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If you’re looking to go a bit more meta, look no further than the Big Picture Stage. What trends will be commonplace tomorrow? What platforms will everyone be using—and how can you get the most out of them? On the Big Picture Stage we’ll set you straight with insights on potential future champions, opportunities and challenges to help you succeed.

Expo Big Picture Stage

2 days Thu, Fri begins at 8:00AM Hall A4

Influencer Marketing


Being a Personal Brand and Urban Outlaw

“Urban Outlaw” Magnus Walker is one of the most well-known Porsche influencers, if not the most well-known. He never set out to become an influencer, however. He started out as a successful fashion designer for rock and pop stars, then he began renting out his property, an old factory grounds, to TV and film crews. The now 50-year will talk about his life as serendipitous personal brand.

About You: 360-Degree Marketing with Lena Gercke

About You is the newest eCommerce startup from Otto and has taken an entirely different approach to its online business since starting back in 2014 than its peers. The company is a pioneering platform in influencer marketing in Germany, and all the major German Influencers have a shop on the platform. On stage, Julian Jansen, Director Content at About You, and influencer Lena Gercke, will talk about how the strategy works.

Influencer Marketing Is Growing Up—Here's How You Can Put It to Good Use

Influencer Marketing was once the wild west of marketing: Advertiser had no way of knowing how much they should play influencers, hardly no one measured any performance, and whether or not reach was authentic or paid seemed to interest no one. But the sector grew up. On the OMR stage, we'll be discussing how to use influencers, recognize fraud and how to measure campaign success. Philipp John, COO at influencer platform ReachHero, Vreni Frost, influencer and blogger and Bianca Dyckhoff, Senior Media Manager at Unilever will be on stage discussion the current state of influencer affairs.

Big Brands


The Age of the Customer – How Lego Pushes New Frontiers

Is it still possible to impose a brand upon people and completely control it in the digital age?? Lars Silberbauer, digital marketer at Lego, says no. At OMR18, he’ll discuss why it’s more valuable to listen to customers and to build a brand together with them. For its part, Lego is active as much more than just a source of inspiration, as it helps initiate a wave of user-generate content and transforms its clients into the best brand ambassadors a company could ever hope to have.

Speed and Relevance – How Adidas Leverages a Global Football Brand

The World Cup is also a kind of World Cup of marketing: which brands are able to generate the most amount of awareness during the massive competition during the tournament? The challenge for Adidas is: How can the brand ensure to come out a winner at the end of the tournament, in a time in which Ambush Marketing is on every competitor’s agenda, brands themselves can become broadcasters and athletes have become influencers with massive reach? At OMR18, Adidas marketer Celine del Genes will provide some insights into their strategy of emerging victorious with instant and relevant content.

Mobile/Messaging Presented by Google


Brands and Brand Building in the Digital Age - Panel Discussion

Digitalization has ripped through and torn down many previously established value chains. What toll has that taken on brands and brand building? What role do brands play in a world dominated by big four GAFA tech companies? How can brands be built via digital channels? What limitations does digital brand building have? Media heads at consumer goods heavyweights Proctor & Gamble and Unilever will address these questions and more together with two young companies from the digital sector: KW Commerce and New Flag. Berlin-based Startup KW Commerce has built up several brands for mobile accessories primarily on Amazon, employs a workforce of 180 and has experienced growth in excess of 2300 percent. Munich-based New Flag has helped establish several young beauty and accessory brands, which have several million followers on Instagram.

Mobile Experiences in the Age of Assistance

The rapid advances in mobile marketing and machine learning give rise to ever-increasing expectations among users. More than 50% of users leave mobile sites, if they have to wait longer than three seconds. That makes it a business essential to employ faster, more relevant and helpful online services to build customer relationships. Dominik and Ade are among the top experts in the field and will show you how you can leverage a faster website and clever use of AI into more clients.



Next Generation Mobile Web - Brand Lighthouse Cases

Advancements in mobile and machine learning continue to drive consumer expectations ever higher. Over 50% of mobile users abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Brands need to create faster, more relevant, and assistive experiences to build lasting, valuable relationships with consumers. Our speakers will introduce key trends shaping the future of mobile and how leading brands are growing their business through innovative mobile experiences.

The ESL story: from a small player to the biggest eSports brand in the world

Nowadays, Esports events fill up arenas around the world and pro gamers are much ballyhooed superstars. The Electronic Sports League, ESL, played a very big, if not the biggest, role in the professionalization of video games. ESL co-founder Ralf Reichert recognized the potential back in 2000. Today, nearly 20 years later, a small local entity has turned into a globally active company employing 500+ generating 3-figure annual revenue thanks to sponsoring deals, broadcast rights and subscription models. In June 2015, Swedish media corporation Modern Times Group took over 74% from ESL parent company Turtle Entertainment for EUR 78 Millionen. At OMR18, OMR editor Torben Lux will interview Ralf and ask him among other things if in his wildest dream he ever could have imagined that eSports would become so huge—and what his predictions are for the future.

How to Transform an Analogue Sports League into a Digital 360° Platform

Founded as an analogue sports league in 2016, the Drone Champions League has become the world's leading drone racing league. A combination of live entertainment, sports and innovative technologies make DCL a digital 360 ° platform. Virtual reality, gaming and sports were the key elements in the transformation to today's digital platform. We give an insight into the individual processes and an outlook on how we are continuing to work on the platform.

How Germany’s Biggest Youtube Stars Reach Their 6.2 Million Subscribers

With 6.2 million subscribers, freekickerz are Germany's undisputed leaders on Youtube. Founded by Konstantin Hert in Stuttgart in 2010, "Team FK" consists of nine kickers from all around Germany. In their videos—without any licensed footage—the guys show tutorials, shoe test and freekick compilations and take on the world's biggest stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Manuel Neuer.



5 Facts on Platforms that Scare Even Amazon


What Ever Happened to Start-Up Wunderkind Foodist?


Douglas: Beauty as a Service – How Will the Beauty Industry Change in the Digital Future?

Douglas is the European market leader for perfume with 2400 stores in 19 countries and EUR 2.8 billion in revenue. In this role, the company must remain vigilant and also be ready to adapt to changes to the digital marketplace. Tina Müller, new chairperson of the board, will discuss the eCommerce strategies she intends to pursue with Douglas in a talk with Alexander Graf.

Digital Payment at the Pump—How Lekkerland Mastered the Digital Transformation

Lekkerland is one of the biggest wholesalers for kiosks, gas stations and rest stops. CEO Patrick Steppe, however, is facing some enormous challenges. In an interview with eCommerce expert Alexander Graf, Patrick will discuss customer behavior online, his own Lekkerland business model and logistic challenges due to electric mobility.

Exclusive Interview


Digital Policy


From Social Media Phenomena to a Global Brand

Twins Lisa and Lena Mantler from Stuttgart make short videos, where they dance and lip-sync to well-known pop songs. On Instagram the twin teens have 12.3 million followers, on the social video musical.ly their fans balloon to over 26 million. How did the two (at the time) unknown 13 year olds become Germany’s biggest social media stars? What were keys to their success? And why does a massive media conglomerate like Warner think the girls exemplify the shape of artists to come? Lisa and Lena will answer these questions and more during an exclusive onstage interview.

ePrivacy is Coming: Where do Europe and Germany Stand on the Global Digital Market?

Global policy makers are taking an active interest in online marketing and digital business models like never before. To shed light on the current state of things, we invited Andrus Ansip, Vice President of the European Commission, to the Big Picture stage at OMR18. As VP of the European Commission, Mr. Ansip oversees the EU’s endeavors to advance the European digital market. What has become of his promise to eliminate geo-blocking within the EU? Where does Europe stand on the current digital marketplace? What does he say about the controversial ePrivacy regulation? Where does Europe need to improve? French campaign strategist Guillaume Liegey and digital entrepreneur Florian Heinemann will challenge the EU politician in this digital policy panel and discuss Europe's and Germany's digital future. Are the Americans and the Chinese better at protecting and pushing their digital markets? Will Europe's strong data privacy regulation put it in disadvantage in the global competition?

From Obama to Macron: How Data and Technology Have Transformed Electoral Campaigns

Guillaume Liegey is one of the most interesting campaign strategists in Europe. He founded a start-up for campaign technologies and has run campaigns in six different countries. Liegey's most visible campaign was surely with Emmanuel Macron's party En Marche — founded in 2016, it quickly took the lead in the French presidential elections. By combining data analysis with classic grassroots campaign strategies, Liegey helped Macron and his party to victory. At OMR18, he'll discuss how he succeeded, how big data and online marketing will shape future campaigns and how political parties can be run like startups.



The Importance of Clean Advertising

The advertising industry is being dirtied by a lack of trust and transparency, non-viewable ads, brand safety concerns and cluttered ad experiences. Teads is taking a stand to improve the advertising experience for consumers, advertisers and publishers alike. Pierre Chappaz will discuss how advertisers ensure their ads are always seen by humans, are displayed in high-quality and brand-safe environments and leverage AI and state-of-the-art technology to create great user experiences for consumers.

Your Ticket to Mobile Growth: How to Safeguard Ad Spend when Running Marketing at Scale

Fraud in the performance sector truly is a game of cat and mouse. In extreme cases, campaigns can consist of up to 90% of fake traffic—thus wasting ad budgets completely. On the Expo stage, Adjust's CTO and co-founder Paul H. Müller will discuss in which sectors fraud is a major nuisance, how to recognize such traffic and how to protect yourself from it.

Countdown to GDPR: Realistic Steps to Prepare if You're Late in the Game

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most significant changes to the market in the past 20 years. Simply ignoring the new rules could prove to be very costly, with fines up to 4% of total revenue. And yet, many companies are woefully unprepared. Jochen Schlosser, Chief Strategy Officer at Adform, will share his thoughts on GDPR together with Gerhard Louw, Senior Manager International Media at Deutsche Telekom—and explain how both companies are prepping for the upcoming change.



Intelligent Tech Mix: Adtech plus TV

ProSiebenSat.1 has upped its game in adtech matters in the past years. In its in-house business unit, Advertising Platform Solutions, the German broadcaster clusters its various acquisitions and holdings in the sector. In late 2017, ProSiebenSat.1 took over the leading social advertising provider in the DACH region in eSome. Further holdings include Virtual Minds, Smartstream.tv and Kairion. What does that mean for advertisers? How do its holdings profit from ProSiebenSat.1? How will technologies influence the future of TV? How can a “Local Hero” survive against the US behemoths?

The Future of AI-driven Marketing

Will humans be completely replaceable in the future? And would that make all marketing automated in the future? AI is not only one of the hottest topics in our society, but also one of the most frequently used buzzwords in the marketing industry. Iskender Dirik is CEO of Microsoft’s Growth Accelerator, the world’s largest corporate VC focusing on AI. At OMR18, he’ll use concrete examples to present his vision of how AI will change marketing touch points in the future. In the process he’ll touch on topics like automated CRM, advertising in self-driving cars, chatbots and image recognition, as well as AI solutions already being used in marketing.

The Agency is Dead: Introducing the Marketing Company of the Future

The traditional marketing agency as we know it will soon be a thing of the past. Top-down hierarchies are disappearing, interdisciplinary teams are becoming the norm, and a marketer’s job is changing rapidly as new technologies transform the way we work. Hear from Matthias Riedl, co-founder of growth marketing company DCMN, about how shifting from alpha processes to beta thinking can foster a culture of innovation. To be ready for the future, marketing leaders must embrace failure and undergo a radical shift in both their mind-set and behavior as they make space for creativity and new ideas.

VR Concepts in Retail: How to Digitally Enhance the In-Store Experience

Virtual and Augmented Reality have been hailed as the latest and greatest digital trends in recent years. However, it is yet to make a breakthrough in the average household. In her hit London nail salon, British entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid has successfully implemented virtual reality to promote her own products with VR glasses by Samsung and gesture control technology Leap Motion. At OMR18, she’ll discuss how she cleverly employed digital tech to expand the shopping experience of her clients on a shoestring budget.

Why Blockchain Won't Only Disrupt the Financial Industry

Crypto-currencies have stormed our collective consciousness—and not just because of the massive increase in value (and subsequent rapid losses). On the entrepreneur scene, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are the topic du jour. But will crypto-currencies and the technologies behind them end up only changing the finance industry? Yoni Assai says no. At OMR18, he’ll discuss how blockchain technologies may impact other economic sectors, especially the marketing and media branches.

Video/Streaming Presented by Google


Youtube: Come and See Why Our Audience is Yours

Join the YouTube Team on a journey through the platform's diverse ecosystem populated by inspiring creators, engaged viewers and the brands who inspire them. YouTube is home to an audience who aren’t passively watching but actively engaged, offering a unique opportunity for brand building, performance and reach you’ll find nowhere else. Discover YouTube's viewers and the Creator content that inspires their lean-in state as the Team unveils the latest German YouTube trends. And find out how YouTube helps you drive your business results.

How Ads are Evolving with the Unskippable Future of Video

Consumers are flooded with an overwhelming amount of content so the nature of their attention is evolving and the language of ads is changing to meet it. The Unskippable team have looked at more than 12,000 high performing ads and led more than 90 experiments to understand the nature of this evolution. To create unskippable advertisements in the future, brands need to adapt to a new type of creative storytelling with stories built for attention. Join the Unskippable Team in exploring these new patterns of creative effectiveness.



The Platform Strategy for a Global News Brand

Julian Childs is the Managing Director UK and Europe at Business Insider. He was Business Insider’s first staff member in London, where he played an active role in expanding the US media market to Europe. In 2015, Axel Springer SE acquired a majority share in Business Insider for a cool USD 450 million. In Europe alone, Business Insider there are seven additions available in a variety of languages.

The Path To Becoming A Video First Business

The business of video is a highly creative game in a consistently changing landscape. From creating social content made for sharing to short films driving the industry forward, Refinery29, the leading digital media and entertainment company that reaches 500 million women across all platforms, has built a holistically successful video business that owns the conversation wherever its audience is. Hear from Amy Emmerich, R29's Chief Content Officer, about how today’s audience engages with content across all screens. By mastering distribution across channels, sourcing distinct voices and spotlighting a diversity of topics that provide service and shareability, Amy will share the brand’s high/low and always-on approach.

Data Driven Content. In Context.

Nowadays, everyone of us is facing an information flood. This flood brings up more and more content, that we don’t need and that we don’t like. But: It is an undisputed fact that content is still booming. The amount of digital content created, exchanged, and consumed is growing by the day across the world, and because the Internet has democratized access to creation and distribution tools, boundaries between professional and amateur content are blurring across all parts of the creative sector. But in our current disruptive media landscape the main challenge still remains the same: How to successfully reach audiences with content. Hear how the leading youth media brand VICE uses data to help them understand who their audience are, what they like and how they feel…

Native Advertising is not a Trend—It’s Here to Stay

Native Advertising is not a trend—it’s here to stay. And yet it still remains a hotly discussed advertising form in the digital ad jungle. Why? More and more brands have begun to discover the power of native ads for themselves. For the first time, Axel Springer Brand Studio will be sharing its formula for native advertising success at OMR18. We are building on the expertise and know-how our more than 80 native advertising campaigns for brands from a wide range of industries. We’ll use actual best cases to show how to best transform a strong story into a success story. Furthermore, we’ll direct our attention across the pond: Which trends and innovations are transforming strong brands into pioneers of Native Advertising 2.0? And what can we learn from them?




XING SE is now one of the largest B2B networking and recruiting platforms for the DACH region. The Online Advertising Unit provides advertisers and agencies unique opportunities of reaching a qualitatively high target group with established advertising formats. Arist will use concrete examples to highlight and showcase opportunities and peculiarities of performance marketing in this unique B2B environment.

Next Generation Living

Everyone needs a heater in their apartment and it's one job is to give off heat—something that most of them are quite good at. For manufacturers like Viessmann that creates a problem: How to stand out on the market? On the OMR stage, Florian Resatsch, CEO at Viessmann's venture arm VC/O, will talk about which digital strategies adopts to stand out with its products.

How Digital Marketing Disrupts B2B Sales

In Contorion, Frederik Roehder, Tobias Tschötsch and Richard Schwenke have established one of the most successful B2B online merchants in Germany. On the OMR, Frederik will talk about how digital marketing can work in the workmanship industry and what you can learn from Contorion.

From Zero to Hero – Optimizing Digital Marketing for B2B eCommerce

Back when Andreas Korsus, Jens Peter Schütte and Mark Baukmann founded GastroHero in 2013, the trade of food industry goods took place almost exclusively offline. Transplanting the business model to the eCommerce sector and to also sell large appliances online was apparently quite the shrewd move. Just a year after founding, the startup recorded revenue in excess of seven million euros. At OMR18, co-founder Andreas Korsus will discuss how the team was able to convince so many B2B clients from the business model in such a short amount of time.

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