Fri, 23.03
14:30 - 16:00
Hall A4, 1st Floor

Real-Time Marketing: How to Really Participate in the Hype

Rock to The Beat of Real Time

Everyone is talking about real-time marketing, of connecting to your audience at the micro-moment that they are ready to act on that impulse to buy. Today, theoretically, it’s all there; our consumers are hyper connected through their smartphones and virtual assistants in their homes, we have lakes of data that they share and software that can make sense of it all. However, in reality, our organisations, born of an industrial age are not built for this, our systems are silo’d and entrenched in old school marketing/sales/service models and the potential for this new kind of consumer engagement remains locked. Real-time marketing is a fundamental shift in approach for the people, processes and systems our marketing organisations are built on.