The Best and Most Popular Email Marketing Tools in the Briefing UpdateūüĆü

Katharina Iken 3/29/2022

We introduce you to the tool landscape in email marketing and support you in the tool selection


Do you want to successfully carry out email marketing? Then you can't do without using a professional tool. With the help of appropriate email marketing software among other things, you can automate a large part of typical recurring tasks. But which tool is best suited for the respective requirements? What are the differences? What must your tool definitely do? Apart from the big players like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign

and Brevo there are also some smaller providers on the market.

The new briefing from the OMR Reviews team is supposed to help you maintain an overview of the various tools

In the briefing we compare best-of-breed and complete solutions, introduce you to tool clusters and compare the tools in terms of price model, integrations and support options.

In total, 21 email marketing tools have qualified for the briefing. We made sure that the respective tools have already generated enough ratings on our platform OMR Reviews so that the overall rating is meaningful. Of course, only ratings verified by us are included in the briefing. Altogether we count over 500 ratings that are relevant for the briefing.

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In the OMR Reviews grid you can find out which tools are the most popular and best on the market according to OMR Reviews. Here is already a small preview of the grid:

The mostly very good ratings for the respective tools show that there are some good solutions on the market. Two email marketing tools stand out in particular and therefore receive our Leader Badge for Q2/22. You can find out who they are in the briefing.

You can find the complete grid in full sharpness in the OMR Reviews briefing.

You can also look forward to these contents in the email marketing briefing

In addition, there are exciting insights from our experts Janine Hummel from Finc3 and Anja Seidel from netnomics. They will tell you what you should pay attention to when selecting an email marketing tool, how much money and time you need to bring along and which common mistakes they know from their daily work.

Are you hot for the content of the briefing? Then get going. Here you can download the briefing for free.

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