These companies will be in Hamburg for #OMR24—and their calendars are filling up fast

Get the most out of your visit to #OMR24 and connect with leading digital companies, including Asana, Salesviewer and 998 others

Beim OMR Festival am 7. und 8. Mai in der Hamburg Messe werden wieder 70.000 Besuchende erwartet (Foto: OMR / Peter Kröninger).

On May 7 & 8, the OMR Festival will open its doors for #OMR24. As we’re fewer than 8 weeks out, it’s about time you start planning your time in Hamburg. That includes making appointments with our exhibiting companies. Read on to find out how and a sample of who’s on hand at this year’s event.

Over the past few months, we've been busy with numerous speaker drops. If you happened to miss one of our eleventy announcements, here’s a taste of what and who you missed: the world’s biggest influencer and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian, OMR stalwart/marketing prof. Scott Galloway, tech journalist Kara Swisher and star podcaster and author Tim Ferriss, plus legendary music producer Rick Rubin. For a complete list, check out the lineup of speakers here.

The Timetable with our lineup of confirmed speakers, Masterclasses, Guided Tours and Side Events will launch in a few weeks. Until then, our recommendation is to check out our list of exhibitors—that should keep you busy for a minute: we’ve got roundabout 1000 exhibiting companies coming to Hamburg.

If you see a company in the list below that you want to connect with, just click the logo and you’ll be redirected to their company profile, where you can contact them via the contact form. Start making appointments today and get the most out of your #OMR24 visit.

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