Load up on insights in the fourth and possibly final (!) round of Digital Masterclasses.


Last call for digital insights? If things go as planned, then yes this is it! When May 2022 rolls around and we reopen the OMR Festival at long last, we’ll be delivering you with the latest marketing insights and topics in in-person Masterclasses. But before we get back to the old school, we wanted to give you one last dance in the new school with the latest marketing insights in Round 4 of the OMR Digital Masterclasses presented by DELL.

IMPORTANT: You have to apply to attend your favorite DMCs during the application phase—which starts today, October 4, and runs through October 19. Here’s how it works: Go to our events page here and snare your free ticket for the Masterclasses. After that, you can go here and apply to attend your favorite DMCs during the week (you may apply for a maximum of 4 per day and 8 in total.

The application process for the OMR Digital Masterclasses at a glance (click to expand)

Before you apply, be sure to take a few minutes and peruse the Timetable, where you’ll find all the DMCs offered in one place—including details about content and the presenting speakers. While you are making a list of DMCs you’d like to attend, please do make sure that none of these overlap. Spots are limited to ensure that attendees are able to engage in direct dialogue with presenters and ask them questions in the event chat. Therefore, there is, unfortunately, no guarantee that your application will be accepted to attend each DMC you apply to. Be sure to complete your applications by October 19; we will then inform applicants which DMCs they have been accepted to attend on October 25 by email.

The essentials at a glance

Because it worked so well last time, we have grouped the DMCs into thematic clusters once again. This time around, you can look forward to learning the latest on “Marketing Tools,” “Inspiring Brands,” “eCommerce,” “Social,” “Search & Content,” “Adtech/Programmatic” and, last, but not least, “Technology Trends.” As per usual, we are thrilled to welcome back among our presenting partners big players, such as Salesforce, Twitch, Spotify, Otto and Yext, as well as up-and-coming technology providers like Uberall, Claneo, Valantic, Crossengage and many, many more.

Something brand new about this batch of digital Masterclasses is our special “Career Meetup” format. Representatives from exciting companies from around the digital marketing stratosphere will give you best-practice tips and tricks on how you can land a job with them. You can also apply to attend any Career Meetup that piques your interest, all of which you will find here at the end of several tracks in the Timetable.

Each DMC lasts about 45 minutes, after which you will have the chance to ask presenting speakers any question you might have, as well as discuss the DMC with other attendees. In the runup to Round 4, we will be presenting you with additional information about some of the more thought-provoking DMCs in the lineup. Until then, don’t forget to get your ticket and check out the Timetable!

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