Tokio Hotel and Ski Aggu—Today, we're dropping the first two live acts for the OMR Festival 2024

Scott Peterson12/12/2023

Tokio Hotel and Ski Aggu headline the first round of artists—but will by no means be the last

The latest installment of the OMR Festival is set to take place on May 7 & 8, 2024. Known for a mix of insights, learnings and actionable strategies you can use to take your marketing to the next level, the OMR Festival also knows how let its proverbial hair down. With the first two speaker drops, we’ve highlighted the work, today it's all about play with our first artists drop.

For everyone at OMR, we're already well into preparations for OMR24 and announced a couple of speaker drops featuring tech journalist Kara Swisher, 4-Hour-Workweek author and podcaster extraordinaire Tim Ferriss, legendary music producer Rick Rubin and top German influencer Mrs. Bella. Click here for an overview of all the speakers.

We've been doing this for over a decade now (#OMG!), as such take it from us that the closer we get to the start of the Festival, the more likely it is that the event is sold out and that rooms in and around Hamburg are nowhere to be found. If you don't wanna miss out on this year's lineup, safety first: better to get your ticket today than to put it off and run the risk of being left with nothing save a healthy dose of filthy FOMO.

Based in Hollywood; Made in Germany

"At an all-time high!" That's what Tokio Hotel frontman and founding member Bill Kaulitz said about the state of his band in 2023. Quite the statement, when you consider the band's past. For over two decades, the original Tokio Hotel lineup of Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav have held strong. However, much has changed since their initial breakthrough thanks to the debut single "Durch den Monsun." The one-time boy band has long since become an internationally successful, and serious, music act winning over 115 awards and selling more than seven million albums in 68 countries. The quartet's most recent release, "2001," dropped in 2022—as did Tom and Bill's hit podcast, "Kaulitz Hills - Senf aus Hollywood."

That same year, the boys from Magdeburg embarked on a sold-out European tour, headlined Christopher Street Day, and recorded live podcasts at venues including the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. Since this September, Bill and Tom have been judges on "The Voice of Germany." If that weren't enough they're also bonafide Tiktok stars in South America. "All Time High" certainly seems apt. But what is perhaps even more important amidst all the hype: Tokio Hotel finally seems to be experiencing the acceptance and popularity that the band has always yearned for. While the quartet refrains from making any predictions about what's next, Bill did drop a tasty tidbit: "We're keen on features, keen to try out new things and to surprise and challenge ourselves musically."

Genz Z's newest rap superstar

Ski Aggu is a proper phenom. Since notching a viral hit in October 2022 with party track "Party Sahne" (party cream)—which has subsequently been certified gold—he's been flying high. A mainstay in Spotify's Top 50, number 1 singles and records and sold-out tours are just a few of his accolades. He's also amassed quite the engaged following, as evinced by its role in securing the rights to a sample of a well-known bit by legendary German comedian Otto. Not only did the community succeed, but Otto himself voiced and showed his support, appearing in both the music video and performing alongside Ski at Splash, Germany's biggest hip-hop festival.

You’d be hard pressed to find another artist who captures the Berlin lifestyle and zeitgeist of Gen Z as authentically as Ski Aggu does with his lyrics, music videos and social media appearances. Hailing from the Berlin Hinterland of Wilmersdorf, Ski's West Berlin style meshes quips, technique and a laid back flow on lyrics that showcase his genuine lust for life.

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