Bryan Johnson

Blueprint, Kernel & OS Fund | Founder & CEO | Speaker

AI & Innovation

Dubbed the “world’s most measured human,” Bryan Johnson is a longevity freak who puts his money—and 111 pills every day—where his mouth is. Why? To channel his inner Ponce de Leon and break the spell of aging. He calls the mission “Project Blueprint,” under the aegis of which he has published his measurements and vitals since 2021. Soon, he’ll be taking his blueprint public and offering the “Blueprint Startet Kit.” Johnson was previously active as an entrepreneur and was best-known the founder of Venmo, which he sold to Paypal in 2013 for USD 800m. In addition to Blueprint, Johnson founded neuroscience company Kernel and the OS Fund, through which he has invested over USD 100m in science-based startups—current value: north of USD 6b. At OMR24, he’ll be talking with us via satellite—long trips across the pond do not jive with his meticulously planned daily routine.