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Learn from the pros: Our speakers have put together a perfectly coordinated program on the various topics.

Sarah Böning

Sarah Böning

Founder | Talent Centric

Dr. Tim Wiegels

Dr. Tim Wiegels

Founder & CEO | Tim Wiegels Data Solutions - Data Strategy & Leadership on Demand

Nina Pry

Nina Pry

Head of Corporate Development [Brand & People] | Belonio

Marcus Merheim

Marcus Merheim

Founder & Managing Partner | hooman EMPLOYER MARKETING GmbH

Regina Goellner

Regina Goellner

Customer Success Manager DACH | OpenUp

Kálmán Györy

Kálmán Györy

Global Recruitment Manager | Personio

Sandra Strauss

Sandra Strauss

CPO | Urban Sports Club

Dimitri Knysch

Dimitri Knysch

Co-CEO | Cammio


Each conference day focuses on a specific topic.

March 12: Employer Branding (finished)

Gain insights into exciting employer branding cases.

09:00 - 09:45: Employer Branding 101 - How do companies get the thread through the needle? (Marcus Merheim, hooman EMPLOYER MARKETING)

In this talk, Marcus clarifies the question "What is employer branding and why is it even necessary for companies?" with you. He will discuss the definition of the term, basic information and how to get started. He also explains how the process should be designed and what role the team plays in it.

09:45-10:25: MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON (Lisa Augusciak, McDonald's)

10:25-11:05: Creativity > Money - how we score on social media with a small budget (Benjamin Brümmer & Ronald Radeke, Polizei Berlin)

Whether it's a free but successful SEO campaign or a soccer match against the social media phenomenon "Delay Sports": The social recruiting team at the Berlin Police Department relies on creative ideas instead of lavish budgets to inspire young people to become police officers and strengthen the Berlin Police brand among the young target group. A strategy with success, as the millions of views on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube show. The team behind the channel talks to us about what they have learned over the past two years and provides exciting insights.

11:10-11:50: From vision to reality: The role of recruiting & employer branding at Breuninger's flagship opening in Hamburg (Florian Chitic, Breuninger)

The opening of the new Breuninger flagship store in Hamburg brings with it a number of challenges in employer branding. The process includes the creation of a talent pool and the integration of up to 200 employees. The unique challenges of the retail sector are addressed. Recruiting solutions are presented, including how to identify and select the best talent. Special emphasis is placed on fostering a strong team culture as an integral part of the integration process.

11:50-12:30: Employer branding with a small budget? Family business BabyOne shows how it's done. (Dr. Anna Weber, Babyone)

BabyOne Managing Director Dr. Anna Weber reveals how the company successfully expanded its employer branding with a small budget. She shows how the cultivation of an authentic corporate culture, the creative use of social media and the activation of the workforce as brand ambassadors have tripled the number of unsolicited applications and proves that effective employer branding strategies are possible even with limited resources.

March 14: Recruiting (finished)

Get an overview of the current job market and recruiting measures.

09:00 - 09:45: Personnel selection with gut feeling? - How do we really find out whether applicants are a good fit for us? Tips for valid personnel selection (Sarah Böning, Talent Centric)

In this speaking session, Sarah will take you through various important aspects of personnel selection. She will discuss awareness of valid personnel selection and the dangers of assessment bias. She will also introduce interview techniques and give an overview of different recruitment methods. At the end, a proposal for the recruiting and interview process will be presented.

09:45 - 10:25: Panacea all-in-one or miracle cure personalization? How to achieve the breakthrough in your HR digitization (Daniel Strizeski & Christian Baier, softgarden e-recruiting GmbH)

The pursuit of simple, fast, cost-effective and uncomplicated processes in digitization is a common desire of all recruiting and HR managers. But which strategy is the right one? Should you opt for an all-encompassing tool that covers all company needs, or is it better to rely on specialized HR technologies and tailor-made recruiting processes? These questions are the focus of the presentation by Christian Baier, Key Account Manager Media, and Daniel Strizeski, Senior Account Manager SaaS. With their in-depth expertise and many years of experience in software and media, they will question existing approaches and shed light on the measures required to optimally reach talent, optimize the conversion rate and successfully transfer proven marketing strategies to recruiting. Because ultimately, it's about turning applicants into valuable employees. And a well-thought-out digitalization strategy is the key to this.

10:25 - 11:05: How Kaufland e-commerce personalizes the digital recruiting process with videos (Dimitri Knysch, Cammio & Lorena Esser, Kaufland e-commerce Services GmbH & Co. KG)

Digital talents expect innovative and flexible application and selection processes that also take place in person at eye level. Kaufland e-commerce shares their experiences and learnings from their flexible and asynchronous selection process and how they use it to speed up and improve their processes. We also want to shed light on the perspectives of hiring managers and candidates in the process, as well as give an outlook on initiatives in active sourcing and onboarding. We plan to have at least 10 minutes of Q&A with you at the end, so please register, join in and ask questions - we look forward to the exchange!

11:10 - 11:50: People-Powered Recruiting: The 5 most important steps to a successful employee referral program (Jürgen Ulbrich, Sprad)

In this session, Jürgen will unveil the secrets to leveraging employee referral programs as a game-changer in recruitment. With the shift in recruitment strategy from merely finding talent to convincingly attracting them, authentic referrals from current employees have never been more crucial. Drawing from the launch of over 100 successful programs, Jürgen will share the five key strategies that elevate these programs beyond mere functionality to remarkable success. Walk away with practical, actionable insights to transform your employee referral program into the most effective recruitment channel, fully unleashing your organization's people power for unparalleled recruitment success.

11:50 - 12:30: Win & Inspire: Active Sourcing at Marc O'Polo SE (Christine Schüssler, Marc O'Polo SE)

Find out in this 30-minute case study how we at Marc O'Polo not only identify talent through active sourcing, but also build lasting relationships. To do this, we rely on an individualized approach and smart relationship management. To specifically identify suitable candidates, we carry out target group analyses and create personas through briefing discussions with hiring managers. In addition, an authentic recruiter brand on LinkedIn supports our active sourcing process by increasing our visibility and strengthening our image as an attractive employer.

March 19: Retention (finished)

Get concrete tips and inspiration on how to strengthen employee loyalty.

09:00 - 09:45: Retention - why it's not about being tied down but about being connected (Nina Pry, Belonio)

In this talk, Nina will clarify various aspects of retention management with you. She will shed light on the current status quo and address the challenges associated with employee retention. She will also discuss the mindset required for successful employee retention and present best practices on how retention can be implemented effectively.

09:45 - 10:25: Female Leadership - How to overcome the female turnover points? 5 pillars to success! (Julia Neuen, Peaches)

Women make their careers dependent on the different phases of life they go through. Taking advantage of this as a company instead of simply ignoring these opportunities is a completely new approach in Germany that is currently finding its way into many innovative companies. How can we retain and support women emotionally in the long term in times of a shortage of skilled workers? What are the five most important points of female turnover and how can companies solve them? What special role do they play for SMEs? Look forward to a special session with an e-book and lots of tips and tricks. The future is equal!

10:25 - 11:05: Does money make you happy? Employee loyalty with salary structure (Thomas Pry, Belonio)

Belonio believes that earned wages have lost their binding power and offers a marketplace of opportunities to turn salary into that personal extra. The employee gets what is important to them and the company gains scope for appreciation and motivation.

11:10 - 11:50: Empowering managers for mental wellbeing in the workplace: The why and how (Regina Goellner, OpenUp)

In our speaking session, we will demonstrate why it is critical that leaders are equipped with the tools and resources to create a supportive environment that strengthens employee wellbeing. In addition, we will share initial ideas that can help leaders create a climate of openness, acceptance and support where employees feel comfortable and valued.

11:50 - 12:30: Countering the dynamics of loyalty with digital culture and individual learning and career paths (Norbert Barnikel, Computacenter AG)

Learn how innovative employee retention strategies, the digital 'bohemian' - and all other employees - can not only increase your loyalty but also your motivation by cultivating micro-cultures within the company. And how the transformative power of digital individual learning and career paths is contributing to the new era of employee retention

March 21: People Analytics (finished)

How people and numbers fit together: Find out how to optimize your HR management with People Analytics.

09:00 - 09:45: Universal Data Hacks: Revolutionize your HR with Strategies of Champions (Dr. Tim Wiegels, Tim Wiegels Data Solutions - Data Strategy & Leadership on Demand)

Jump with us into the world of data hacks that show that it doesn't matter where the data comes from (marketing, product or HR / people) - the concepts fit everywhere. Discover how you can use these universal strategies not only to boost customer success, but also to take your HR to a new level. We don't serve you dry theory, but real, hard-hitting practical tips that will radically change your teams and your corporate culture. Because at the end of the day, it's not the data source that counts, but what you do with it.

09:45 - 10:25: Data alone does not make HR better! Why data quality and the right handling of data are also important. (Tim Verhoeven, Indeed)

Working with data is becoming increasingly important for modern HR work. However, the basics are often overlooked. In this presentation, we will look together at the typical pitfalls in working with data and how to avoid them.

10:25 - 11:05: HR data as the key to strategic partnership: How people analytics builds the bridge between HR and CEO and takes your HR work to the next level (Kálmán Györy, Personio)

Kálmán tells you about the hurdles and challenges that HR departments face in today's world, as well as the discrepancies in the exchange with the management level. He sheds light on the importance of strategic partnerships to overcome these challenges and presents solutions that benefit both parties and have a positive impact on personal collaboration and the organization as a whole.

11:10 - 11:50: The future of talent acquisition: insights into data-driven recruiting strategies (Katharina Schulze, beyobie)

In this talk, Katharina explores the question with you: What data do you need to optimize recruiting processes? She will shed light on how talent acquisition will be shaped in a data-driven future and what role HR analytics will play in this. We will also discuss how HR analytics is changing the role of the recruiter to that of a strategic partner.

11:50 - 12:30: Efficient HR data visualization and analysis without (expensive) high-end tools (Sabrina Kosse, Bridgemaker)

In this talk, you will learn how to effectively visualize and analyze HR data and KPIs, even without expensive tools such as Power BI and with limited resources. I will show you practical methods and strategies to create meaningful and convincing data presentations using standard Office tools. You will also learn how you can effectively use these data-based insights as a basis for argumentation in decision-making processes to strengthen strategic alignment in HR.

March 26: New Work & Leadership (finished)

Discover innovative approaches and best practices to immerse yourself in the era of New Work and modern leadership.

09:00 - 09:45: NewWork & Leadership 4.0 - Only together will it work. (Sebastian Bux)

In the era of "NewWork" and "Leadership 4.0", we are experiencing a revolutionary reshaping of the world of work. "NewWork" stands for flexible structures and creative freedom, while "Leadership 4.0" represents a transformative leadership philosophy characterized by digital innovation, empathy and an agile approach. Together, they are shaping a new era that aims to optimize the way companies work and create a dynamic, motivating work culture.

09:45 - 10:25: How retention works through performance leadership development (Patrick Gromm & Max Braunleder, TAM Academy)

In our speech, we will delve into the world of modern leadership development and shed light on how companies can retain their employees in the long term through a targeted performance leadership development strategy. We will show you how modern managers can not only improve their own performance, but also optimize that of their teams.

10:25 - 11:05: Unconscious Bias Detox - Wie wir HR objektiv denken (Alexandra Kammer, Aivy)

The fact that we have to manage diversity is not a question, but a fact of life in a diverse working world. The more complex it becomes, the more difficult it is for our brain to process facts and evaluate them objectively. In this presentation, we will start with the first step on the way to overcoming unconscious bias: mindfulness in combination with knowledge of facts. Then we will look at specific tools to objectify HR processes and make them fairer in the long term. We promise: After this event, you will know what adjustments you can make to achieve social sustainability in HR!

11:10 - 11:50: It's better to be holistic than just miss the mark: How to really create an embedded wellbeing culture in the company (Sandra Strauss, Urban Sports Club)

Wellbeing in the workplace is at the heart of today's corporate culture. Corporate benefits are an effective strategy to promote the mental and physical well-being of employees while strengthening the employer brand and improving employee retention. However, even the most generous benefits fall short of their purpose if they are not carefully aligned and the company culture is not considered holistically. Using insights and examples, Urban Sports Club shows how these principles can be successfully integrated into a benefits program and implemented in corporate practice.

11:50 - 12:30: Lead by example - what kind of working world do you want to lead in? Is there actually THE one right leadership formula? (Julia Kounlavong, unwind your mind)

In her speech, Julia takes you on a journey through the challenges of the modern working world. In a world that is constantly changing, managers need multi-layered roles. Is it still appropriate to think of everything in black and white? Instead of remaining stuck in rigid pigeonholes, we should be looking for resilient and flexible approaches. Perhaps the key lies in recognizing that we can actively shape the world of work and that different situations also require different skills. Let's end the session together with the realization that self-reflection, appreciation, room for questions and clear management skills are the cornerstones of a successful leadership formula.

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