Masterclasses and Guided Tours at OMR Festival 2022


Masterclasses and Guided Tours are among the most popular activities at every OMR Festival. The former delivers in-depth insights in 90-minute seminar-style presentations on the most important digital marketing topics, while the latter gives you a chance to get your bearings at the Festival with a 45-minute thematic stroll with experts around the Festival, stopping at exciting exhibitors. Starting today, you can peruse the two timetables, start to plan your days at the Festival and then apply to attend your favs starting April 19, 2022. 

Class is in session

First things first: Here you can check out the plethora of Masterclasses that are confirmed for OMR 2022. Be sure to check back in regularly, as there will be some late additions—just like there are every year. And with 200+ Masterclasses, we recommend you use the filter function to sort the Masterclasses by topic.  

Application Phase: starting April 19, 2022

On April 19, the application phase will launch and continue through May 8. Here, it’s not first-come, first-serve. Instead, you will have approximately three weeks to apply to the Masterclasses you want to attend. If you have already purchased your Festival Pass or Expo Pass (or your ticket to the FUTURE MOVES – New Mobility Summit or FFWD-Konferenz), you can apply to attend a maximum of 6 Masterclasses. Everyone in possession of a Festival Pass is guaranteed to receive at least two Masterclass spots. 

The week before the Festival, you will receive confirmation of which Masterclass(es) you may attend. All that is then left to do is to show up to your Masterclass track on time. 

Stretch your legs and fuel your mind with Guided Tours

Guided Tours are also back in 2022. Our team of industry experts will lead you around the Exhibition Center on 45-minute thematically-clustered walking tours stopping off at interesting and exciting exhibitors. Every tour will provide you with the ins and outs of the topic, as guides share their experiences and insights from the space. Today, the Guided Tours is now live, as well. There will be roundabout 70 Guided Tours—more than twice as many as OMR19. Securing your spot on a Guided Tour is the same as with the Masterclasses: The application phase starts on April 19 and ends May 8 and you may apply to attend with any ticket category.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to pick up your ticket to OMR Festival 2022 and mark April 19 in your calendars. 

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