Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Events by OMR


1 General

The following terms and conditions apply to all ticket purchased from Ramp 106 GmbH, Lagerstraße 36, 20357 Hamburg, Germany (hereinafter “Organizer”) by visitors within the scope of events held by Online Marketing Rockstars.


2 Ticket Orders / Masterclasses Applications

Depending on availability, tickets may be purchased for the Expo, Conference, parties or additional events by the Organizer.

For Masterclasses there is an additional application process required. The Organizer shall, along with the party responsible for content at the respective Masterclasses (Speaker), select attendees from the pool of applicants. To this end, the Organizer shall provide the Speaker with the following information of applicants: first and last name, company, country and position. Selected applicants shall be contacted additionally informing them of their selection.

There is no claim to attend a Masterclass. When admitted to a Masterclass, attendee’s shall have their first name, last name, email address, company, country, job level, company field, company size, company type and position sent to the company organizing the Masterclass in order to facilitate lines of communication for after the event.

The respective ticket price is due immediately and the payment method selected by the attendee shall be charged directly after completing the order process. The conclusion of contract shall take place in English. The Terms and Conditions can be viewed at anytime by attendees at http://www.omr.com/agb.


3 Tickets Refunds / Cancellation and Relocation/Reschedule of the Events / Information on Right to Cancellation

Purchased Tickets are excluded from refunds or exchanges. This shall also apply to sickness, non-attendance or other reasons. Ticket refunds shall only take place in the event of cancellation or an unreasonable relocation/rescheduling of the respective event. A relocation/rescheduling shall be considered unreasonable if the new location or date puts the attendee in an unreasonable position with respect to their legitimate interests. This shall not apply, however, if the event is cancelled or relocated/rescheduled due to Force Majeur (see §5 for more).

The Organizer shall immediately announce a cancellation or relocation/rescheduling of respective event on its website. In the event of a cancellation or an unreasonable relocation/rescheduling, the Organizer shall reimburse the amount of the ticket price. The announcement of exhibitors, speakers and topic clusters are non-binding and may be changed at anytime by the Organizer.

In accordance with § 312g paragraph 1, paragraph 2 No. 9 of the German Civil Code, attendees have no legal right to revocation, even if the attendee is not a company, but orders tickets as a consumer.


4 Transfer and Forfeiture of Tickets

Tickets are issued on an individual basis and are in principle not transferrable. In the event that these tickets are to be transferred to another individual, this must be done up to one day prior to the event via the OMR Dashboard. Should the tickets not be filled out completely (last name, first name and email address) by the day before the event, then these shall be forfeited and shall no longer grant admission.


5 Force Majeure

Should the event be cancelled or forced to be relocated/rescheduled due to events beyond the control of the Organizer, such as Force Majeure and other similar circumstances, e.g. national mourning, extreme weather conditions, strike or war, the Organizer shall not be liable for the resulting losses or damage. There shall be no ticket refunds in such instances.


6 Event Admission

Attendees must present a valid ticket when entering the event. As tickets are issued individually, attendees may be asked to identify themselves with officially issued identification. Upon admittance, attendees shall receive a non-transferrable badge (e.g. an event badge or wristband), which they must wear at all times, especially to be readmitted to the evetn location after leaving.

To guarantee all attendees with a safe and enjoyable event, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to attendees if they appear to be unruly or abusive, or if they appear to be under the influence of intoxicants. Weapons or other dangerous items are not permitted on the event grounds.


7 Right of the Organizer and Rules of the House / Ambush/Guerilla Marketing

The Organizer shall reserve the right to expel individuals from the event at their discretion. Their instructions are final. The respective rules of the house of the event locations are to be complied with at all times while on the premises. In the event of violations of the rules of the house, or unauthorized ambush/guerilla marketing measures, attendees may be excluded from the continued participation of the event and requested to leave the premises immediately. This shall not affect the Organizer’s right to press further claims against the attendee.


8 General Limitation of Liability for the Organizer

The Organizer shall assume all liability for damage caused by intentional or gross negligence, and damage resulting from injury to life, body and health. The same shall apply in the event of a violation of any warranties or maliciously concealed defects.

The Organizer shall not assume liability for material or property damage due to slightly negligent acts. This shall not apply to violations of obligations, whose fulfillment is essential for the due and proper implementation of the contract and whose compliance with attendees could reasonably rely on; in such instances, the liability of the Organizer for material or property damages due to slightly negligent acts shall be limited to the foreseeable damages to the contract.

The possibility of liability in accordance with the Product Liability Act shall remain unaffected.

The above limitation of liability shall also apply to the personal liability of the performing and vicarious agents of the Organizer as well as its organs.


9 Special Limitation of Liability for the Wardrobe

Provided that at an event the Organizer offers attendees the free storage (wardrobe services) of objects, e.g. coats, jackets, suitcases or bags, the following stipulations shall apply:

Attendees may not leave any objects of value (e.g. laptops, smartphones, jewelry), data carriers with confidential and/or business-related information, payment methods / cards or travel tickets;

the Organizer shall only be liable for material and property damages that are a direct result of malicious or grossly negligent acts by its organs or performing or vicarious agents. The amount of liability, however, shall not exceed 500 euro per attendee.


10 Data Privacy Policy

The Organizer processes and uses personal attendee data solely for the purpose of executing ticket orders and events. For applications to a Masterclass, first and last names, company name and position shall be transmitted to the respective Masterclass speaker for the purposes of selection. All additional information regard data privacy can found in our Data Privacy Policy.

Only if and insofar as attendees have consented, may the data provided by attendees be used by the Organizer for promotional purposes or transmitted to third parties (e.g. exhibitors). Attendees may revoke their consent at anytime (e.g. via an email to: kontakt@omr.com).


11 Other Regulations

The sole venue for all disputes directly or indirectly resulting from this contractual agreement shall be Hamburg, Germany, provided that the attendee is a merchant.

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply with the exception of the UN International Trade Law. Consumers with standard residence outside of the Federal Republic of Germany may invoke the law of the country in which they reside.