The one and only Scott Galloway an OMR Podcasft exclusive

What the world's most famous marketing prof thinks about German companies and more

Philipp Westermeyer (left) and Scott Galloway (right)

“GAFA” – Scott Galloway spends roughly 90% of his time dealing with the four biggest digital companies in the world. But how does the NYU prof see the state of digital in Germany? And what advice would he give up-and-coming entrepreneurs and why does he feel Germany should be churning out more unicorns? In this OMR Podcast exclusive, Galloway sits down with OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer to answer these questions and more.
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Youtube instead of the boob tube—these TV broadcasters are winning on Youtube

Particularly clever content providers notch upwards of 50 million views a month

While more and more TV broadcasters around the world attempt to reach their audiences not just through content on official mediatheques, but by establishing YouTube channels, there are those that are already entrenched on Google’s video platform—generating views in excess of up to 50 million per month. We took a closer look to show you the biggest winners among European TV stations and shows on YouTube, how advertisers can thus reach TV target groups here much more cheaply, before listing the top-10 channels in terms of reach.
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State of the German Internet 2018: Where we see the best chances to get ahead in digital marketing

The entire keynote video from OMR Festival 2018

Philipp Westermeyer on OMR18

Philipp Westermeyer on stage at OMR18

How did the German digital sector evolve in the past year? And how does it compare to the state of affairs abroad? Team OMR set out to tackle these questions and more in the past few months. At last month’s OMR Festival, founder Philipp Westermeyer presented the results of our findings — and explained which marketing strategies OMR feels promise the best chance at success on the current market.
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The official recap trailer for OMR Festival 2018

We could never find the words to do (and) justice (for all) to what went down in Hamburg last week

OMR18 recap

OMR18 recap trailer. Image by Konstantin Beck

After the storm comes the quiet: The entire OMR team needed a few days to collect our, um, collective breath and process everything we witnessed and celebrated with all 40,000+ of you. We can only hope that you had as much fun as we did and were able to engage in talks that with inspiring people and learn something that will help you personally and your business moving forward. Without further ado, here’s the official recap trailer and some of the best images from OMR18:
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What’s new at OMR Festival 2018?

A quick primer on the latest additions to OMR Festival 2018 and an in-depth look at the App


OMR Conference 2017 (Image: Julian Huke / OMR)

OMR Festival 2018 marks the eighth time that we’ve put on our little celebration of the digital marketing industry. As is the case every year, there are some new changes to this year’s Festival worth keeping and eye on. Two stages, a new party format, a brand new app and much more! Stay informed on what’s new and get the most out of OMR18.
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Top tips for every OMR18 attendee in Hamburg

The OMR travel primer for your best OMR Festival week

Hamburg Harbor

The world-famous Hamburg Harbor


On March 22 & 23, over 40,000 marketing aficionados will be descending upon the Northern German Port City of Hamburg for the OMR Festival 2018. To make sure you get the absolute most out of your time in the beautiful Hanse City, here’s our list of things to do to get the most out of your trip to Hamburg.
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The bare truth—OMR exposes Vero’s secret to success

OMR takes a deep dive on the high flying app

Vero Influencers

Vero Influencers

An app launches with next to no fanfare, plods along for three years and then suddenly shoots to the top of the app charts in numerous countries. Vero’s success could be complete coincidence—but could it also be down to a solid marketing and targeting strategy? OMR took a deep dive on this high flyer and discovered that right before downloads really shot through the roof, hundreds of niche influencers got on their social media soapbox on Instagram and other platforms to plug Vero—many of whom stood out through their creative exploits. Many others through their choice in fashion, or lack there of.

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Guided Tours and politics at OMR18

Small group tours across the Festival and a special politics panel discussion

Guided Tours at OMR18

Guided Tours at OMR18

And down the stretch we come! In just four weeks, OMR18 will be kicking off! Today we’re taking a look at some Guided Tours and our very special panel discussion on Digital Policy in the EU. But first things first: if you haven’t got your ticket yet, get your Expo or All-incl. ticket here Be sure to act fast. They’re disappearing quick and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Read on to learn more about the EU political landscape and the first few Guided Tours on the agenda for this March 22 & 23 in Hamburg.

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YEXTra, YEXTra, hear all about it: Yext founder Howard Lerman in the OMR Podcast!

From start up to billion-dollar IPO in a decade—Yext founder Howard Lerman sits down to talk shop with OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer

Howard Lerman

Howard Lerman (Source: The Demo Conference / Flickr)

Building a global presence on a local level. That is the conundrum Howard Lerman is seeking to solve with Yext, his digital information management company that he founded a decade ago. In this edition of the OMR Podcast, Howard sat down for a chat with OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer to shed some light on what Yext does, who it benefits and how it keeps step in an ever-changing market. Before also teasing his upcoming appearance on the big stage at OMR18 in Hamburg this March 23.

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