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OMR is the leading platform for the digital economy, spanning content, events and tech. The OMR Festival launched in 2011, then as the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival – and is today the largest meet-up in Europe for execs, managers and decision-makers from the digital economy, media and marketing spaces. OMR publishes a wide range of content daily on these topics via its daily blog, newsletters and podcasts. OMR subsidiary Podstars produces and markets more than 100 different podcast formats. Additional verticals include OMR Education, providing a robust offering of educational products, and OMR Jobs & HR, operating the largest jobs platform in Europe. Since its launch two years ago, OMR Reviews has published more than 50,000 independent software reviews on over 5,000 tools, making it the largest software review platform in DACH. Currently, OMR has a year-round staff of 400 and is based in Hamburg, Germany.

As far as attendance goes, the OMR Festival is one of the world’s largest events the industry has to offer. In 2023, the OMR Festival drew over 70,000 people to Hamburg. The two-day event features Masterclasses, Guided Tours, Side Events and Exhibitors from around the digital economy. Keynotes held on both days across seven stages by 800 speakers provided those in attendance insights on current trends and developments straight from those at the forefront. These speakers include industry experts, digital decision trailblazers, founders, investors and celebrities, such as former tennis superstar Serena Williams and actor Ashton Kutcher. Since 2015, the OMR Festival has accompanied the OMR Festival connecting 1000 exhibitors and partners with experts and actors from all around the digital business space. The Finance Forward conference features insights on current trends in the fintech, neo-banking and financial sectors.

The OMR Editorial team delivers original content daily in the form of articles, newsletters and podcasts, each of which features insights into the latest across the digital marketing industry, in-depth analysis of trends and developments, as well as startup success stories. Learn more on

Podstars GmbH is OMR's podcast network and produces, publishes and markets cross-platform audio content. The Podstars team consists of 90 professionals currently, including digital marketers and experienced audio producers. Together, they provide consulting services to partners regarding advertising opportunities in podcasting, the development of suitable audio formats, also while connecting advertisers and podcasters in front of the mic. Podstars now provides native advertising to over 100 podcasts and is involved as a producer in over 100 formats. These include the "OMR Podcast" with Philipp Westermeyer, which is one of the most successful German business podcasts with more than 80,000 listeners per episode, "Fast & Curious" with Lea-Sophie Cramer and Verena Pausder, and "FUSSBALL MML" with Micky Beisenherz, Maik Nöcker and Lucas Vogelsang. "OMR Rabbit Hole" is the company’s first foray into the storytelling format under the umbrella brand OMR, which is dedicated to the most exciting stories from the digital economy. Podstars is a proud podcast developer for corporate partners such as Vodafone, Zalando and Google.

OMR Education provides various professional development courses for the digital and marketing industries.

OMR Reports are practical guides on the most important online marketing topics. Thanks to the cooperation with numerous industry experts, each report provides a nuanced overview of current topics, including practical instructions. The reports also provide insights into the latest digital industry developments and trends.

The OMR Academy combines the knowledge of OMR experts with the OMR eLearning campus. With a focus on one online marketing topic, all job-relevant information and tools are taught in ten to twelve weeks with two to three hours of study time per week. Thanks to a wide range of exercises and quizzes with maximum practical relevance, knowledge acquired is retained over the long term, while learning remains flexible and varied.

OMR Deep Dives are intensive, hands-on live sessions for all digital professionals who want to take an in-depth look at specific online marketing topics. In the online seminar series and face-to-face workshops, industry experts share their knowledge and experience.

With Education Unlimited, OMR offers participants a flat rate model that provides 12-month access to either a specific product or access to all of OMR Education's continuing education offerings.

OMR offers interested parties individual Education Journeys tailored to the requirements of a company, as well as consulting, coaching and learning formats with renowned experts from the OMR network. All formats, content and experts are flexibly adapted to the needs of each journey. The scope of content spans a simple adaptation of our standard products supplemented by company-specific examples to tailored programs.

With OMR Upskill, we provide special digital training courses that participants are eligible for subsidization through the German employment office or job center with the help of a state-recognized training voucher. OMR Upskill was developed together with industry experts and includes a practice-oriented curriculum that specifically prepares participants for the requirements of the job market.

The OMR Education Podcast is the podcast channel for practical knowledge from the online marketing world. Three formats deliver listeners insights and tips from professionals from the digital industry every week, which can then be directly implemented in their own jobs or businesses.

The eight-week Creative Strategy Diploma, offered in cooperation with Miami Ad School Europe, is specifically designed for creative branders. The eLearning course covers the latest trends in strategic planning with a learning effort of three to four hours per week and creates an in-depth understanding of all important and essential aspects of creative strategy.

OMR Reviews is the largest German software review platform with over 50,000 independent software reviews on over 5,000 tools. OMR Reviews features authentic reports from actual users to bring transparency to the SaaS market. Thus, OMR Reviews is able to provide much-needed clarity in an otherwise confusing market to give decision-makers certainty when buying software products. In the OMR Reviews ContentHub, there are over 1,000 different articles on the topics of software and tools, aimed to help users make better decisions.

As the largest jobs platform in the industry, OMR Jobs & HR connects experts, executives, and young professionals with attractive employers from the digital marketing area. The weekly newsletter reaches 15,000 subscribers, while the job board generates 100,000 impressions per month. As part of the OMR family, the job platform reaches digital marketing enthusiasts and professionals from all over Germany. In addition, OMR Jobs & HR provides customers and partners with new and innovative recruiting and employer branding channels, such as the OMR Talent Tour and the OMR Match Recruiting Speeddating formats. With the Digital HR Summit, OMR also offers the HR industry a platform for knowledge transfer and exchange based on best practice examples and tool recommendations. Participants receive practical tips from renowned speakers on the topics of employer branding, recruiting, retention, and HR analytics. Anyone who is interested in news and updates from the HR sector or would like to draw new inspiration for their own day-to-day work from real success or fail stories can take a look at the HR blog.

The 5050 by OMR initiative is dedicated to achieving more fairness and justice in the workplace. The goal is to promote parity and gender balance in business and in leadership positions. In addition, 5050 by OMR seeks to focus on other dimensions of diversity as well as to broaden views on the topics. 5050 by OMR functions as a platform, through which creators openly and positively exchange ideas with the community about the possibilities for reaching the goal together. They do this through newsletters, events, studies and the 5050 podcast, which reaches 10,000 people.

The topics around a more just working world are also featured on the 5050 Stage, one of seven stages at the OMR Festival. In addition to engaging panel talks, fireside chats and keynotes, the finalists of the 5050 by OMR x EMOTION founders' pitch are chosen here in front of a live audience by renowned investors.

The OMR Original documentary series features unique stories from the German business world, providing a glimpse behind the scenes of fast-growing startups, influential companies from the marketing world and unique careers in the media industry. Previous releases include a portrait of former star and since convicted executive Thomas Middelhoff ("Middelhoff - Der krasse Fall eines Managers") and the German advertising agency Jung von Matt ("Dreißig Jahre unzufrieden - Die Jung von Matt Story"). This was followed in 2023 by "Hell of a Ride - The Unique Story of Gorillas," an OMR Original about the rise of the fast delivery service Gorillas, which performed spectacularly at first, but then sold at a fraction of its initial billion-dollar value. All OMR Originals released so far have been created in collaboration with external production companies and are available on OMR's YouTube channel.

OMR X is the official startup vertical by OMR. OMR X supports startups in the OMR cosmos and connects founders, investors and everyone interested in startups. OMR X also invests as a business angel in startups like Koro, Appinio and Recommendy.

Finance Forward is the outlet dedicated to covering all the trends, developments, highlights and lowlights of the new world of finance. A cooperation between business magazine Capital and OMR, the Finance Forward editorial team reports on the fintech scene, banking industry and the world of blockchains, while also providing daily news, analyses, portraits and interviews. Formats include the daily blog, daily newsletter and weekly Finance Forward podcast hosts, where host Caspar Schlenk sits down with influential players from the world of finance every Wednesday. At the annual Finance Forward conference, which takes place as part of the OMR Festival, established experts take a look at the transformation of the financial world and discuss current developments in lectures, panels and fireside chats.


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