Straight from the source: Gary Vee in the new OMR Podcast


Gary Vaynerchuk talks about his brand and his Facebook shares in the new OMR podcast

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

CEO of a $100-million digital media agency, angel investor, author of bestsellers and entrepreneur. Despite all that, most people know Gary Vaynerchuk as a social media personality with 1.4 million Facebook fans. In the new OMR podcast, he took the time to tell us how he built up his personal brand, how much time he invests daily in social media and what his primary goal in life is.

“I ate shit for 13 years”

In the new OMR Podcast with Philipp Westermeyer, Gary talks about how he saved all of his income from the family business, a corner wine shop that he turned into an eCommerce business. All with the goal of one day owning the New York Jets. At present, he seems to be rapidly approaching his goal. His digital agency Vaynermedia was just purchased by PureWow, a successful US publisher specializing in female target groups (3.7 million monthly visits according to Similar Web). The Wall Street Journal is planning on launching a media company with Gary through a new subsidiary The Gallery. For his part, Gary is planning on selling off more of his businesses in the future.

“I don’t create content, I just document my day.”

Gary opens up on how he is able to remain as active on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram will also running a media agency. “I don’t create content, I just document my day.” He has an entire team constantly filming him in case he says something clever and useful. “I spend all of my time and none of my time on my brand.” But he still handles communicating with his fans himself.

Building up such a powerful brand has its advantages: “I learn everyday and apply it to my wine business and my agency,” says Gary. His fame helped him acquire a massive amount of Facebook and Twitter stock. He acquired his Facebook shares from Mark Zuckerberg’s parents—for a fraction of what they are worth today. Shares that were worth hundreds of thousands that are now valued in the millions.

In closing, Gary shares with us some of his quick wins for 2017: “Facebook ads and influencer marketing are the best deals in marketing at the moment.” Here, you can amass a huge reach for cheap. Furthermore, he shared with us which TV show he’ll be appearing in with Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow, which platform will be the next big thing and what you can look forward to at his appearance at OMR Festival 2017.

OMR Festival 2017 is just around the corner

A quick word about what we’ve got coming up—Online Marketing Rockstars Festival 2017. 25,000 marketing movers and shakers will be at OMR Festival 2017 this March 2 & 3 in Hamburg, Germany. Visitors can meet and mingle with new companies at the Expo on March 2 and take in some big names on stage at the Conference on March 3. In addition to Gary, Youtube megastar Casey Neistat, Tamara Lohan, Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, Bruce Dickinson and many more will be live on stage. You can find more information and purchase your ticket, here.

Here’s a topic by topic breakdown of the OMR Podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s journey from a child of Ukrainian immigrants to a champion marketer and investor with dreams of owning the New York Jets (2:27)
  • How did he build his brand on social platforms? (4:51)
  • How does Gary monetize his reach on various platforms? (7:39)
  • How does he use his personal brand to boost other businesses? (9:12)
  • How much time does he invest on his brand each day? (11:08)
  • How would he describe what he does? (12:30)
  • Did his celebrity help him acquire a large number of shares in Facebook and Twitter? (13:48)
  • How did he generate the money he used to purchase such shares? (16:49)
  • Why it’s important to be present on new platforms early on. (18:22)
  • Platforms: How are things on musically, Snapchat and Instagram? What could be the next big thing? (19:23)
  • What role do his books play? Is writing books still worthwhile? (21:02)
  • Why is it important not to outsource social media activities?(21:53)
  • How does he plan on reaching his goal of one day buying the New York Jets? And what does that say about his character? (22:51)
  • Is it risky having his companies dependent on his name and energy? (24:25)
  • “Planet of the Apps:” Along with Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and (Black Eyed Peas), Gary is a panelist on a reality TV show. (26:13)
  • What are the current “quick wins” in marketing? (26:42)
  • What’s it like walking through New York as Gary Vaynerchuk? (28:22)
  • What can people in attendance look forward to hearing at the Online Marketing Rockstars Conference on March 3? What will Gary be sharing on stage? (30:13)
  • Who are some of Gary’s influences? Who are some speakers we need to know? (31:18)

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