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At Online Marketing Rockstars, we view ourselves as a platform for industry professionals by industry professionals. We bring together players from every corner of the digital marketing stratosphere: marketing makers with global visionaries, head hunters with prime candidates and information seekers with experts. Welcome to the home of Digital Marketing.

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Online Marketing Stories

Rockstars Daily

Our blog Rockstars Daily is our home for digital marketing topics. Whether it's industry analysis, profiles of success stories, ridiculous growth hacks, ad tech, mobile or social topics, exclusive interviews—either in print or as a podcast—or a myriad of other categories, the OMR editorial team delivers interesting, inspiring and intriguing content on a regular basis. Our mission is to create unique content not found anywhere else.

Rockstars Festival

Rockstars Festival

The annual Rockstars Festival is the event of the year for marketing pros and aficionados. Part expo, conference, Masterclass, side events and, of course, party, the OMR Festival is the centerpiece of OMR. Since its inception six years ago, the two-day event taking place in February or March has grown from 200 visitors in year one to over 26K visitors last year. Attendance is a must for marketing makers that want to network with other professionals and stay up-to-date in an ever-changing industry. Save the date… Rockstars Festival 2018. March 22 to March 23, 2018. Join 40K of your peers. #OMR18

Rockstars Conference

Rockstars Conference

Our Rockstars Conference draws upper-echelon speakers from the digital marketing world. Past speakers include legendary skater Tony Hawk, Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti, self-made man Gary Vaynerchuk, Pinterest founder Evan Sharp and Wired founder John Battelle. In addition to established heavy hitters, the annual conference welcomes pioneering companies on stage. None of our speaking slots are sold commodities. When night falls and the festival draws to a close, our Live Concerts begin.

Rockstars Expo


Since 2015, the Rockstars Expo has been a part of the OMR Festival. The trade fair brings together 200 exhibitors from the world of ad tech and digital marketing with 40K industry professionals. There are also Masterclasses, our Expo Stage, Guided Tours, side events, a food court and several surprises. And the first day of the festival culminates in the Expo Party.



The OMR Podcast is Germany’s largest podcast on all things digital marketing, and whatever else that’s piqued our interest. OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer sits down with makers, experts and friends. It’s entertaining brain food guaranteed to cure the boredom of your drive-time commute. In 2016, we launched Podstars—our marketing network for podcasts in Germany. It’s our platform that brings together advertisers and podcasters.

Rockstars Aftershow party in Cologne


The Rockstars Aftershow party at the dmexco in Cologne is our party for our industry. Held every September, dmexco—the digital marketing exposition and conference—is our stage to do what we do best: throw a boss party! Top acts from the European music scene, performing at a top location—it’s our way of ensuring first-class networking.

New Events


We began as an event organizer dedicated to bringing people together and to give new impetus to the industry. With the goal of combining information and entertainment, we hold events on topics of current relevance in our industry. One such event is our New Platform Marketing conference. Aimed at advertisers interested in the marketing potential of brand-new platforms, the NPM conference brings first movers and successful industry disruptors together to discuss the big topics of tomorrow in a seminar-like atmosphere. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more events.

Online Marketing Jobs

Online Marketing Jobs is our German jobs portal—and the largest jobs portal of its kind in the industry. We are intermediaries between companies looking for new, talented candidates and qualified job seekers looking for a cool new job. We have 12K subscribers to our weekly newsletter, 50K impressions per month and an excellent and verifiable placement rate at a fair price.

Rockstars Report

Rockstars Report

In July 2015, we began publishing Rockstars content monthly as ebooks. The Rockstars Report is for all marketing makers interested in a deep-dive on prevalent topics. With assistance and insight from industry experts, each issue provides in-depth analysis on a relevant digital topic. The reports, published in German, contain best practices, helpful tips and tools, as well as insightful interviews—essential tools for effectively dealing with marketing challenges in today’s environment.

OMR meets Hamburg Media School

OMR meets Hamburg Media School

We can do school, too. Together with the Hamburg Media School, we conduct regular Online Marketing Camps. Here, we provide practical know-how from relevant digital marketing segments in compact and easy-to-understand blocks. Camp topics include search engine optimization, social media and video advertising. We can also bring camp to you and school your staff on site. Our clients include German publishing house Axel Springer, coffee producer Tchibo and wine app Hawesko. In conjunction with Hamburg Media School, we also offer a certification program for online marketing managers.

Rockstars Team

As our projects grow, so does our team. This is Team Rockstars:


Jasper Ramm

Sponsoring, Partnerships & Business Development
+49 172 5461699

As Head of Business Development, Jasper is the man with the plan for all matters pertaining to website marketing, partnerships and sponsoring for our events. Before joining Team Rockstars, Jasper was active as a project manager at a variety of publishing houses, where he specialized in expanding his rolodex.


Hauke Jacobsen

Business Development
+49 40 209 310 870

Together with Jasper and Julia, Hauke is responsible for growing the annual expo and for marketing existing projects. In his time prior to Rockstars, he was active in the online marketing industry and founded a few successful enterprises of his own. A traveler at heart, his jet-setting ways have taught him the cure for the common cold—a cup of hot ginger tea.


Julia Höchsmann

Business Development
+49 40 209 310 870

Julia is an integral part of the bus dev team and is your contact partner for the expo, as well as other Rockstars projects. Prior to Rockstars, Julia was a key account manager at the Hamburger Sparkasse bank. An avid runner, you can find Julia running about Hamburg by her lonesome or with others of her like-minded flock.


Philipp Isfort

Commercial Manager
Office: +49 40 209 310 868
Mobile: +49 170 311 86 57

As our commercial manager, Philipp is in charge of finances and personnel at Rockstars. So if you’ve sent us an application, it lands on his desk. A member of the OMR vanguard, Philipp has been integral in building up our jobs platform. In 2016, he initiated our podcast network Podstars. Whenever Philipp isn’t crunching numbers, you can find him on the tennis court or the soccer field.


Ove Niemann

Business Development
+49 40 209 310 868

As a part of the bus dev team, Ove is responsible for developing the expo and for marketing existing projects. Before joining Rockstars, he worked for an ad tech start-up for three years, where he handled business development tasks. When he’s not at his desk,
you can find him in warmer climes catching waves.


Janina Pahler

Business Development
+49 40 209 310 868

If you are looking for a new employee or colleague, then Janina is your huckleberry. She runs the largest European jobs portal for the industry, Furthermore, she helps out Hauke, Jasper and Julia as a contact partner for our Expo and all other Rockstar projects. Away from the job, Janina enjoy sampling exotic delicacies to expand her culinary horizons.


Flemming Pinck

Business Development
+49 40 209 310 872

Flemming heads the coop event team and is the guy for special OMR projects. While still at university, Flemming was self-employed, running the lifestyle label Inferno Ragazzi, which gave him his first taste of event management. Whenever he’s not rocking his latest crazy idea, he’ll be playing field hockey or catching waves all over the world.


Tom Steinelt

Online Marketing Manager
+49 174 390 31 30

Our in-house ad-whisperer Christoph is our man for all things performance marketing making sure our OMR products reach the right eyes. When he’s not in the office, you can find him and his blond mane surfing the waves in Portugal.


Roland Eisenbrand

Head of Content
+49 40 209 310 869

A man with a fine eye for detail and an expression for every occasion, Roland is in charge of content at Online Marketing Rockstars. Furthermore, he plays a decisive role in selecting speakers for our various events. Before beginning at Rockstars, Roland was a long-serving editor for marketing trade publication ONEtoONE.

Check out some of Roland's articles here (in German).


Torben Lux

+49 40 209 310 869

Torben is a part of the OMR editorial team, where he primarily pens articles for Online Marketing Rockstars Daily. He also helps select speakers for our events and annual Festival, is active in social media, while also taking on the odd marketing or product-related job. As a long-time fan of Bayern Munich, he’s forced to put up with the ire and envy of his colleagues.

Read Torben's articles here (in German).


Martin Gardt

+49 40 209 310 869

Martin wields his virtual pen to keep full of content, and is also active in social media. After majoring in Communication and Media in college, he attended the Axel Springer Akademie for journalism. During his time at German trade publication Computer Bild, he focused on news from the digital world and start-ups. On the weekend you’ll find him singing himself hoarse supporting his favorite soccer club, FC St. Pauli.

Read some of Martin's articles here.


Birthe Ziegler

Head of Digital Products
+49 40 209 310 871

Birthe heads up the OMR product development team, where she is dedicated to working on website and app concepts. Birthe became a Rockstar in 2014, when she joined as an editorial intern. Before coming to OMR, she worked for German TV broadcaster RBB and at When she’s not punching keys on her keyboard, you might find her immersed in one of her experimental sound projects.

Read one of Birthe's articles here.

Vincent Kittmann

Vincent Kittmann

Business Development Podcast
+49 40 209 310 874

The one-time hitman of the hardwood, Vincent is our former pro bballer—and a big-time Rockstar. Vincent reaches heights around the office others only dream of: changing out light bulbs and dusting those corners way up in the nosebleeds. Beyond that he takes care of anything and everything with the OMR Podcast and the Podstars network. Advertisers, podcasters and users alike are welcome to drop him a line anytime about the podcast. He’ll even drop you a dime.

Constantin Buer

Constantin Buer

Business Development Podcast
+49 176 821 256 82

Constantin takes care of our podcast network Podstars and the OMR podcast along with Vincent. Being well-versed in radio certainly has its advantages. If you have a question about podcast ads, our sneaker freak is the man with the answers.

Claudia Schalkalwies

Claudia Schalkalwies

Business Development
+49 40 209 310 872

Claudia works for Team Business Development, where she specializes in speaker & VIP management, as well as Master Classes. Before coming to OMR, Claudia worked for German eCommerce giant OTTO as a campaign manager for TV and YouTube productions. Our resident hipster, she stays up-to-date on the coolest of the cool on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube and loves posting on her social media feeds.


Florian Greiner

Event Production
+49 176 70615153

Flo is part of the team responsible for planning, organizing and implementing every OMR event. Away from OMR, Flo likes to hit the slopes to indulge in his need for speed.


Frederike Wettengel

Partnerships, Seminars, Events & Ticketing
+49 40 413 468 22

Frederike is the head of executive education at our partner Hamburg Media School. So if you have a question about OMR’s range of workshops and classes, or would like to inquire about tickets to one of our events, Frederike has got you covered.


Christian Byza

Co-Founder, Organization & Office San Francisco

Christian co-founded Online Marketing Rockstars and lives in San Francisco, where he works for LinkedIn full-time. Stateside, he is able to keep his fingers firmly on the pulse of the digital marketing scene in the US. He also takes care of OMR product design, acquires international sponsors and coordinates and organizes many parts of the OMR Festival.


Philipp Westermeyer

Co-Founder & Concept

Online Marketing Rockstars is Philipp's brainchild. Philipp co-founded digital marketing tech companies adyard and metrigo together with partners Christian Müller and Tobias Schlottke. Philipp also heads the Digital Marketing Center at Hamburg Media School. Philipp regularly advises brands on digital marketing. Around the office, Philipp likes to break team rules by illegally parking his bicycle in the table-tennis room.

Ed Benn

Ed Benn

Overlord of OMR Interwebs
+49 151 241 111 15

Not of this world, our IT-genius Ed wields his mighty powers to keep our web presence up and running smoothly. Ed cut his teeth on all things Internet, before he ever had his. A movie buff at heart, he invests his free time in his pet project: FilmClubHamburg. His true calling, however, is raising his two young Jedi knights.

Chris Albert

Chris Albert

Art Director on Duty
+49 160 152 1234

Chris is our man for visual communication and moving-image content. Once a lone wolf in the freelance wilderness, Chris wanders no more and is a proud member of the Rockstars’ wolf pack. Whenever the call of the wild beckons, Chris finds solace on his home island in the Baltic Sea.

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson

International Content Development

Hailing from the Great White North of Minnesota, USA, Scott is our token Yank on Team OMR. After flirting with the music industry in Tennessee, Scott made the trek across the pond to get his MA in applied linguistics and now plies his trade as a freelance copywriter and translator. At OMR, he’s our man for International Content Development. When he’s not putting virtual pen to paper, you’ll find him gallivanting around the world.


Dul Seo

Student Worker

Dul spends the majority of his time at OMR working on He started out as an intern and is now responsible for the social media side of the job portal, provides support for existing clients and acquires new ones as well. When Dul isn’t plying his trade at OMR, he’s doing god’s work—feeding the masses with the finest Korean food this side of Seoul at his family’s restaurant SoNaMu.


Christoph Mühle

Student Worker / Content & Research
+49 170 26 19 657

Along with Birthe and Tom, Christoph takes care of the content and research necessary for our monthly Rockstars Reports. Christoph is currently pursuing an MA in business information systems. If you can’t reach him at the office, try the Portuguese coast where he’s probably out riding waves.

Paul Schirmer

Paul Schirmer

Business Development
+49 163 3859 666

Paul takes care of aftersales and is your contact for web content for Rockstars’ events. Furthermore, he hawks the tightest caps and beanies in the Hanseatic metropolis. Born and raised in Hamburg, Paul is an avid soccer fan and has thrown in his lot with FC St Pauli.

Paul Kalvelage

Paul Kalvelage

Event HR
+49 1575 349 5830

If you have a question pertaining to personnel at an Online Marketing Rockstars’ event, Paul is the man to call. In his free time, he studies business psychology in Munich and supports Team OMR at events. If he’s not at his desk, try your luck at the gym.

Diana Pottek

Diana Pottek

+49 178 359 3578

When she’s not pursuing her MBA, Diana runs the Baumwall Sporthalle gymnasium, which can be rented for all sorts of sporting events. Previously, Diana was active at the Bauer Media Group in New Business, where she managed the coop with fitness guru Kayla Itsines. After a hard day at work, Diana likes meeting up with friends for big, juicy burger.

Janina Hantke

Janina Hantke

+49 40 209 310 876

If you have ever had anything to do with the accounting department at Rockstars, you’ve dealt with our numbers wizard Janina. Before starting at OMR, she held the same position at Protonet. Whenever she’s straightening out the creative chaos at Rockstars, she seeks relaxation with her daughter and her friends at camps.


Jan Bechler

Strategic Partnerships
+49 160 70 77 477

Jan is our point of contact for strategic partnerships and integral to expanding our business activities. This includes new areas of business, company partnerships and concepts for the Rockstars Academy. Furthermore, he is the founder of online start-ups NAVINUM and Finc3, and is a strategic consultant for large media and trade corporations.


Tobias Schlottke


Tobias is a co-founder of Online Marketing Rockstars. Together with partners Christian Müller and Philipp Westermeyer Tobias had a hand in building up other companies like metrigo and adyard.


Christian Müller


Christian is one of the founding fathers of OMR. Along with partners Tobias Schlottke and Philipp Westermeyer, Christian played a decisive role in building up other companies, like metrigo and adyard.


Armin Rott

Concept and Academic Management

Professor Armin of the Universität Hamburg is in charge of the partnership between Hamburg Media School and Online Marketing Rockstars. He acts as a consultant for us on academic matters and is invaluable in helping us design our seminars and training courses at Hamburg Media School.