YEXTra, YEXTra, hear all about it: Yext founder Howard Lerman in the OMR Podcast!

From start up to billion-dollar IPO in a decade—Yext founder Howard Lerman sits down to talk shop with OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer

Howard Lerman

Howard Lerman (Source: The Demo Conference / Flickr)

Building a global presence on a local level. That is the conundrum Howard Lerman is seeking to solve with Yext, his digital information management company that he founded a decade ago. In this edition of the OMR Podcast, Howard sat down for a chat with OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer to shed some light on what Yext does, who it benefits and how it keeps step in an ever-changing market. Before also teasing his upcoming appearance on the big stage at OMR18 in Hamburg this March 23.

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What’s on at OMR18? Masterclasses and Exhibitors

Get inspiration and insights this March 22 & 23 in Hamburg at OMR18!

Masterclasses OMR18 Festival

OMR18 boasts more than 100 Masterclasses

With over 40,000 attendees at this year’s OMR Festival on March 22 & 23, we’re expecting to nearly double attendance compared to OMR17. To keep step with the growing number of attendees, we’re also doubling down on free content for all of you. That includes more exhibitors than ever before and cracking triple-figures in Masterclasses! Today, we’re giving you the low down on the first big-name exhibitors you can rub shoulders with and which Masterclasses you can gain insights from.
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Ebay, Nasty Gal, Girlboss, Netflix—the ridiculous success story of Sophia Amoruso

This Girlboss is taking the stage in Hamburg this March at OMR18

At 22, Sophia Amoruso was selling secondhand clothing on eBay. Just a few years later, her online shop Nasty Gal posted revenue upward of USD 300 million and she cracked the Forbes list of richest women in the USA. Despite leaving Nasty Gal, Sophia continues to be a personal brand tour du force. In 2017, Netflix turned her memoir #GIRLBOSS into a hit series. Her newest venture, Girlboss, launched in 2017 and is a platform that helps women define success on their own terms, and offers them the tools they need to achieve, advance, and own their power. But what is the now 33 year old’s secret to success? Today, we’re taking a closer look at her success story—and announcing her as the next big speaker at OMR Festival 2018 in Hamburg!
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This SEO pro is reinventing the travel industry

Viventura founder Kiwitz has been honing his SEO skills since 2001 and now runs a platform for small tour operators

Viventura founder André Kiwitz

Viventura founder André Kiwitz

When tourism major André Kiwitz launched Viventura, he had a three passions: the Internet, South America and traveling. So he did what anyone would do: he turned his passion into a profession and founded one of the first online travel agencies. While good ideas exist en masse, great ideas need something to set them apart, to stand out from the rest. For Kiwitz and Viventura the best way to stand out was to get noticed—through SEO.
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From the battlefield to the boardroom. How former soldier Adam Singola built Taboola

Taboola founder Adam Singolda in the latest OMR Podcast

Adam Singolda Taboola Podcast

Adam Singolda at OMR Festival 2017 (Image: OMR / Simon Hollmann).

Adam Singolda spent 7 years in the Israeli Army as a tech analyst. In 2007, not even a year after getting out, he founded Taboola, a content discovery startup and just a few months after that, he packed up and set off for New York. A decade later, Taboola has expanded its global workforce at its 14 locations to 800 and is projected to hit over USD 1 billion in revenue this year. In this episode of the OMR Podcast, he talk about the industry is changing to accommodate ads at the end of articles, why Facebook is his company’s biggest competitor and why an IPO doesn’t make sense at present.
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Showcase your product to 40,000 digital marketing movers and shakers!

Generate leads without having your back against the wall

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a considerable increase in potential exhibitors interested in presenting their products and services at OMR Festival 2018. While many of the spots have already been booked for this March 22 and 23 in Hamburg, our sales colleagues would still love to get you on board as an exhibitor. We are thrilled with the resonance that the upcoming Festival has generated and we genuinely appreciate the trust you place in us. For OMR18 were aiming for 40,000 attendees—and these companies are already on board.
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Experts in analytics, Alexa, SEO … and finger nails? The Expo Stage at OMR18 is getting a makeover.

Get insights and inspiration from 100 speakers on the “Big Picture” and “Deep Dive” stages at OMR18

100 speakers for 25 euro—pretty good deal, huh? It’s an OMR first this March 22 and 23, as we’re going with two stages at the Expo—which will also be held on BOTH festival days for the first time. That means that everyone with a Festival ticket can drop by and load up on inspiration. Two days, two stages—and today we’re announcing the first four speakers.
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OMR Festival 2018: Metallica’s Lars Ulrich on the world’s biggest metal band

Also featuring Scott Galloway (NYU) and Lars Silberbauer (Lego)

With over 120 million records sold, Metallica is one of the most successful and well-known metal bands on the planet. At OMR18, Lars will tell us about keys to successful brand building and what it takes to keep it relevant over the course of the band’s nearly four-decade run. Joining Lars on stage in Hamburg on March 23, 2018 will be OMR’s favorite marketing prof Scott Galloway and Lego’s Lars Silberbauer.

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Is LaVar Ball—the loudest man in sports—an idiot or a marketing genius?

Brand Building via provocative PR: How LaVar Ball pumped up the “Big Baller Brand” by insulting everyone

LaVar Ball Big Baller Brand

LaVar Ball (second from left) with his sons LiAngelo, Lonzo and LaMelo (from left)

Until recently, he was nothing more than an unsuccessful ex-hoopster with three incredibly talented sons. Now LaVar Ball is the most controversial figure in the US sports world and knows exactly which buttons to push to get everyone talking—all as a ploy to establish his own sports brand that makes him and his sons rich.
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German whiskey king Horst Lüning spends millions on domains and dominates Youtube

Horst Lüning from in one of his whiskey videos on Tesla. (image: Youtube)

In early 2014, the domain changed hands for a cool USD 3.1 million–and continues to be one of the most expensive websites in the world. The domain’s new owner is a family-run business named GmbH from a tiny Bavarian village. Horst Lüning is actually better known internationally as a whiskey taster on YouTube, which has propelled him to cult status thanks to three YouTube channels with roughly 47 million impressions. But in recent years his fame has propelled him into the role of a Tesla influencer—helping net the auto company millions in revenue. OMR uncovers Lüning’s rise to whisky fame and evolution to Tesla ambassador.
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