Amazon Campaign Made Easy: With These 5 Simple Steps to Top Sellers on Amazon

In this article, we will show you the 5 steps that you absolutely should follow to set up a successful campaign.

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  1. Definition: What is an Amazon campaign?
  2. What goals should/can your Amazon campaign achieve?
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If you want to launch a successful Amazon campaign, you should follow some important rules. In this article, our guest author David Schmidbauer shows you the 5 steps you absolutely must follow in order to set up a successful campaign. You'll definitely achieve the best possible success with these steps. Important beforehand: In this article we mean by an Amazon campaign "Amazon PPC campaigns", which is a strategic approach to your ads on Amazon, to achieve the best campaign set-up.

If you ask 10 Amazon PPC experts which Amazon campaigns you should choose, which Amazon PPC strategy is the best, you probably get 15 different answers.

From this article you should take away that there is no single true campaign structure and you should look at each product and target group separately. Never use a standard strategy that you blindly overlay on various product categories.

Unterschiedliche Meinungen Amazon-Ads-Expert*innen

Different opinions from Amazon ad experts are normal (Amazon Agency AMZ-Marketing)

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Definition: What is an Amazon campaign?

An Amazon campaign is a targeted advertising action on the Amazon platform, which aims to generate more visibility and sales for a particular product. Various advertising formats such as Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Displays can be used. A successful Amazon campaign requires careful planning and implementation, tailored to the target audience and the product.

So an Amazon campaign is a mix of various types of Amazon campaigns, which together form an Amazon PPC strategy.

It's important to choose the right keywords, create an appealing ad, and use your budget effectively. In addition, campaigns should be regularly monitored and optimized to achieve the best possible result. Overall, an Amazon campaign is an important part of a successful sales strategy on the platform and can help increase visibility and sales.

What goals should/can your Amazon campaign achieve?

To start a successful Amazon campaign, it is important to set clear goals.

The goals of an Amazon campaign can vary greatly, according to the set goal the campaign structure must be built up and optimized in the end.

Possible goals could be to increase the visibility of your products or your brand, to increase the conversion rate, to achieve profitability, or to improve your organic ranking.

If you choose the goal "Profitability", I strongly recommend you to read blog article: “Stop relying on the Amazon ACoS! Why most brands misunderstand the most important Amazon KPI and pay dearly for it.”. Profitability cannot be blindly calculated on Amazon in the Ad Manager, it makes more sense to look at all marketing measures on Amazon holistically and analyze them. (More on this in the article on the well-known Amazon metric “ACoS”)

Step 1: Create a strategy for your Amazon campaign

Now it's about creating a strategy for your Amazon campaign.

It's important that the strategy always aligns with your goal. Also consider who your target audience is and how much budget is available for your Amazon campaign.

To keep it simple, for the following steps we'll assume we're launching an Amazon campaign for a brand that sells orchid fertilizer.

The following information is known to us:

  • We have relatively little budget (€2,000 per month)
  • Our product is well rated
  • Our product is rather "expensive" and high quality, compared to the average of the products on Amazon
  • There are well known and large brands in the orchid fertilizer market (like Dehner and Compo)
  • Our brand is regularly searched for and the product or the brand has already corresponding branding
  • There are orchid fertilizers available as powder and as liquid, we sell the liquid variant
  • Orchid fertilizer is a "consumable". Our target audience therefore needs our product again and again and buys it regularly, not just once.
  • Profitability is the top priority - especially short term profitability from day 1

Step 2: Define the campaign structure

The following campaign structure is recommended in this case:

  • A manual Sponsored Products campaign targeting keywords (We would pay great attention to keyword research to only run relevant keywords)
  • An automatic Sponsored Product campaign with the additional "Low Bid" setting, to avoid unnecessary/unsuitable display
  • A PTA or PAT Defend campaign (Sponsored Products), to defend our own listing
  • A PTA or PAT Attack campaign (Sponsored Products), to attack competitor listings. Here we would pay great attention to the selection of the competitor ASINs, to only be displayed under products where our product is competitive.
  • A Sponsored Brands campaign (formerly Headline Search Ad) on own brand keywords, to defend the brand
  • A Sponsored Brands campaign (formerly Headline Search Ad) on suitable competitor brand keywords, to attack the competition.
  • A Sponsored Display retargeting ad for consumers who have viewed our products but not purchased them
  • A Sponsored Display retargeting ad for consumers who have viewed products from our competitors but not purchased them

Due to the very limited budget and the clear goal of "profitability from day 1" it is not possible for us to run broader or more campaigns.

Auswahl der Kampagnen-Struktur

Selection of Amazon campaign structure (Amazon Seller Central)

Step 3: Keyword research and ASIN research

In order to set up the campaigns optimally, a very concise and suitable keyword research is needed. It should not be the goal to collect massive quantities of keywords, but to research really suitable and relevant keywords. We, at AMZ-Marketing, rely here on a combination of various Amazon PPC Tools, the Search Query Performance report in the Seller Central and some "in-house developments". To keep it simple, I would recommend Helium 10 and AMALYZE for keyword research.

For researching the correct ASINs to attack, the browser extension from Helium10 is recommended. It is important not to blindly take over the ASINs and brands, but to look at the comparability and competitiveness. Just like keyword research, it is worth spending a bit more time here.

Step 4: Create an Amazon ad group and ads

Now it's about creating an Amazon ad group and ads. You should make sure that the ads contain relevant keywords and are tailored to the needs of your target audience. (see step 3)

You can create the ads easiest directly in the Seller Central, in the ad manager.

It is also important to set an appropriate budget and regularly monitor and optimize the performance of your ads. This is the only way to ensure that your Amazon campaign is successful and that you achieve your goals.

Step 5: Optimize and monitor the campaign

Step 5 is about optimizing and monitoring your campaign. This means that you should regularly check your ads to make sure they are effective and achieving your goals. Keep a close eye on your campaign and analyze the results to see which ads work best and which don't.

Adjust your bidding strategy to ensure you're getting the most out of your budget.

Also use negative keywords to ensure that your ads are only shown for relevant search queries. Make sure that your ads are relevant and appealing and that they reach the right target audience.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to optimize and improve your campaign to achieve the best possible results. Tools that can support you in this are: ADFERENCE Helium 10 BidX or E PWR.


In conclusion, it can be noted that there is no one-size-fits-all master plan that delivers the perfect Amazon campaign for any product. Each product and its respective target group is individual and must be viewed separately.

To find an optimal campaign structure, it requires some experience and also the courage to try something new. If you are still relatively inexperienced in creating Amazon campaigns, you should start with a small budget to gain your first experiences. Also try the "exotic" types of campaigns, such as Sponsored Displays and Sponsored Brands, and gain experience.

The most important thing is to know your target audience well and to be able to tailor your campaign to it. Use all available tools to optimally present your products and ensure good keyword optimization. But also the analysis of your campaign is crucial. This is the only way you can identify weaknesses and optimize your campaign further.

David Schmidbauer
David Schmidbauer

 David ist Unternehmer aus Leidenschaft & Digital Marketing Visionär mit Schwerpunkt auf Amazon-Marketing. David ist Gründer der Amazon Marketing Agentur AMZ-Marketing. Seit 2014 vertrauen Marken und Hersteller auf das AMZ-System von AMZ-Marketing und genießen eine vollumfängliche Leistung mit proaktiven strategischen Input für den Marktplatz Amazon. Vernetze dich jetzt mit David auf LinkedIn und verpasse nie wieder wichtige News aus dem Bereich Amazon-Marketing! 

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