About NPM

The NPM Conference is a one-day event dedicated to uncovering the newest chances and opportunities from all around the digital marketing universe. Whether it’s the latest approaches, trends or untapped channels, NPM (New Platform Marketing) delivers tangible insight and knowledge to advertisers, brands, publishers, influencers and anyone else looking for an edge in their marketing. Whether it’s incorporating a new platform into your marketing mix or being the first to try out something new—being a first-mover can catapult you to the top.

Speaker 2017

Felix Jahnen

Head of Global Digital Marketing, Jägermeister

Nick Schwab

Founder, Invoked Apps

Philipp Dettmer

Founder, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Farina Opoku

Bloggerin, Novalanalove

Julian Jansen

Head of Idols, About You

Ina Fischer

Co-Founder, Pattydoo

Christian Jähnel

Co-Founder, Pattydoo

Christina Reichmann

Social Media Editor, Chefkoch.de

Stefanie Senn

SEO Manager, Chefkoch.de

Thorsten Helmes

Director Online Division, Babor

Jan Heidenreich

Chief Commercial Officer, esome advertising

Patrick Bales

Founder, Stoyo Media

Jakob Strehlow

Social Media Manager, Falkemedia

Steffen Zeller

Marketing Manager, Iglo

Florian Litterst

adsventure.de & Head of SMA, Burda Direct Interactive

Martin Gerecke

Lawyer, CMS

Bjoern Sjut

Managing Director, Finc3

Philipp Westermeyer

Co-Founder, OMR & Moderator

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