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From November 6 to November 9, OMR Digital Masterclasses presented by OMR Education are finally back. As always, we’ll be showcasing a plethora of experts and select companies all week long with sessions on every single relevant marketing topic.


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Apply to up to 6 Masterclasses from October 4 through October 18. Just open the application tool and select your ticket


Confirmation and/or rejection notices will be sent beginning October 25.


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Digital Masterclass Timetable

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DMCs Vol. 6 will include digital experts, hidden champions and a slew of exciting brands. Don’t just watch your DMC streams—join the conversation and engage in discussions with DMC speakers in the Q&A chat.


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Just like at the OMR Festival every May, we’re thrilled to have a host of innovative digital companies on board, ranging from large corporations and digital startups to SMEs. Load up on practice-oriented insights from around the industry.

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Masterclass FAQs

Should you have additional questions, please click here:

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How do I participate in the Digital Masterclasses?

To take part in the Digital Masterclasses, follow these steps: Get a free ticket from the ticket shop and make sure to have it fully personalized and linked to your myOMR account. Select your favorite Masterclasses in the timetable and apply for up to 6 Digital Masterclasses through the application tool. The application phase runs from October 4 to 18. Don’t forget to mark the DMC week in your calendar (November 6 – 9, 2023). Receive the result of your application on October 25 and find out which Digital Masterclasses you can participate in. You will also receive the link to the streaming tool by mail shortly before the DMC's.

Where can I find the Timetable for the Digital Masterclasses?

Just scroll up and click on the button "Show Timetable". There you will find an overview and details of the Digital Masterclasses. Feel free to use the filter or search function to choose your 6 favorites. The flag gives you a hint about the language of the speakers.

How many Masterclasses can I apply to?

You can apply for up to 6 Digital Masterclasses. Just get your free ticket and apply during the application phase (October 4 to 18).

Are the Digital Masterclasses held in English or German?

BOTH! As per usual, we will offer Digital Masterclasses in both German and English. Next to each class in the Timetable, you will see a flag indicating the language in which the Digital Masterclass is held.

I have a ticket but missed the application phase. Can I still take part?

We are unable to guarantee your participation without submitting an official application. However, if you write us a mail at, we will do our best to pull some strings.



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