Dagmara Kazakov

Dagi Bee | Creator & Entrepreneur | Speaker

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 DagiBee is one of the biggest German-speaking influencers. She’s also an inspiring example of not only social media success, but also how to leverage that fame and build flourishing brands as an entrepreneur. While her community is Almost twelve million strong online, her influence extends beyond YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok and co. In addition to the well-known make-up brand "Beetique,” her music label "23HOURS" and her own fashion brand "CASA MARA," she is ushering in a revolution in the oat milk industry with her latest brand OWIES.

Dagmara Kazakov at OMR

From hype to hate: DagiBee on scandals, business fails and negative press on the road to success

Wed, May 8th

08:05 - 08:25

Blue / Food Stage