GIX, GAFA and current marketing quick wins

What is the current state of the German online industry? Which companies are poised to make a major breakthrough? How do German companies fare compared to their major US counterparts? What are the current chances for German companies in online marketing? We set out to answer these questions and more in our OMR market study “State of the German Internet,” which we unveiled at OMR Festival 2017.


The State of the German Internet—from afar and up close

We tackled the macro for an overview of the status quo around the world, dug deep into the micro for an in-depth look at the crucial nuances for success and, of course, packed in some pointers and insight that you can incorporate into your business operations today for a “quick win.”

We live in the age of online marketing: the world’s biggest companies are digital companies; and two of them—Google and Facebook—have online marketing as their core business. But can Germany’s economy profit from the digital boom?

We provide answers on these questions and more in our “State of the German Internet.” To do so, we constructed the GIX: the German Internet Index. The GIX consists of listed German companies, which are worth over a billion euro. How did the valuation of the GIX companies develop over the past year, how did they fare compared to GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) and what are the Hidden Champions in Germany? Find the answers in the presentation below (check it out in fullscreen for maximum effect).