“I don’t give a sh*t about legacy.”

Bob Greenberg R/GA
Bob Greenberg R/GA

Agency legend Bob Greenberg on the OMR Podcast

Bob Greenberg OMR Podcast

R/GA-Founder Bob Greenberg.

He’ll soon be 70 and still doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Bob Greenberg, R/GA founder is a legend among ad agencies—although he could care less about his legacy. Guest host and Thjnk founder Michael Trautmann sat down to talk with Bob on the OMR Podcast to find out why he likes repositioning the company once every nine years, his thoughts on Gary Vaynerchuk and which companies could make the leap and join the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

“I think R/GA might be the hottest digital agency in the world right now,” says Michael Trautmann introducing Bob Greenberg. As the founder of Thjnk, a Hamburg-based design agency, Trautmann knows first hand what Greenberg is all about, what he does and what his legacy is. Hear Bob in his own words here:

Bob Greenberg on the OMR Podcast, show notes:

  • How did he become and entrepreneur? (0:59)
  • Why does he change R/G’s business model every nine years? (4:29)
  • Why did R/GA invest in 50 companies this year? (13:55)
  • How does he feel about “decoupling,” the current trend among agencies to specialize in idea development, production etc.? (17:00)
  • What is his management philosophy? (19:40)
  • What projects is he particularly proud of? (ab 22:20)
  • What are his thoughts on the big four and possible competitors for Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple? (26:55)
  • What companies could make the leap into the top-4? (29:07)
  • What can agencies do to improve viability and increase their chances of survival? (31:31)
  • How does he see data changing the way we live moving forward? (33:05)
  • What does he remember about his first meeting with Gary Vaynerchuk and how does he value a strong personal brand? (36:40)
  • Last April, R/GA opened an office in Berlin under the direction of ex-Razorfish CEO Sascha Martini. What are his targets and goals from the German market? (40:35)

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