Today is go time! The application phase for Masterclasses and Guided Tours


Since their inception five years ago, Masterclasses and Guided Tours have been one of the central foramts at the OMR Festival. At OMR22, you can not only expect them back and better than ever, but when the Festival takes over the Hamburg Exhibition Center this May 17 and 18, there will be more Masterclasses and Guided Tours than ever before. Starting today, you can apply to attend your favorite 90-minute seminar (Masterclasses) and 45-minute expert-led Expo walks (Guided Tours). Read on to find out how you can apply right now to attend.

The OMR Festival is finally returning in 2022 with 60,000 attendees, over 800 speakers, 1000 exhibitors & partners and live concerts closing out the festivitities each evening. What you can expect to see on the Conference Stage, our Expo Stages (here and here) and the 5050 stage is set for the most part. And now, you can start planning your days in detail by applying to attend Masterclasses and Guided Tours. Please note that to ensure quality both formats have limited capacity and you need to apply to attend. You’ll receive confirmation of which of the 200 Masterclasses and 70 Guided Tours you can attend by mail. 

Here’s how the application phase for Masterclasses and Guided Tours works

As you can see in the image above, there are only two steps to apply for a spot in Masterclasses and Guided Tours. First and foremost, you need either a Festival Pass or an Expo Pass for the OMR Festival (for Festival Pass-holders two Masterclass or Guided Tour spots are guaranteed). Please note that your ticket needs to be connected to your myOMR account. Step 2: the application. Just go to the Masterclass or Guided Tour timetable and find the class or tour of your choice. Just be sure that these do not overlap. 

In your personal myOMR account (you’ll find it to the upper right on, you’ll find the application tool. You may apply to attend a maximum of six Masterclasses or Guided Tours (three per day). The application phase runs from April 19 to May 8 2022. More than enough time for you to find what you are looking for to elevate your marketing. On May 13, you will then receive an email from us informing you of which Masterclasses and Guided Tours you have been accepted to attend.

We will be presenting the Masterclasses and Guided Tours in greater detail in the coming days and weeks—a great resource for helping you decide. Until then, take a look at the Masterclass and Guided Tours timetables. 

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