • Strato prices:

Free packages for the first month

  • Package prices from 1 €/month in the first year, afterwards 10 €/month
  • More information about the

prices of STRATO Homepage Builder can be found on OMR Reviews.

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