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Ticket FAQs

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How can I be part of the OMR Festival 2024?

You can choose between 2 different tickets: the OMR24 Festival Pass and the Finance Forward Conference Ticket. With both tickets, you get access to the OMR Festival 2024 as a visitor on May 07 & 08. Another exciting opportunity: Be part of the crew and get exclusive insights from the OMR Festival. Contribute your strengths in the different work areas, gain valuable experience and make new contacts. On top, you will get access to Crew World, a fair salary, and a certificate. If this is something for you, please contact us at

Which payment methods can I choose from?

The following payment methods are available to you when ordering tickets for the #OMR24: PayPal - Mastercard - Visa - SEPA - purchase on account - American Express

Where can I redeem the promo code?

You can find the field for the promo code in the ticket shop in the bottom left corner. Confirm entering your code, select the number of tickets and accept the terms and conditions. Go on to the ticket data and follow the ordering process to the end and you're done. The ticket will be sent to you directly by email and you can view it in the dashboard of your myOMR account.

Can I buy tickets for other people or fill in the ticket details later?

Of course. Simply select the appropriate number of tickets, accept the terms and conditions, and go to "Ticket data". Then you can enter the relevant data in the tickets. The people then receive the ticket directly by email. If you are not yet sure who should receive a ticket, you can simply click "Fill in ticket later." The ticket then remains in the dashboard of your myOMR account until you have entered the relevant data.

Not all my purchased tickets are displayed in the dashboard - what is the reason?

If you enter a mail address in the ticket data when purchasing a ticket that already has a myOMR account, the ticket will automatically be linked to this account. So don't be surprised if you don't see all your purchased tickets in your dashboard. Feel free to contact the person whose ticket is not displayed in your dashboard first. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

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