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Even as CEO of Douglas, Tina Müller defined the term "beauty" much more broadly than a traditional perfumery did at the time. In her new role as CEO at the natural cosmetics company Weleda, she applies this understanding directly to products. In addition to natural cosmetics, the Swiss company also offers medicinal products. Müller now wants to take Weleda to the next level. Her CV speaks for itself: although her roots lie in the consumer goods industry, as CMO the manager managed to refresh the image of car manufacturer Opel ("Umparken im Kopf"). At Weleda, Müller wants to use the new #Focus_GrowthThatMatters strategy to modernize the company and enable sustainable growth at the same time. She also regularly demonstrates how marketing works on her own behalf: with more than 225,000 followers, she is one of the German voices with the widest reach on LinkedIn. "

Tina Müller at OMR

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Tue, May 7th

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