Guided Tours and politics at OMR18

Guided Tours at OMR18
Guided Tours at OMR18

And down the stretch we come! In just four weeks, OMR18 will be kicking off! Today we’re taking a look at some Guided Tours and our very special panel discussion on Digital Policy in the EU. But first things first: if you haven’t got your ticket yet, get your Expo or All-incl. ticket.

Be sure to act fast. They’re disappearing quick and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Read on to learn more about the EU political landscape and the first few Guided Tours on the agenda for this March 22 & 23 in Hamburg.

40,000 established and aspiring marketing pros, 300 top-level exhibitors, 300 a-list speakers, 120 Masterclasses, 3 keynote stages and 2 epic parties. Sounds too good to be true, but when OMR18 kicks off at the Hamburg exhibition hall in four weeks—it’s reality. Go ahead, pinch yourself. The lineup stands. To get you ready for two epic days of networking, insights and inspiration, we’ve told you about Conference speakers
once and and even twice, then we told you about our 300+ exhibitors and about some of our Masterclasses—today it’s all about Guided Tours and Side Events.

Guided Tours

Guided Tours are insider trips across OMR Expo on March 22 & 23 in Hamburg. Online marketing experts will lead you in small groups to various thematically grouped exhibitors and giving you an inside look at the digital marketing scene. And of course, our guides will be including plenty of panache with off-the-cuff comments, impromptu rankings, personal anecdotes or entertaining stories. 

This March 22 and 23 over 40,000 marketing aficionados will be dropping by the Hamburg exhibition center for OMR18. To make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by the 300 exhibitors and to help you find the exhibitors and brands that are most relevant to your business needs, be sure to take a look at what our Guided Tours have to offer. Step 2: be accepted as a participant. The registration phase starts March 5—don’t worry, we’ll remind you again before the pre-registration phase begins.

“Data Driven & Programmatic Advertising” with Lothar Krause (Eng.)

When: Thu., 22.03., 11:00 – 11:45 / Do., 22.03., 14:45 – 15:30

Lothar Krause

Lothar Krause


“Data Driven & Programmatic Advertising”

tour is aimed at all marketing managers looking to put their display budgets to good use. Lothar Krause is a true expert when it comes to the latest developments and trends in Programmatic Advertising. As one of the very first members of Berlin-based programmatic pros Sociomantic, Lothar helped shape the company’s global expansion and product development endeavours. In 2013, he founded the company’s experts global consultancy team, Global Advisory, where he continues to be active to this day. Before joining Sociomantic, Lothar worked at companies such as eBay, zanox and Zalando in leading positions. He is a regular on the speaking circuit, where he shares his knowledge from his 15 years of online marketing experience.

“Quickwins” with Andre Alpar (German)

When: Thu., March 22, 11:30 – 12:15 / Fri., March 23, 12:15 – 1:00 PM

Andre Alpar

Andre Alpar


“Quickwins” tour 

is aimed at marketers focused on search, but who are also keeping their eyes on tomorrow. Andre is one of Germany’s most experienced SEO experts. Andre founded international SEO consulting firm AKM3, which employs over 100 in Berlin. In 2014, ZenithOptimedia quired a majority holding. Andre engineered the growth of SEO operations for Rocket Internet, as well as various other portfolio companies. He is active as a Business Angel and organizes the online marketing conference “OMCap” held every year in Berlin.

“German Market Overview” with Jan Bechler

When: Thu., March 22, 1:30 – 2:15 / Fri., March 23, 11:00 – 11:45
Jan Bechler OMR18 The German Market Overview tour is perfect for anyone who’s unfamiliar with the hidden digital champions on the German market. It is also one of our premiere Guided Tours in English! Jan Bechler knows his way around the German digital landscape. He has founded several successful companies, regularly perform strategic consultant services and is currently Chief Digital Officer at Hamburg creative agency thjnk. Furthermore, he’s been active at OMR for years in a variety of roles. At OMR18, Jan will give you a crash course on select German companies whose name may be unfamiliar to you, but can help boost your online marketing business no matter where you’re active.

“Content Marketing & Storytelling” with Marius Darschin (German)

When: Thu., March 22, 3:15 – 4:00 PM

Marius Darschin

Marius Darschin


“Content Marketing & Storytelling”

tour is aimed anyone who’s looking for excellent content. Marius Darschin has been Managing Director at Gruner + Jahr’s content marketing agency Territory, where he oversaw the entire content strategy for the 2 years prior. In his new role, he will steer all brand content activities at Territory’s locations in Hamburg and Munich. Before joining Territory, Marius’ previous stops included Opel, among other places, where he was Head of Brand Strategy.

Do you and your company find our current tours not specific enough and tailored to meet your needs? Then drop our sales colleagues a line at They can help you with a private tour—just for you, your colleagues and partners of course. Deadline is March 2. 

OMR gets political

When: Thu., March 22, 5:05 – 5:40

We know, we know. If you’re having a bunch of friends over for a big party, you don’t usually want to get political. But with the changing political landscape, we decided to make an exception. Mark it in your calendar.

Global policy makers are taking an active interest in online marketing and digital business models like never before. To shed light on the current state of things, we invited Andrus Ansip, Vice President of the European Commission, to the Big Picture stage at OMR18 to answer your questions. As VP of the European Commission, Mr. Ansip oversees the EU’s endeavors to advance the European market. What has become of his promise to eliminate geo-blocking within the EU? Where does Europe stand on the current digital marketplace? Where does Europe need to improve? SPD secretary general and digital-policy specialist Lars Klingbeil, Tijen Onaran, founder of “Global Digital Women” and French campaign strategist Guillaume Liegey will challenge the EU politician in this digital policy panel.

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