The OMR Festival Crew is looking forward to your support as a professional specialist. Be part of the OMR crew and use your expertise as an OMR Crew Professional. Be part of the OMR Festival on 06 and 07 May 2025. To be a Crew Professional, you need a trade licence. Subscribe to our newsletter and be informed about the start of the application process. We are looking forward to welcome you.

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Cook (Kitchen / Grill / Sushi)
Kitchen Assistant
Logistics Specialist
Forklift Driver
Food Truck Supervisor / Event Manager
Truck Driver
Photographer / Videographer / Content Creator
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Why you should to be part of the team

  • Cross-industry networking
  • New challenges
  • Fair pay, based on your skillset
  • Access to exclusive Speaker & Crew area
  • Crew catering included
  • Access to the entire Festival grounds and scores of interesting insights into the digital economy

A look back at #OMR23—through the eyes of the crew

Pictures do say more than 1000 words, just take a look at the crew recap and see for yourself:

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Can't find a job that suits your skillset, but you'd still like to join?

We have something for everyone in the OMR crew—even if you have no special previous experience, we welcome you at the accreditation desk, at the bars or in our on-call teams.


Crew FAQs

Everything you need to know about joining the OMR Crew

Do I need a trade license?

Yes, in order to work for us on account you need a corresponding trade license that matches your job at the festival.

Who can join the OMR Festival Crew?

We are thrilled that you want to be part of the OMR Festival Crew! For us at OMR, the Festival is the highlight of the year. As such, we are excitedly looking forward to the upcoming Festival with a diverse and highly motivated Crew. Want to see what awaits you? Then check out the OMR23 Crew Recap Trailer.

How can I apply?

You can easily apply to be part of the #OMR24 Crew through our website. Step 1: Fill out the application form with your personal details and preferences. Step 2: We will contact you by phone for a short introduction and if there is a match for both parties, we will talk to you about possible areas of work and shifts. You are also welcome to call us to speed up the process. Step 3: Fill in your billing information in your account and sign your contract digitally. Step 4: Save the date! Be sure to add May 7 & 8, 2024 to your calendar, read the crew updates regularly and look forward to being a part of OMR24 🎉

As part of the crew, do I get full access to the OMR Festival?

Of course! Outside of your shifts, you can see the entire site with all exhibitors and OMR stages, spontaneously take part in masterclasses or a guided tour, celebrate at the live concerts or stand parties in the evening or experience the exclusive crew retreat. If capacity bottlenecks are to be expected, visitors may be granted preferential admission to some areas. Excluded for the crew is access to the Finance Forward conference.

Questions? Then drop us a line!

Robin Schmall

Crew Management

+49 (0)40 209 310 813