OMR22 is now history. Let’s take a quick look back at two epic days in Hamburg.

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What a ride! 70,000 visitors, 800+ speakers, 1000 partners and exhibitors, Masterclasses, Guided Tours, the Conference, Future Moves, Finance Forward and all the other stages, parties and surprises. It was worth the wait and an absolute blast. We’re still coming down from the adrenaline high, exhausted, euphoric, and full of gratitude. Before we sign off, here are some of the highlights from 2 days of OMR. 

Quentin Tarantino and Ashton Kutcher headline the Conference

Where else could we really start than with Hollywood heavyweights Ashton Kutcher and Quentin Tarantino? Kutcher spoke with tech journalist Kara Swisher, and co-host of the number 1 business podcast in the US, about how to affect positive change in the world, with commerce, through investing and with activism. When Quentin took the stage, he not only shared anecdotes from his filmmaking career, but also raised significant concerns about the impact of Netflix on cinema.

Short-seller by day, whistleblower by night—Fraser Perring on the inaugural FinanceForward Stage

As far as smoking guns go, Fraser Perring published a howitzer that brought the Wirecard scandal to light. His investigative work catapulted the short-seller into widespread prominence. On the Finance Forward stage he talked about Wirecard and went off on Tesla—they couldn’t be on the brink of failure, could they? 

Future Moves –

Musician, tech investor and entrepreneur. is a many of many talents. On stage at the first-ever FUTURE MOVES Mobility Conference, he talked at length about his investment strategy, what he looks for in such opportunities, trends that he’s keeping his eyes on and what he think the mobility of tomorrow will be.

Just say Yes Theory on the Yellow Stage

On inspiration and positivity, it’s hard to top Max and Ammar. Ammar, co-founder of Yes Theory, and Max, humanitarian, adventurer, crisis management specialist and event organizer, talked about how they mobilized their massive community for Team Ukraine Love to raise nearly a million in monetary donations and transparency through social media. BTW: if you missed Max and Ammar on the Yellow Stage, they’ll be in the OMR Podcast next week. Stay tuned.

One last time, before we take a break and start looking towards OMR23, here are some top shots from OMR22. Thank you again for coming, for sticking with us through the hiatus and for making OMR the thriving community that it is.

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