Family Members

Our family members not only take place once a year with spectacular activities at the OMR Festival, but also accompany us 365 days a year. Together we create marketing cases and exciting content for the OMR community. We support your brand in arriving in the new world of media and establishing your brand as a digital pioneer.



The future is digital. The society of the future is digital and networked. So it needs networks for data-intensive communication between people, companies, and machines. Vodafone has been part of the OMR family since 2019 and together we live the claim "we connect for a better future". In their role as exclusive content partners, they are present with us with editorial input in podcasts, reports, digital master classes, and many other products. Every week we present the latest online marketing facts at #DigitalTuesday. In the joint video format Diving Deeper, Max Witttrock regularly presents exciting start-ups.


This is the crème de la crème and our pride. We are overjoyed to have so many great brands from a wide variety of industries in our family. As is usual for a family, we regularly exchange information about current events and mutual challenges and support each other wherever possible. Since every partner is unique to us, they enjoy exclusivity within their industry and are fully integrated into the OMR cosmos. In addition to the jointly created content and the integration into the mutual network, the focus within the partnership is above all on the topics of education, digital products, live events, and podcasts.

#OMR24 - Take part as an exhibitor

Put your bonafides on full display as an exhibitor and exchange ideas with attendees on how your solutions can solve their issues.