These are the 6 Advantages of a Corporate Blog

We show you why a blog is worth it for your company

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  1. What is a Corporate Blog?
  2. These are the 6 best advantages of a company blog
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Increasingly successful examples of companies that blog regularly show improved search engine rankings. This is just one of many advantages a company blog can offer you. Your page becomes more visible and you underline your expertise in your field. With a company blog you also have the opportunity to attract more prospects and turn them into potential customers in the long term.

In this post, we will delve into the many advantages a company blog can offer you. This illustrates why it is worth engaging users successfully through this medium, in addition to social media channels or email marketing. We will also show you how to implement a blog using Wix's website builder software as an example.

What is a Corporate Blog?

A corporate blog is implemented by the employees of a company. The function is no different to a regular blog, as here too the editors create content and publish it.

However, the objective of a corporate blog is often different: Here the aim is to appeal to a specific target group and enthuse them for the company. A company blog is part of content marketing and helps to increase visibility and traffic.

These are the 6 best advantages of a company blog

We will show you exactly how a corporate blog can support you using the following advantages.

Increase website traffic

If you want your company to become more visible and known online, it makes sense to deal with search engine optimization (SEO). And this is exactly where a corporate blog starts: You create valuable content and articles for potential customers with helpful information. Make sure the content is implemented in such a way that it can be found quickly in a search engine like Google. Supportive elements include backlinks to your website or product, as these increase relevance on Google. This gives you more opportunities for a higher positioning in search engines and more visitors on your blog.

Proximity and contact to the target group

Every effort you put into your articles for your readers is also an advantage for you. You offer your readers free content - if they take away new information from it, they may share it, recommend it or subscribe to you in the long term.

Generate leads

With a company blog, you position yourselves as experts for the subject area pursued by your company. This means that you can even further underline your expertise in specialist discussions. Your potential customers can get a bigger picture of your contents on your blog and in the best case approach you with some prior knowledge. You can also link content with CTAs in the context of content marketing. This is how you exploit a possibility to successfully gather leads.

Build trust and customer relationships

A corporate blog also allows you to engage in dialogue with customers. Comments below blog articles are not so common anymore, but readers can also contact you via social media channels where you share your articles. There you have even more possibilities for exchange and discussion.

Strengthening your own abilities and expertise

As already mentioned, you build up expertise with a company blog. This works even better if your articles are well thought out, structured and professionally researched. If you build up expert status with these prerequisites, this also creates trust with your readers. They rely on your information and the professional competence behind it. And trust, credibility and authority are the most important attributes to be successful with a blog.

Increase brand awareness

Articles on your blog not only underline your thematic expertise but can also increase your brand awareness. With a blog, your readers and potential customers get a better feel for your brand and the company culture. More personality in the foreground allows you to humanize the brand better and contribute to a positive perception.

This is how you implement a company blog

Before you start your own blog for your company, there are still a few points on your checklist that you should think about:

  • Look for the right blog topic: Consider exactly which topics and trends you want to represent with your blog. It is also important to consider your target audience here.
  • Find the right platform for hosting and domain: To successfully implement your blog, you must find a suitable platform for your hosting and domain. As an example, we will guide you through using the Wix website builder in the next paragraph and how you can implement a blog.
  • Find a suitable blog name: Also consider a suitable name for your blog that ensures recognition and fits your theme. Make sure to secure a suitable domain for this name in good time.
  • Choose a suitable blog template: With a blog template, you don't have to start setting up your blog from scratch, but get a suitable template. With the software you are using, choose a template that matches your theme and ideas.
  • Write your blog articles: Now you can start! With an editorial calendar, you can collect topics for your first articles and determine when they should appear. It is also useful to have a regular brainstorming of themes and a keyword research for your articles.
  • Promote your blog: Social media networks or your newsletter, in particular, will aid you in sharing your articles and thus drawing attention to your blog.

Implementation using Wix as an example

Now we will show you how to successfully create a company blog using the website builder software, Wix

  1. First, create a free Wix account.

  2. Choose a free blog template or customize a design template. 

  3. Find a domain that matches your brand.

  4. Write and publish your first blog post and analyze the statistics.

  5. Use the integrated SEO and marketing tools for more traffic.

  6. Share your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and in emails.

Further possibilities with Wix

In addition to the content-related aspect, you should keep an eye on data security on your blog. Wix assists with the integration of cookies, data protection policies as well as legally secure legal texts (imprint, T&C's etc). 

Moreover, Wix's SEO guide helps you to improve the search engine optimization of your blog, so it can be listed by search engines quicker.


The list of points advocating for a corporate blog is long. If you want to achieve more visibility for your brand and the themes behind it, a blog is a great opportunity for your content marketing. Also make use of the support of software providers like Wix, who assist you with the implementation. This way, you can focus entirely on the selection and research of your topics in the future.

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