What's new?

At OMR Festival 2018,
we have the following changes in store.

2 Gates

Doors are open! To get you inside as quickly and as smoothly as possible, we have two separate gates open for OMR Festival 2018 at Hamburg Messe convention center. After years of funnelling everyone through single gate, it's about time we opened more doors.

6 Halls

Hitting on all six! Every year since we began, the OMR Festival has grown significantly every year—something that we're very happy about. We're also stoked that we could finally lease a couple of halls more at for OMR 18, putting the grand total at 6.


Class is in session! With a couple of more halls at our disposal, we will be holding even more of our in-demand Masterclasses. In fact, there will be two large areas completely dedicated to Masterclasses, which means more classes and more deep dives!

Expo Stages

Twice as nice! A single Expo stage just isn't big enough to handle all the topics and speakers we want to showcase at OMR 18. That's why this year we're filling two Expo stages on both Festival days. For some practical tips and concrete recommendations, we've got the all new "Deep Dive" stage. If you'd like new insights on strategy, visions and new paths to fine-tune your masterplan, feast your eyes on the "Big Picture" stage.

Side Events

On your side! Keeping up with growing demand, we're expanding the number of Side Events at OMR 18! Putting you in touch with people right for your business and in the right setting—away from the hustle and bustle of the Festival—is what our Side Events are all about. Whether it's a meet and greet for breakfast, making contacts over lunch or networking on a pub crawl, we'll help you tailor your Side Event to your specs.

OMR City Night

An OMR party first! Introducing OMR City Night! At a slew of select locations in and around Schanze and the Reeperbahn, OMR City Night is our way of keeping the party going—from Friday night til Saturday morning (if you're still fit enough that is ;). Partner locales include restaurants, bars and clubs, where you can construct your party plan however you want, by music, food or location. Please note: Just like in 2017, there will be live concerts for all Conference Attendees / all-incl ticketholders in 2018 in the Hall next to the Festival's "Main Event." The only difference this year is that at midnight, the music will stop—but the party won't be over! Just head over to an official OMR City Night location in Schanze or on the Reeperbahn. OMR City Night is of course also open to Expo-only attendees. Please note that we cannot guarantee entry to every location; some may charge a cover.


Plastic please! In 2017, we gave Cashless Payment a try and it was a huge success complete failure. At #OMR18, we still won't be taking cash, but you'll be able to pay everywhere by card.


Next stop: OMR Festival! All attendees arriving at Hamburg Airport or Central Station can accredit themselves at both locations. Then when you arrive at the OMR Festival in the Messe Hamburg convention center you'll get through the doors faster.


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