These Are the 7 Best Online Payment Providers in Comparison

With these online payment providers, you create simple and comfortable shopping experiences for your customers.

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  1. What is a payment provider?
  2. Why is a payment provider important for online retailers*in?
  3. What are the benefits of payment providers?
  4. What should you look for when choosing a payment provider?
  5. These are the top 7 payment providers on OMR Reviews
  6. 1. Adyen
  7. 2. Mollie
  8. 3. Stripe Payments
  9. 4. Nexi Checkout
  10. 5. Unzer
  11. 6. Payone
  12. 7.
  13. Other Payment Providers on OMR Reviews

Nowadays, anyone who still has to give their bank details and card numbers when shopping online will probably wonder and cancel the purchase as quickly as possible. After all, we are becoming more and more sensitive when it comes to dealing with personal data and are very reluctant to give them out just like that. So that as a dealer*in and online shop operator*in you do not lose your customers and cause fewer shopping cart abandonments, you should definitely offer your customers alternative payment options! We show you the best payment service providers and how you can create an easy and convenient shopping experience for your customers.

What is a payment provider?

Payment providers, payment service providers or Payment-Service-Provider allow you to connect online payment methods in online stores. They offer you as an operator*in and dealer*in the possibility to authorize payments and pass on transaction information to banks. The idea is to process a secure payment process for both sides and to give customers the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method themselves.

Why is a payment provider important for online retailers*in?

By integrating payment providers into your online store, you have the opportunity to offer your buyers*in addition to credit card payments or purchase on account further payment options. So your clientele is not limited to a certain method, but can freely choose which one they like best at this moment. This flexibility can therefore also lead to higher sales, as there are fewer purchase cancellations from people who do not want to give all their bank details at once, but prefer to process payment through a trusted payment service provider. Moreover, you can offer your customers the possibility of installment payments and still receive the full amount at the time of purchase.

Many shop systems and webshop tools already have interfaces to payment providers. Thus, the integration into your online shop is child's play and you can offer your customers the perfect service!

What are the benefits of payment providers?

The integration of payment providers into your shops brings the following advantages:

  • Customers can have payments processed safely with a method of their choice.
  • The offering of reputable and well-known payment providers strengthens the branding and reputation of your own shop
  • Lesser workload due to automated processes
  • Payment service providers take on the risk of payment defaults, as they stand in front of the customer*in as a direct contractual partner
  • Goods can be shipped faster, as the payment security is guaranteed
  • Many shop systems already offer integrated interfaces to payment service providers

What should you look for when choosing a payment provider?

If you decide for one or more payment providers in your online shop, you should pay attention to a few things and take them into account when making your selection. The most important criterion is security. This primarily includes sufficient encryption, so that sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands. Many payment providers are already legally obliged to comply with certain guidelines. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the big providers.

In addition, you should deal with the questions of how high the fees for you are and how quickly you ultimately get your money. Possibly you also want to offer the possibility of recurring payments, so-called recurring payments. This can make sense, especially for subscription-based products or services, and should therefore be checked beforehand.

These are the top 7 payment providers on OMR Reviews

These are the seven most popular online payment providers, based on verified reviews and experiences from the OMR community:

Attention: This ranking is based on the status as of December 1, 2023.

What the individual payment service providers can do, we will show you now. More helpful information and user reviews about the different payment providers can be found on OMR Reviews in the Category Payment Software & Tools.

1. Adyen

Adyen is a comprehensive payment processing platform that supports businesses worldwide in processing payments across various channels and a wide range of payment solutions. The company consists of a payment gateway, a risk management system and an acquirer. With the European banking license of Adyen customers can control the entire payment flow. The all-in-one platform enables customers to optimize the individual stages of the payment process and thus drive company growth online, mobile or in the store. Adyen supports more than 250 payment methods worldwide and enables companies to accept payments in over 150 currencies.

Adyen Functions

These are the main functions of Adyen:

  • Multi-Channel Payments: You can process payments on various channels with Adyen, such as online websites, mobile applications, in-store and point-of-sale systems, and other payment or sales points.
  • Fraud Prevention: Adyen offers powerful fraud prevention tools so that you can protect yourself against fraud and automatically detect and block suspicious transactions.
  • Analysis and Reporting: Adyen offers comprehensive analysis and reporting functions so you can track payment information and gain insight into your business development.
  • Tokenization: Adyen offers tokenization services to protect payment information and improve PCI compliance.
  • Point-of-Sale Integration : You can integrate your in-store systems with Adyen to process payments directly at the point of sale.
  • Open Banking:Adyen offers open banking services so you can accept transfers directly from your customers' bank accounts.
  • Currency Conversion: Adyen offers automatic currency conversion for you so that your customers can pay in their preferred currency.

Adyen Costs

For each transaction, Adyen charges a fixed processing fee of € 0.11 as well as a fee depending on the payment method. You can find a detailed overview of the fee depending on the payment method directly on the provider's page. Adyen does not charge any setup fees or monthly fees.

More information about the prices of Adyen and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

Adyen Alternatives

If you are looking for an Adyen alternative just check out OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for a payment provider with the help of relevant and verified reviews.


2. Mollie

Mollie is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) that was founded in the Netherlands in 2004 and today, according to its own information, is one of the leading PSPs in Europe. With around 130,000 customers who process their online payments throughout Europe via the cloud-based Mollie platform, the company has focused on continuously improving digital payment transfer. Mollie integrates all important payment methods in a short time and offers plugins, modules and integrations for common shop systems. The company charges only successful transactions and offers volume-based pricing models.

Mollie Functions

These are the main functions of Mollie:

  • Acceptance of payment methods: With Mollie you can accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and many more.
  • Tool integration: Mollie offers easy integration into popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and more.
  • Subscription Management: You can easily manage subscriptions and recurring payments with Mollie.
  • Fraud Prevention: Mollie offers fraud prevention tools to protect your business from fraudulent transactions.
  • Reports and Analysis: You can also access reports and analysis to better understand your payment data and optimize your business.
  • Improvement of digital payment transfer: Mollie is constantly striving to improve digital payment transfer and continuously integrates all important payment methods.

Mollie Costs

Mollie offers volume-based pricing models where only successful transactions are billed. There are no monthly or annual fees, so you only pay for what you actually use. Prices for a successful transaction start at € 0.25. You can find a detailed overview of the fee depending on the payment method directly on the provider's page.

More information about Mollie's prices and user reviews related to price can be found on OMR Reviews.

Mollie Alternatives

If you are looking for a Mollie alternative just check out OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for a payment provider with the help of relevant and verified reviews.


3. Stripe Payments

The payment provider Stripe Payments offers you the possibility to accept and send payments worldwide via your website or app. The tool is suitable for companies of any size and especially for retailers who are active both online and in the stationary sector. Stripe Payments offers various integration options: Stripe Checkout dynamically adapts to the devices and location of the users*in and provides a locally relevant shopping experience, which helps you to increase the conversion rate. Stripe Elements, on the other hand, are ready-to-use UI components that allow you to design your own payment form on your website. In addition, you can share complete payment pages via link with your customers, create individually customizable invoices and accept payments via app.

Stripe Payments Functions

These are the main functions of Stripe Payments:


  • Customer Interfaces: With Stripe you can choose the suitable integration for you from a number of options. These include, for example, a hosted payment page, embeddable components, an API-based integration, Payment Link or invoicing. Integration of third parties is also possible with predefined e-commerce plugins.
  • Payment Options: As a Stripe Payment user, you can offer your customers various payment options. These include, for example, card payments and bank transfers, but also wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can also accept payments via Klarna or bank redirects.
  • Mobile Devices: You can accept payments from your iOS or Android app as well as your mobile website.


  • Application Scenarios: Possible application scenarios for payment processing are, for example, online payments, omnichannel, recurring payments as well as platform and marketplace payments.
  • Revenue Optimization: Authentication mechanisms help you to maximize your conversions and optimize the user experience. Authorization ensures that transaction delays are prevented. For this purpose, Stripe works with large card networks such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express across regions.
  • Fraud Prevention and Payment Challenges: With Stripe Radar, the Dynamic 3D Secure function and Stripe's challenge handling, you are protected against fraud and can manage contested payments.

Match and Settle

  • Reconciliation: You receive real-time information about debits, transaction fees, refunds and transfers via the API and the dashboard.
  • Payouts: With Stripe you can make consolidated payouts as well as payouts in multiple currencies. Past and upcoming payouts can be managed in payout management.

Manage Payments

  • Reports and Insights: In the Stripe dashboard or in the data from the API, you can display all debits for different payment types, countries and currencies.
  • Business Operations: With the distribution of roles and permissions, you can share access data to your Stripe account with other team members. In addition, you can provide payments or refunds with notes and notes for other team members.
  • Third Party Integrations and Support: Your Stripe account can be expanded and automated with tools. In addition, Stripe's support is available around the clock.

Stripe Payments Costs

Stripe Payment follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model. For European cards, the costs are 1.4% + € 0.25. For payments with non-European cards, Stripe charges a fee of 2.9% + € 0.25.

More information about the Stripe Payments price and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

Stripe Payments Alternatives

If you are looking for a Stripe alternative just check out OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for a payment provider with the help of relevant and verified reviews.


4. Nexi Checkout

Nexi Checkout is specifically designed for online stores and is available as a plugin in various shop systems such as Shopware, Magento, JTL, Shopify, etc. The supported payment methods include Paypal, credit card, direct debit as well as purchase on account and installments. The online payment solution allows you as an online retailer to offer your customers preferred payment methods in their own language and currency (EUR, CHF, GBP, USD, etc.). With the "Remember-Me-Function" your recurring customers can be identified and the checkout can be adapted to the look & feel of your web shop design. In addition, you can always view all transaction data and payment information for accounting, evaluation and planning through the dashboard.

Nexi Checkout Functions

  • Checkout: The checkout is the most important step in your online shop that you can make as easy as possible for your customers with Nexi Checkout.
  • Payment methods: With the wide range of payment solutions, purchase cancellations by customers can be avoided.
  • One-Page Shop: This function allows you to sell products without a website or programming knowledge. Nexi Checkout supports you in terms of webshop, hosting and payments.
  • Buy-now-pay-later: With purchase on account or installment payment, you can increase your revenue, improve your customers' shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Paylink: Within a few seconds you can create a link and forward it automatically to your customers by e-mail, allowing them to pay immediately. With the Paylink, you have the chance to capture spontaneous or one-time purchases immediately.

Nexi Checkout Costs

You can use Nexi Checkout from a base fee of € 0 per month. The tool offers three different tariffs, whereby the pricing is composed individually. Contact the software manufacturer directly for exact price information.

More information about Nexi Checkout prices and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

Nexi Checkout Alternatives

If you are looking for a Nexi Checkout alternative just check out OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for a payment provider with the help of relevant and verified reviews.


5. Unzer

Unzer is a flexible payment partner that supports retailers of any size and industry, whether online or at POS. The modular platform and innovative technology enable merchants to fully develop and grow, from international payment processing to risk management. Unzer acts as an acquirer, technical network operator and provider of its own payment methods such as purchase on account. Unzer's solutions include an individual payment mix, 1-click payments and subscriptions for simplifying recurring payments as well as tools for increasing conversions and onsite sales. 

Unzer Functions

These are the main functions of Unzer:

  • Flexible payment mix: You can choose from various payment methods and thus put together an individual payment mix that fits your company.
  • Simplified recurring payments: With Unzer you can offer 1-click payments and subscriptions to simplify the payment process for your customers.
  • Risk management: Unzer helps you to minimize the risk of payment defaults and protect your business.
  • International payment processing: Unzer enables you international payment processing, so that you can also win customers and receive payments abroad.

Unzer Costs

Various pricing models can be chosen depending on need and scope of services. The exact prices are determined in a personal conversation with a Unzer consultant and adapted to the individual needs of the customers.

More information about Unzer prices and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

Unzer Alternatives

If you are looking for a Unzer alternative just check out OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for a payment provider with the help of relevant and verified reviews.


6. Payone

PAYONE is, according to its own statements, one of the leading payment providers in Europe and sees itself as a partner of trade for payment transactions at POS, online or mobile. The solution ensures that payment in the background works simply, quickly, securely and almost invisibly. The aim is to offer all important e-commerce payment methods from a single source. More than 365,000 customers use the platform and more than 2.5 billion transactions take place in the DACH region every year. 

PAYONE Functions

These are the main functions of PAYONE:

  • Payment processing: As an acquirer, PAYONE takes over the payment processing for merchants and offers a wide range of national and international payment types as well as alternative payment procedures.
  • Fraud prevention: PAYONE offers various fraud prevention solutions to minimize the risk of payment defaults. These include, among others, risk assessments and analyses as well as anti-fraud tools.
  • Checkout optimization: PAYONE supports merchants in optimizing the checkout process to achieve higher conversion rates. This includes, for example, solutions for one-click payments and the integration of payment types into the check-out.
  • Invoice and dunning management: PAYONE offers extensive solutions for invoice and dunning management, including receivables management and collection service.
  • Reporting and Analytics: PAYONE provides merchants with extensive reporting and analytics tools to analyze payment flows and customer behavior and gain insights for your business.


PAYONE is available in four different price packages: Alltime Flex, Payone Classic, All Card Flat and Donner. Prices for Payone Classic start at €18.90 per month. With the Alltime Flex package, you pay a one-time setup fee of €39.90 and then only a percentage fee that is based on the number of cashless payments.

More information about PAYONE prices and user reviews with price reference can be found on OMR Reviews.

PAYONE Alternatives

If you are looking for a PAYONE alternative just check out OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for a payment provider with the help of relevant and verified reviews.


7. is a company that offers cloud-based payment solutions and supports you as a business owner in deriving a higher benefit from your digital payment processes. The company's payment platform has been specifically designed to ensure maximum performance, scalability and speed. It enables companies to use transparent and actionable data and offers a customizable product structure that can be individually adapted to the requirements of merchants. Functions

These are the main functions of

  • Fraud management: You can block fraud directly and approve transactions with the fraud engine.
  • Reporting and data: You can optimize the payment process with detailed data and actionable insights that are accessible from a database.
  • Local payments, global reach: You can let your customers pay with local payment options, digital wallets, bank transfers and more.
  • Easy integration: offers developer-friendly tools for easy integration across e-commerce platforms, hosted payments and more. Costs does not publicly communicate prices. However, you can request the exact price information on the software manufacturer's website. More information about prices and user reviews with reference to price can be found on OMR Reviews. Alternatives

If you are looking for a alternative just check out OMR Reviews. There you can make your decision for a payment provider with the help of relevant and verified reviews.

Other Payment Providers on OMR Reviews

You can find and compare more software and tools for payment providers on OMR Reviews. In total, we have listed over 15 payment providers there, with which you can make payments in your shops. So just come by and compare the softwares with the help of the authentic and verified user reviews.

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