Two jam-packed
Festival days

THE Festival highlight in the limelight

The Conference

  • 1 Day FRI STARTS AT 8:45 AM

It’s the highlight of the year. At our annual conference, we put the industry’s biggest names, drivers and stories on Europe’s biggest stage. It’s digital marketing insight and inspiration told by the global movers and shakers making it happen.

  • Stars and hidden champions from the online marketing industry live stage
  • Invaluable insights and spot-on figures on the latest industry developments
  • Inspiration, entertainment and quick wins to boost your business
  • Each keynote followed by a Q&A with OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer
Expo Stage 1

"Deep Dive" Stage

  • 2 Days THU & FRI STARTS AT 10:00 AM

Finally! A show and tell worth being front and center for! On the “How-To” stage, successful industry pros will provide concrete tips and tricks on you how to get the most out of your marketing. It’s essentially two days of premium Masterclasses—live, on stage and free of charge.

  • Guides, tips and clever hacks for niche topics across the online marketing universe
  • Successful pros deliver operative insights and concrete recommendations
  • Sessions segmented in thematic blocks on social media, eCommerce, video, SEO and more
  • Entertaining moderation, relaxed Q&A, new insights and entertainment
Expo Stage 2

"Big Picture" Stage

  • 2 Days THU & FRI STARTS AT 10:00 AM

Go big on the “Big Picture” stage! Here, you can load up on insights, strategy and untapped possibilities—all told from a meta perspective.

  • Strategy and analysis on overriding online marketing topics
  • Concepts and insight geared to long-term success by experienced strategists
  • Creative approaches to succeed in the marketing world of tomorrow
  • Relaxed Q&A for new perspectives and inspiration
90-min deep dives


  • 2 Days THU & FRI STARTS AT 10:30 AM

OMR Masterclasses pack practice-oriented insights into 90-minute deep dives. Our marketing pros show you everything about everything on specific topics.

  • Top professionals from the industry share their experience, expertise and inside tips
  • Practical knowledge and deep insights in a workshop atmosphere
  • Masterclasses on content marketing, eCommerce, social media, video, programmatic and more
  • Pre-registration begins in February 2018.
Real inside tours

Guided Tours

  • 2 Days THU & FRI STARTS AT 11:00 AM

OMR friends and industry experts take you on Guided Tours through the Expo. Inside stories are on the house.

  • Industry pros guide you on thematic tours around the Expo to show you the latest and greatest
  • Tour themes include startups, quick wins, big budget, eCommerce and Brand Building
  • Personal stories and observations on the industry and specific exhibitors
  • Pre-registration begins in February 2018
Something for everyone

Side Events

Before and during OMR18, you can take part in one, or several, of our many Side Events that we develop, create and hold with our partners. Whether it’s a townhall, breakfast, dinner or pub-crawl down the Reeperbahn, we’ll connect you with the right people for you and your business needs.

  • Networking at events beyond the hub-bub of the festival with your online marketing peer groups
  • Side events can be arranged as breakfast, dinner, talks, pub crawls and more
  • Meet and interact with the right audiences for your specific business needs in a relaxed setting
  • Cool locations throughout Hamburg and partner hosts from the OMR network
Chilled evening

Expo Party

  • 1 Day THU STARTS AT 6:00 PM

The Expo Party is our chill nightcap to day 1 of the festival—right on site in Hamburg Messe. A couple of drinks, some chitchat and some tunes. That’s the plan at least.

  • Pub vibe in the exhibition hall on Thursday night for Expo attendees
  • Live Acts and DJs set the soundtrack for some dancing, singing and shenanigans
  • A chill-out party with and among exhibitors right as the first Festival day draws to a close
  • Business by day, networking over drinks by night
Top music acts

Live Concerts

  • 1 Day FRI STARTS AT 6:00 PM

Our parties have become known for the live acts! In 2017, we had kings of German hip-hop Beginner on stage. 2018 is no different. We’ll let you know soon enough ...

  • Several live shows Friday night, exclusively for conference attendees
  • Massive stage, club vibe, insane sound and bars with whatever you dig
  • Don’t miss it: a 1-hour concert with international headliner
  • No waiting around. When the Conference closes, the live concerts heat up right next door.
Friday night for all

OMR City Night

  • 1 Day FRI STARTS AT 6:00 PM

OMR City Night is our brand new party concept, where we keep the party going all throughout Hamburg, in several legendary locations around Germany’s most famous street: the Reeperbahn.

  • A selection of Hamburg’s hottest bars & clubs for all Festival attendees
  • Starts Friday night right after the Festival and ends when you go home
  • Plan your night how you want with partner restaurants, bars and clubs throughout the city
  • Note: some locations may charge a cover, first come, first serve

Don't miss OMR18!

  • 2 days of networking, knowledge and entertainment
  • The latest marketing insights
  • Experience the industry’s biggest names from up close
  • Connect with other digital marketers from around the globe
  • Get inspired, get the latest and GET DOWN