OMR24—The application phase for Masterclasses, Guided Tours and Side Events starts today!

Apply now through April 24 to attend up to 6 Masterclasses and Guided Tours, plus an additional 3 Side Events

Masterclass OMR23
Bei den Masterclasses bekommt Ihr in 90 Minuten geballtes Marketingwissen (Foto: OMR/Pauline Bonnke)

Masterclasses, Guided Tours and Side Events have been three of the most-popular OMR Festival events for years. As such, they’ll be back—just like you—on May 7 & 8, 2024 in Hamburg. Today, you can start applying to 90-minute seminars(Masterclasses), 45-minute strolls around the Expo led by industry experts (Guided Tours) and other gatherings taking place beyond the confines of the OMR Festival (Side Events). Read on to find out how to apply.

This May 7 & 8, the annual OMR Festival returns to the Hamburg Exhibition Center. A couple of fun facts to start: We’re expecting some 70,000 of you to attend, alongside 800 top national and international speakers and more than 1000 exhibitors and partners. You can look forward to a fully-packed on-stage program, Masterclasses seminars, Guided Tours and Side Events. If you’re wondering, which highlight speakers we have in store for you this year, click here, If you want to see which companies are exhibiting their wares, then right this way.

Oh, by the way: if you want to be sure to attend OMR24, then you definitely need a ticket, which you can get here.

Word to the wise: it’s best to to start planning your time at the Festival right now. There is so much going on in our Masterclasses, Guided Tours, Side Events and, of course, on our 7 stages. Check out the (almost 100% complete) Speaker Timetable for our 6 stages. For a look at what’s on elsewhere, check out the Event Timetable for a look at the (Masterclasses, Guided Tours, Side Events). Space is limited and as such you are required to apply to all three of these events. With a total of seven stages, over 250 Masterclasses, more than 100 Guided Tours and an additional 100+ Side Events, we truly do have something for everyone. So apply now, wait to find out which events you’ve been selected to attend and then start scheduling your time at the Festival. The Application Phase runs through April 24, 2024.

Infographic_OMR24 Application Phase_Masterclasses, Guided Tours, Side Events

Infographic_OMR24 Application Phase_Masterclasses, Guided Tours, Side Events

How to apply to Masterclasses, Guided Tours and Side Events

Basically, you need to complete two separate processes to apply to attend Masterclasses, Guided Tours and Side Events. Step 1: obvs., you need a ticket. No ticket, no applications, no exceptions (if you apply to a minimum of three Masterclasses and Guided Tours, you’re guaranteed at least 1 spot in one of the events you’ve applied to). You are also required to connect your ticket to your myOMR account. Just go to myOMR, which you’ll find in the upper right corner on . Here, you can check to see if your ticket is already connected to your myOMR account. Make sure you’re logged in with the information you entered into your ticket. Once that’s complete, we’re on to Step 2: your application. Check out the Event Timetable and identify the tours, seminars and Side Events you’d like to attend—be sure that they don’t overlap.

Once you’ve decided which events you’d like to attend (and are logged into myOMR), go to the Application Tool and apply for a spot in Masterclasses, Guided Tours and Side Events—you can find the Application Tool here. You can apply to attend up to 6 total Masterclasses or Guided Tours and an additional three Side Events. PRO-TIP: If you want to be guaranteed at least one spot in a Masterclass or Guided Tour, you must apply to at least three such events. The application phase runs from April 4 to April 24, 2024. Plenty of time to decide which events you’d like to attend. Starting April 30, you’ll find out per email or in the Application Tool which events you’ve be accepted to attend. During the Festival, you can find out where you need to be for your Masterclass, Guided Tour or Side Event simply by checking out the official OMR App (more info to follow in the confirmation email).

If you want to attend OMR24, then get you ticket, which you can do here.

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