YEXTra, YEXTra, hear all about it: Yext founder Howard Lerman in the OMR Podcast!

From start up to billion-dollar IPO in a decade—Yext founder Howard Lerman sits down to talk shop with OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer

Howard Lerman

Howard Lerman (Source: The Demo Conference / Flickr)

Building a global presence on a local level. That is the conundrum Howard Lerman is seeking to solve with Yext, his digital information management company that he founded a decade ago. In this edition of the OMR Podcast, Howard sat down for a chat with OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer to shed some light on what Yext does, who it benefits and how it keeps step in an ever-changing market. Before also teasing his upcoming appearance on the big stage at OMR18 in Hamburg this March 23.

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