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Do you want to boost your marketing game with concrete tips you can implement and profit from immediately? On the Deep Dive Stage, you’ll get the playbook to lead you to victory. Successful industry pros and show you how to get the most out of your marketing. It’s essentially two days of premium Masterclasses live, on stage.

Expo Deep Dive Stage

2 days Thu, Fri begins at 10:00 AM Hall A2

Great Creative Matters

If we’re serious about having the best mobile ad creative drive our upcoming 2018 campaigns, then we need to refresh the rapidly aging approaches of the past. The problem with today’s mobile creative: it doesn’t deliver on the promise of the device and we’re focusing on old formats. How can we make it better? It starts with building a beautiful relationship, marrying two powerful players in our space — location data and great creative. Walter Geer, Vice President and Creative Director of Verve, will show why creative matters.

How to Build a Successful Alexa Skill

Voice is one of the hottest topics in digital marketing. Google, Apple, Microsoft—they’re all pushing their own voice platform. The current market leader is Amazon’s Alexa. And Nick Schwab is one of the top-3 developers of Amazon Alexa Skills in the world. From Michigan, Nick reaches 2 million users every month with his voice applications. On the Deep Dive Stage, he will explain what marketers should consider when entering the voice market—and also what makes for a successful Alexa Skill.

The 10 Best Analytics Strategies in 2018

When it comes to digital analytics, there is hardly anyone out there with more experience than Krista Seiden. She has led analytics and optimization teams in companies like Adobe, The Apollo Group or Google, the latter of which she currently leads. On the Expo Stage, she’ll shed light on her top-10 analytics strategies for 2018.

Human Driven Personalization Doesn't Scale, But AI Does

Artificial intelligence is permeating multiple facets of how travel marketers are creating more frictionless experiences for customers. Within 5-10 years, AI will move from an influencing technology to an integral core of the travel (marketing) industry, and become the nucleus of how travel marketers provide cutting-edge personalized experiences for travelers. Raj Balasundaram, Vice President Solutions and Strategic Services at Emarsys, will have a look into the future.

How to Create Instagram and Snap Stories that Resonate

Stories, stories, everywhere stories: Since Facebook copied Snapchat and integrated it on Instagram, WhatsApp and the mother platform, stories have gained in importance for marketing. Former head of Tinder’s Creative Lab, Pablo Rochat is master of the narrative. At OMR18, he will discuss what makes a good story and how brands and advertisers alike can profit from the new format.

Entering the Chinese Mobile Market - with Zero Marketing Costs

Kitchen Stories entered the Chinese mobile market in 2014 via an iPad App and has now managed to generate millions in downloads without any marketing spendings. Our unique product design and content compilation allows for a unique positioning in this competitive and ever evolving market.

Surviving the Facebook Apocalypse: How to Not Get Left Behind

It’s a marketing code red: ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook’s Newsfeed would begin prioritizing friends’ posts and deprioritizing posts by publishers and brands, the entire marketing industry has been seeing black, fearing that their methodically built up reach on Facebook would soon come crashing down. At OMR18, Florian Konrad Schmitz will show you which types of content, formats and tricks marketers on Facebook can still use to generate significant organic reach.

How to Boost My Product's Visibility on Amazon

Throughout the past two years in the online marketing scene, there has been a veritable gold rush on all things’ Amazon—similar to what happened to Google many years ago. It’s common knowledge that Amazon provides direct access to millions upon millions of consumers. The question is how to maintain organic visibility as a seller while the competition among Amazon’s own products heats up. Christian Kelm is the German expert for marketplace optimization on Amazon and shed light on some proven tricks of the trade.

Next Generation Engagement Campaigns – musical.ly / Snapchat

The social media experts at BOOM, Wiebke Neumann and Christina Hoefer, along with 8x4 brand manager Michael Fuchs will recap how to generate a relevant share of time from Generation Z on Musical.ly and Snapchat using two case studies.

Landing Page Optimization - UX & Copywriting for More Sales & Leads

For nearly 14 years, Nils Kattau has been active in conversion optimization. Over that time, he has run approximately 1800 A/B tests for over 300 exhibitors and established an agency with 50 staff members. No surprise then that he is known as one of the absolute leading experts in the field. On stage, he’ll discuss five tips that are sure to give your conversions a boost.

Five Biggest Search Trends from Google

When today’s consumers want to know, do or buy something, using Search has become second nature. 87% of smartphone users turn to search first in a moment of need. New consumer behaviors and trends emerged. Our speakers will share five key trends that are shaping the future of marketing every marketeer should be aware of.

Fack ju Click Conversion – Call Tracking Rocks!

Frank Froux, call tracking evangelist and industry pioneer will show you—in impressive fashion—just how important telephone calls in marketing are and how you can combine calls with online data, where budgets are needlessly wasted and why no one notices. The exchange of data between sales and marketing is the holy grail for a successful future.

Brand Building through Platforms and Famous Business Partners

The sneaker and street wear scene is absolute fire right now. At the front of the pack are Christian "Fu" Boszczyk and Roberto Aufiero (as well as partner Dusan “Duki” Cvetkovic) with BSTN and additional labels. On the Deep Dive stage, the duo will sit down for an interview and discuss how they market their collections and brands globally on various platforms, if flagship city stores purely function as marketing leverages and what advantages are there for the business when celebs like David Alaba and Haftbefehl design their own clothes.

Log-in-Alliances – Last Exit to Independence

When the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in late May, the log-in alliance of United Internet AG, ProSiebenSat.1 and RTL Deutschland aims to be ready. Together with their first client, Zalando, the alliance plans on establishing an open, industrywide log-in standard. Jan Oetjen will explain their plans on reaching the lofty goal.

Turning Passion into Strategy: Loving and Living Social Media

When it comes to cooking and baking videos on YouTube, there is hardly a bigger name in the German-speaking world than Saliha Özcan, who runs Sallys Welt (Sally’s world). The videos on Sallys Welt have been viewed in excess of 270 million times and 1.2 million users have subscribed to the channel. Together with her husband, Murat, she’ll take the Expo stage to explain how the duo were able to grow the channel since its founding in 2012 while she was still a student, while also shedding light on which platforms play a significant role in their business model and which new formats are in the works for 2018.

Onefootball: How to Build Up and Run Influencer Marketing as a Performance-Channel

In the last couple of years Onefootball grew to the largest soccer (or football) app in the world. On stage founder and CEO Lucas von Cranach is going to show, how the app grew organically til 2016, why he now pays for growing the userbase through digital marketing channels and how he and his team doubled app installs through performance based influencer marketing.

Brand Building with Niche Influencers

When the online community got to know motorcycle YouTuber "querly" in 2014, Stephan-Peter Jaekel had an idea: Why not use his avid community in a more professional manner? Together, the duo has built up the "Grenzgaenger" online shop. On the OMR Expo stage, Stephan will discuss how he leveraged influencer pull into annual revenue upwards of seven figures.

Live OMR Podcast with Frank Thelen and Sven Schmidt Part 2

Frank Thelen, a juror on “Die Höhle der Löwen,” the German version of The Dragon’s Den, already sat down with Sven Schmidt during the OMR Podcast Night to discuss the German and international digital scene. At OMR18, part 2 is taking place on the Expo stage.

Leveraging Youtube Influencers for Your eCommerce Business

For their brand Holymesh, Jasmina Borgard and Nadja Bilek are employing a new eCommerce: building online shops for big Youtube stars, where they sell merch. On the OMR stage, they will explain how they convinced stars to work with them on the project—and how they have managed to generate 7-figures in annual revenue.

Building International Reach on Instagram and Facebook

From the sleepy little town of Darmstadt, Daniel Benz launched an internationally successful sneaker shop. Asphaltgold generates 8-figure annual revenue primarily through a clever Instagram strategy. More than enough street cred for his “expert” slot on how even small online shops can net massive reach via clever platform strategies.

SEO Will Never Die!

It happens every year: someone, somewhere, proclaims the death of SEO optimization. SEO pro and industry old hat Marcus Tandler is a firm believer in the sector’s immortality saying, “SEO continues to generate 20 times as much traffic as pay-per-click." On the Deep Dive stage, Marcus will discuss what online marketers need to take into consideration and what needs to be done to get a big piece of the “traffic pie” in the next year.

mymuesli – How We're Building a Love Brand

Together with two friends, Hubertus Bessau founded and built up muesli startup mymuesli. Today, the German start-up employs a staff of roughly 800. At OMR18, Hubertus will explain how he used the major platforms to transform his little known brand into an absolute love brand.

Double Your Email Marketing Success: 8 Practical Top Tricks for Immediate Gains

Why does email marketing continue to have an outdated and completely unsexy image in 2018? A properly segmented mailing list is pure marketing gold. Finc3 co-founder and CEO Bjoern Sjut will show you how to refine your mailing lists and double your success using 8 concrete top tricks.

Climbing to New Traffic Heights with Pinterest

DIY blogger Caroline Preuss knows all about the inner workings of Pinterest: it’s the number one traffic source for the successful German influencer and she uses it to reach nearly a million users every day. At OMR18, she’ll discuss how she was able to build up one of Germany’s largest DIY blog in just under a year that generates 8 million impressions a month.

How to Design User Experiences for a Voice-First World

Voice-activated showers, stoves, fridges and TVs: This past January at CES, the biggest electronics trade show in the world, the topic of voice was all the rage. But how can brands and companies remain visible and present in a world where voice reigns? And what do they need to do to provide a uniform user experience across various platforms and devices such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft? Jan König will set about answering these questions and more in his Deep Dive slot. His startup Jovo is financed by top US VCs and is at the forefront of the industry.

Buying Inexpensive (and Profitable) Clicks on Amazon

Amazon is one of the hottest topics in online marketing. As competition on the platform continues to increase, many sellers are forced to resort to pay-per-click and other ad channels—but here, too, prices show no sign of slowing. Franz Jordan offers a (not exclusively for) Amazon analytics tool and knows all the ins and outs of the world’s largest platform. In his presentation at OMR18, he’ll discuss strategies that sellers can employ to purchase cheap clicks on Amazon to push sales of their products.

How to Manage Customer Data in a Cross-Channel World

Trends and technologies in CRM and marketing evolve at a rapid pace. New channels, tools, and increasing customer expectations are challenging for marketers. But there is a new kid on the block providing remedy: customer data platforms. David Raab, founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute, explains the concept of CDPs from architecture to use cases and vendor selection.

3 Companies To Watch

"3 Companies to Watch" has been a part of OMR since the very first event. This year is no different as 50 companies pitched their businesses to us in the hopes of getting time to present their companies at OMR18. In the end, we've decided on Odoscope, Zenloop and Iron Source—hear their stories in their words on the OMR Deep Dive Stage.

What to do with GAFA : Are Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple becoming too powerful?

The panel will be in reference to Scotty Galloway's keynote, in which the US prof calls for the monopolistic tech giants to be broken up. Galloway will be discussing these topics during his keynote at the OMR Conference Friday afternoon. We want to know what European politicians have to say about Galloway's demands. After the panel discussion, the host will interview Mr. Galloway in a Q & A session.

What to do with GAFA: Scott Galloway Q&A

Are the four tech giants Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple becoming so powerful that they need to be broken up? One proponent of this controversial theory is famed marketing prof Scott Galloway. In this Q&A session, Scott will respond to questions regarding this position and his Conference Keynote held earlier at the festival.

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