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Klar as the "Single Source of Truth" is providing you with all insights in your eCommerce business that you need to make data-based decisions and profitably scale your business. By integrating all datasources and customising them to your reality, you get the full picture with eCommerce-optimised reports covering acquisition, retention and profitability. Successful brands like Snocks, yfood or Armed Angels use Klar to allocate their Marketing budget where it actually converts, by revealing the real value of each touchpoint on a customer journey across channels - using first and zero-party data only. Dive deep into your profitability, analyse your customers' monetisation and identify your top creatives and influencers - all in one software.


eCommerce Data & Benchmarks - How Snocks, yfood & Blackroll leverage their data to unlock profitable growth

Tue, May 9th

14:30 - 16:00

Masterclass Track 26

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