What’s on at OMR18? Masterclasses and Exhibitors

Get inspiration and insights this March 22 & 23 in Hamburg at OMR18!

Masterclasses OMR18 Festival

OMR18 boasts more than 100 Masterclasses

With over 40,000 attendees at this year’s OMR Festival on March 22 & 23, we’re expecting to nearly double attendance compared to OMR17. To keep step with the growing number of attendees, we’re also doubling down on free content for all of you. That includes more exhibitors than ever before and cracking triple-figures in Masterclasses! Today, we’re giving you the low down on the first big-name exhibitors you can rub shoulders with and which Masterclasses you can gain insights from.
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Showcase your product to 40,000 digital marketing movers and shakers!

Generate leads without having your back against the wall

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a considerable increase in potential exhibitors interested in presenting their products and services at OMR Festival 2018. While many of the spots have already been booked for this March 22 and 23 in Hamburg, our sales colleagues would still love to get you on board as an exhibitor. We are thrilled with the resonance that the upcoming Festival has generated and we genuinely appreciate the trust you place in us. For OMR18 were aiming for 40,000 attendees—and these companies are already on board.
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Experts in analytics, Alexa, SEO … and finger nails? The Expo Stage at OMR18 is getting a makeover.

Get insights and inspiration from 100 speakers on the “Big Picture” and “Deep Dive” stages at OMR18

100 speakers for 25 euro—pretty good deal, huh? It’s an OMR first this March 22 and 23, as we’re going with two stages at the Expo—which will also be held on BOTH festival days for the first time. That means that everyone with a Festival ticket can drop by and load up on inspiration. Two days, two stages—and today we’re announcing the first four speakers.
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Is LaVar Ball—the loudest man in sports—an idiot or a marketing genius?

Brand Building via provocative PR: How LaVar Ball pumped up the “Big Baller Brand” by insulting everyone

LaVar Ball Big Baller Brand

LaVar Ball (second from left) with his sons LiAngelo, Lonzo and LaMelo (from left)

Until recently, he was nothing more than an unsuccessful ex-hoopster with three incredibly talented sons. Now LaVar Ball is the most controversial figure in the US sports world and knows exactly which buttons to push to get everyone talking—all as a ploy to establish his own sports brand that makes him and his sons rich.
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OMR Festival 2018—Speaker announcement #1:

The Fortune Teller, the Fitness Queen and two publishing heavyweights

Kayla Itsines, Nate Silver, Tim Urban & David Fischer—Live on stage in Hamburg this March.

40,000 attendees. That’s our goal for OMR18. To reach it, we’re literally going to reach for the stars. Our star-studded speaker line-up for March 22 & 23, 2018 in Hamburg is slowly starting to take shape. Today is announcement number 1: speakers and what’s in store at OMR18.
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The youth shall inherit the internet

From pop-up ads in Germany to affiliate network kingpin in Russia—and €180 million in revenue

Alexander Bachmann

Admitad founder Alexander Bachmann

Sometime last week, OMR grand poobah and founder Philipp burst into the office. Short of breath and all sorts of wound up, Philipp lays out a hot scoop from OMR-family friend Andre Alpar. What’s the hubbub all about? A sponsored post published by US blogger Jeff Bullas: a classic strike-it-rich story of an initial €30 investment mushrooming into annual revenue of EUR 100 million. The protagonist? German Alexander Bachmann.
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Casey Neistat, one of YouTube’s biggest stars, in the OMR Podcast

Casey Neistat
He has amassed over 7 million subscribers on YouTube, sold his company for USD 25 million and relaunched the Vlog that propelled him to fame. Casey Neistat is one of YouTube’s biggest stars and he sat down in the OMR Podcast to explain just how he built his massive reach by publishing daily content and why brands—without exercising any control of content—jump at the chance to work with him.
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How to pack 48 hours into 5 minutes: the official recap video for OMR 2017

Neistat, Vaynerchuk, Masterclasses, Expo, Conference and parties galore: a look back at OMR Festival 2017

OMR Festival 2017

Casey Neistat at OMR Festival 2017. (Source: Julian Huke Photography)

We can hardly believe it, but OMR Festival 2017 has come and gone. Months of preparation and long hours for weeks on end, all for 48 hours with 25K people in the extended OMR Family. Hopefully, you could generate solid business leads, engage in meaningful exchange with fellow marketing makers and find new sources of inspiration. Enough said. Time to let pictures do the talking:
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Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix on stage at OMR Festival 2017

Hear CEO Alexander Nix speak on March 3, in Hamburg

Alexander Nix, CEO von Cambridge Analytica

Alexander Nix, CEO of Cambridge Analytica

When Donald Trump won the election in the US last November, no one saw it coming. No one, that is, except big data firm Cambridge Analytica.
Cambridge Analytica gained prominence through its work for Donald Trump’s successful election bid this past November. While political pundits speculated about the role CA played in influencing voter opinion, marketing professionals saw a shrewd microtargeting campaign.

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Adtech companies continue to fight, although Google and Facebook have already won

Digiday Editor-in-Chief Brian Morrissey talks about the latest marketing trends in the OMR Podcast

Brian Morrissey

Digiday Editor-in-Chief Brian Morrissey

As Editor-in Chief at Digiday, Brian Morrissey knows the INs and OUTs of the digital marketing scene stateside. In the latest OMR Podcast, Brian paints a pretty bleak picture of the industry at present, while still finding rays of hope on the landscape in the form of some successful companies. In his chat with OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer, Brian discussed at length the latest developments in the publishing and adtech-business landscapes, who he thinks will emerge victorious in the impending platform battle and why paid content is a realistic chance for modern publishers.
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