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OMR Podcast with Hollywood superstar Ashton Kutcher

Co-Founder & Concept
Philipp Westermeyer
The brainchild of OMR CEO and founder Philipp Westermeyer, the OMR Podcast is Germany’s leading digital marketing and tech podcast. Philipp goes inside the minds of founders and CEOs from around the digital marketing and tech scene to pick their brains and hear their stories in their words. It’s entertaining and in-depth brain food from the women and men impacting the industry.
Project Manager
Florian Severin
Florian Rinke

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Freelance Digital Marketing Editor
Scott Peterson
With a background in applied linguistics and advertising, Scott joined OMR as an international digital marketing editor in 2016 as a freelancer. As a content creator and translator, Scott is involved in every bit of English-language content OMR publishes—from articles on the daily blog and the weekly OMR Newsletter to promotional materials and the OMR Podcast.

OMR Podcast with Hollywood superstar Ashton Kutcher

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