Wanna beef up your conversions? Try a clever targeting campaign with all the fixins


Clever copy, inside jokes and burger close-ups: an inside look at how clever Facebook ads turned into 30K burgers and €500K of revenue in just a year

All throughout Germany, the so-called burger boom is in full effect. The only thing greater than Germans’ appetites for burgers is the sheer number of places they can get their fix. But with a flooded market and competitors as plentiful as toppings, how can newcomers gain traction? Three friends from Germany gave Facebook ads a shot and ended up flipping 30K burgers for half a mil in less than 12 months. Online Marketing Rockstars took a closer look at the burger triumvirate to learn more about their recipe for success.
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Become a B2B influencer in 30 days—how to generate 1.5 million views in a month

Charles Chu’s got the answers—and used them on Quora to nab 30K newsletter subscribers

Charles Chu Quora

Charles Chu chewing on a pen

If you have a question, Quora has the answer. At its essence, Quora is Q&A platform where users ask, answer, edit and organize user questions—while promoting their own projects or companies in the process. In the past four weeks, one industrious marketing expert put his knowledge to good use to generate 1.5 million views and over 30K subscribers to his newsletter. Posting such prolific figures begs the question: Can I profit from the same growth hacks? The answer is… The answer is yes.
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Kneel before the German Instagram Queen

Fitness Instagrammer Pamela Reif has 2.5 million followers—a level of popularity reached otherwise only by pro athletes

Instagrammerin Pamela Reif auf einem Hausdach.

Pamela Reif is one of the most popular German Instagrammers. (Image: Pulse Advertising)

With hardly anyone taking notice, 19-year-old head-turner Pamela Reif from Karlsruhe, Germany has established herself as one of the most influential Instagrammers in the country. Her 2.5 million followers put her ahead of such high-profile celebs as top model Stefanie Giesinger or soccer star Thomas Müller. We spoke with Reif and shed light on her success.
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How Two 13-Year-Old Girls Built Germany’s Most Successful Instagram Account

Lisa and Lena: two million fans in just four months

It’s an unprecedented story of success. In less than four months, Lisa and Lena, 13-year-old twin sisters from the Stuttgart area, amassed approx. two million fans on Instagram and musical.ly, the music app beloved by teenagers. We took a closer look at their performance, before speaking to the girls, as well as their agent, and discovered there is much more than meets the eye.

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