Rick Rubin, Mrs. Bella and Bryan Johnson are all coming to OMR24!

Titan of music, influencer vet and longevity trailblazer—the next trio of top speakers for OMR24 drops today!

Rick Rubin, Mrs. Bella und Bryan Johnson werden bei OMR24 sprechen.

When putting together our speaker lineup for the OMR Festival, we're always on the lookout for outliers. People who've achieved greatness or are at the very least 99%-percentile outcome types. Our trio today most certainly fits that bill. We've got a titan of creativity, music mogul and music—who by his own admission has no idea how to use a soundboard and is completely devoid of musical talent. Then we have a Youtube star from waaay back, who's still churning out content to legions of fans, around which she's built a sizeable cosmetic business. And last. but not least, we have a former tech entrepreneur turned longevity freak, who has decided that dying is stupid is and a technical problem that human ingnuity can solve.

If you don't want to miss your chance to see these outliers, be sure to get your ticket to the OMR Festival 2024 right here. The Festival, as per usual, will take place in Hamburg, Germany at the Hamburg Exhibition Center. The exact date for OMR24 is May 7 & 8—so mark that down in your calendar. This is drop 2. Click here for a looksie at who's already committed to OMR24. Alright, enough chit-chat. On with the drop.

Founder, producer, master of creativity

A legend in the music scene, Rubin has worked with a who’s-who of stars from the genres of hip-hop to heavy metal to country and pop—giving him a very strong claim to most-influential music producer ever. He’s produced multiple platinum albums and groundbreaking tracks by some of the world’s biggest artists, including Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Adele, Slayer, Imagine Dragons, Lana Del Rey, Run DMC and Black Sabbath. Rubin founded seminal hip-hop label Def Jam, which he ran out of his NYU dorm. Under his watch, Def Jam released major hits by LL Cool J and Public Enemy, which had an impact on hip-hop that is impossible to overstate. He went on to found American Recordings, through which he catapulted Johnny Cash back into the mainstream toward the end of the Man in Black’s storied career.

His noted, stripped-down producing style has yielded Rubin a total of nine Grammys in his career to date. From 2007 to 2013, he served as Co-Chairman of Columbia Records, revamping the company’s artist portfolio and helping transition its business dealings into the digital space. This year, Rubin released his first book, the #1 New York Times and The Sunday Times bestseller, The Creative Act. It will soon be translated into 35 languages. Rubin also launched his latest podcast, Tetragrammaton, which consistently ranks among the top Arts podcasts on Apple and Spotify and features some of the world’s most creative artists, innovators, and trailblazers from Rosalía to Rory Sutherland.

Youtube and Instagram and bella vita?

Among the top tier of beauty content creators in Germany, Mrs. Bella is a Youtube star from the platform's very early days. In fact, since publishing her first video in 2014, she's transformed her hobby into a full-fledged business and is now firmly among Germany's largest beauty content creators. She regularly publishes hair and makeup tutorial, vlogs, beauty hacks and Q&As to her predominantly female fan base. And the strategy is working: across Instagram, TikTok and Youtube, she's followed by more than 3 million fans.

Together with well-known beauty brands Bh Cosmetics, Neo Nails and Newsha, she has launched her own cosmetic products in Germany. Through her online shop she she sells ear rings and clothing. Hailing from Düsseldorf, she published her first book in 2018 titled “Contour & Confidence,” which became a Spiegel Bestseller.

111 pills a day to keep the Grim Reaper away

Dubbed the “world’s most measured human,” Bryan Johnson is a longevity freak who puts his money—and 111 pills every day—where his mouth is. The 46 year old follows a strict regimen and diet, eating all of his meals before noon, hitting the sack every night at 8:30 PM (no exceptions) and measuring pretty much every single vital sign imaginable daily. Why? To channel his inner Ponce de Leon and break the spell of aging. calls the mission “Project Blueprint,” under the aegis of which he has published his measurements and vitals since 2021. Soon, he’ll be taking his blueprint public and offering the “Blueprint Starter Kit.”

The returns thus far are promising: He says he only ages 9 months a year, which puts him on a pace similar to that of an 18 year old. His heart is said to be 37, bones and skin 28 and his lungs 18. In fact, his blood is identical in age to that of his 18-year-old son. He's able to finance the proejct thanks to a substantial windfall from the sale of his previous venture, Venmo, which he sold to Paypal in 2013 for USD 800m. In addition to Blueprint, Johnson founded neuroscience company Kernel and the OS Fund, through which he has invested over USD 100m in science-based startups—current value: north of USD 6b. At OMR24, he’ll be talking with us via satellite—long trips across the pond do not jive with his meticulously planned daily routine.

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